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Logicin® Sinus Tablets

Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride 60 mg tablets

Consumer Medicine Information

What is in this leaflet

Do not give this medicine to a
child under the age of 12 years.

Before you take
Logicin Sinus Tablets
When you must not take it
Do not take this medicine after
Do not take Logicin Sinus
the expiry date printed on the
Tablets if you have an allergy to:
pack or if the packaging is torn
or shows signs of tampering.
If you have any concerns about
taking this medicine, ask your
doctor or pharmacist.
If you are not sure whether you
should start taking this

medicine, talk to your doctor.
Keep this leaflet with the
Before you start to take it

Tell your doctor if you have
What Logicin Sinus
face, lips, tongue or other parts of the body; rash, itching or hives on allergies to any other medicines,
Tablets is used for
foods, preservatives or dyes.
Do not take this medicine if you
Tell your doctor if you have or
have the following conditions:
have had any of the following
medical conditions:
Do not take this medicine if you
are taking monoamine oxidase
inhibitors which are commonly
used for depression.
Elderly people should not take
this medicine unless your doctor
or pharmacist advises you.
Do not take this medicine if you
If you have not told your doctor
are pregnant.
or pharmacist about any of the
above, tell them before you start
Do not breast-feed if you are
taking Logicin Sinus Tablets.
taking this medicine.
Taking other medicines
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if
you are taking any other
medicines, including any that
you get without a prescription
________________________________________________________________________________ from your pharmacy,
supermarket or health food
Take your medicine at about the
same time each day.
While you are using
Logicin Sinus Tablets
Things you must do
If you are about to be started on
any new medicine, remind your
doctor and pharmacist that you
are taking Logicin Sinus Tablets.
How long to take it
Tell any other doctors, dentists,
This medicine is for the relief of
and pharmacists who treat you
minor and temporary ailments
that you are taking this
and should be used strictly as
If you are going to have surgery,
Prolonged use without medical
tell the surgeon or anaesthetist
supervision could be harmful.
that you are taking this
If you forget to take it
If it is almost time for your next
dose, skip the dose you missed
If you become pregnant while
and take your next dose when
taking this medicine, tell your
you are meant to.
doctor immediately.
Otherwise, take it as soon as you
If you are about to have any
How to take Logicin
remember, and then go back to
blood tests, tell your doctor that
you are taking this medicine.

Sinus Tablets
taking your medicine as you
would normally.

Follow all directions given to you
Do not take a double dose to
by your doctor or pharmacist
make up for the dose that you
Things you must not do
If you are not sure what to do,
Do not take Logicin Sinus
ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Tablets to treat any other
complaints unless your doctor
If you do not understand the
If you take too much
tells you to.
instructions on the box, ask your
doctor or pharmacist for help.
Do not give your medicine to
anyone else, even if they have
How much to take
Immediately telephone your
the same condition as you.
doctor or the Poisons
Information Centre (telephone 13
Things to be careful of
11 26) for advice, or go to
Accident and Emergency at the
Be careful driving or operating
nearest hospital, if you think that
you or anyone else may have

machinery until you know how
How to take it
taken too much Logicin Sinus
Logicin Sinus Tablets affects
Tablets. Do this even if there are
Swallow the tablets whole with a
no signs of discomfort or
full glass of water.
When to take it
________________________________________________________________________________ What it looks like
Be careful when drinking alcohol
while you are taking this
If you feel light-headed, dizzy or
faint when getting out of bed or
standing up, get up slowly.
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if
you notice anything that is
making you feel unwell.
or gets worse, talk to your doctor. After using Logicin
Side effects
Sinus Tablets
Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
soon as possible if you do not
feel well while you are taking
Keep your tablets in the pack
Logicin Sinus Tablets.
until it is time to take them.
Keep your tablets in a cool dry
place where the temperature
stays below 30°C.
Do not store Logicin Sinus
Tablets or any other medicine in
the bathroom or near a sink. Do
not leave it on a window sill or in
Do not be alarmed by the
Keep it where children cannot
following lists of side effects.
reach it.
You may not experience any of
Ask your doctor or pharmacist to
File: s:\regulatory affairs\approvedcmis\e - l products\logicin_sinustablets_cmi.doc answer any questions you may
If your doctor tells you to stop
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if
taking this medicine or the
you notice any of the following
expiry date has passed, ask your
and they worry you:
pharmacist what to do with any
medicine that is left over.
Product description


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