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Quaker House Newsletter Front-Line Peace Witness Since 1969 Winter 2003 Fayetteville, NC www.quakerhouse.org Chuck Fager, Director calls have jumped 1225 % . (The Hotline began in 1994.)The Quaker House total is actually understated,It’s that time of year again: the artillery at Ft. Braggbecause it counts only calls taken through the 800 number, byhas been booming a lot, rat


01-09-2011 1.Antibiotic resistance is ancient in origin Since the discovery of antibiotics has being recent, no more than 70 years ago, antibiotic resistance seen in microbes should be a “modern phenomenon.”By extension, any microbes older than 70 years should be “highly susceptible to antibiotics,” and hence should never have shown antibiotic resistance.But a study published in Natu


Medical Innovation Revisited: Social Contagion versus Marketing Effort1 Christophe Van den Bulte University of Pennsylvania Gary L. Lilien Pennsylvania State University This article shows that Medical Innovation —the landmark studyby Coleman, Katz, and Menzel—and several subsequent studiesanalyzing the diffusion of the drug tetracycline have confoundedsocial contagion with marketing


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß 1907/2006/EG/Artikel 31 1 Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. des Gemischs und des Unternehmens · Produktidentifikator · Handelsname: Tretinoin Tretinoinum · Artikelnummer: · CAS-Nummer: · EINECS-Nummer: · Relevante identifizierte Verwendungen des Stoffs oder Gemischs und Verwendungen, von denen abgeraten · Verwendung des St

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CANADIAN CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS GRAFT (CABG) SURGERY QUALITY INDICATORS (This was funded by a grant from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario-HSF5484) APPENDIX OF DEFINITIONS *Those indicators recommended by the consensus panel members to be collected and included in CABG surgery performance reports for the purpose of quality improvement. The remaining indicators were rat


by Rand Wheatland,The Endocrine Research ProjectAugust 2009An effective treatment is the best response to an infectious epidemic. Currently, for influenza and many other viral infections, corticosteroids are the best treatment. In fact, corticosteroids have been used successfully in the treatment of influenza for over 50 years. The reason that corticosteroids are such an effective treatment is th


Mélancolie et Dépression Département de Formation Paris XVII Cours de l’école de psychosomatoanalyse Docteur Erick Dietrich " Le dépressif est en manque d'avoir pour être et le mélancolique en manque d'être pour avoir." (Ado « Le mélancolique, dans l’obscénité de la plainte permanente et de l’horreur qu’il fait partager à tous, est potentiellement un dieu m


2009 POWER® Chicago Dinners, Hosts & Speakers The list is updated on a regular basis as new speakers, hosts and dinners are added. Climate Change—NEW! International Business Hosts: Helen Howes , Vice President, Corporate Environment Host: Anita Tang , Managing Director , Royal Roots Health & Safety, Exelon Corporation; Peggy Davis , Vice President, Diversity &


NEWS For Immediate Release – October 24, 2007 Tranzyme Pharma’s Motilin Antagonist TZP-201 Shows Potential for Preventing and Treating Chemotherapy-Induced Diarrhea (CID) (Data to be Presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics) RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK , N.C. and SHERBROOKE , Québec (October 24,

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Hildegard Teuschl Intensivseminaren, sowie die Arbeit in anwendungsorientierten Kontexten , d.h. über (fächerübergreifende) Probleme mit starkem Realitätsbezug. Als ich sie vor Weihnachten zuletzt besuchte, Studierenden bei der Abfassung ihrer Di-war sie müde, aber nicht mutlos. Seit über plomarbeiten und Dissertationen ein. Als einem Jahr hatte sie unheilbaren Krebs. Die Kriterium

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Valentine’s Day Supper Menu, 2014 - £49.99 Tonight we celebrate the legend of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, the mother of Eros, and from whom the word Aphrodisiac was born. Every culture has it’s own unique twist on St. Valentine’s Day and true to our culture at the Olive Tree we have created our own bespoke menu, with 6 dishes each designed with their own ap

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AARP MedicareRx Preferred (PDP) plan STEP THERAPY ALGORITHMS Treatment Group Description Step 1 : Metformin Step 2 : Actoplus Met Step 1 : Metformin Step 2 : Actos Step 1 : One of the following: Step 2 : Amitiza Step 1 : One of the following Tier 1 or Tier 2 antidepressants: a. SSRI b. SNRI c. Bupropion d. Mirtazepine Step 2 : Emsam Step 1 : Fome

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PRESSINFO Staden Jakobstads (huvudägare), Jakobstads Citygrupp r.f.:s och Yrkeshögskolan NOVIA’s samägda projekt Quality Shopping District Jakobstad/Pietarsaari Österbottens förbund har beviljat delfinansiering för projektet Quality Shopping District Jakobstad/Pietarsaari från Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden under programperioden 2007-2013. Quality Shopping


Note Health care practice and knowledge are constantly changing and developing as new research and treatments, changes in procedures, drugs and equipment become available. The author and publishers have, as far as is possible, taken care to confi rm that the information complies with the latest standards of practice and legislation. Essential Urology in General Practice Manit Arya,

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Checklist gender perspective Use This checklist follows the structure of the list for quality criteria. It enables you not only to test the de- gree of your gender sensitivity but you can also identify areas of your work where a gender approach can be introduced. If you use this checklist periodically, if you really set out to exploit the potential for improvement and implement corresp

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speech were significantly larger than in bothadult- [ F (1,10) ϭ 7.63, P Ͻ 0.005] and pet-directed speech [ F (1,10) ϭ 10.98, P Ͻ 0.001]but did not differ between pet- and adult-directedspeech [ F (1,10) ϭ 0.19, P Ͼ 0.05] (see supple-mentary text). These results show that infant- and pet-di-Denis Burnham,1* Christine Kitamura,1 Ute´ Vollmer-Conna2rected speech are similar and di

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