CLINICAL PROTOCOL FOR WOMEN WITH A PERIOD RECEIVING The aim of treatment is to synchronise your cycle with that of the donor’s cycle by giving you tablets to prepare the lining of the womb to receive embryos. To assist us in achieving this we may perform a dummy cycle prior to the treatment cycle itself.
On the 2nd or 21 st day of your cycle preceding the cycle your donor is due to start treatment you should commence down regulation injections either.
Buserelin 1ml subcutaneously once daily or Leuprolide 0.2ml subcutaneously once daily.
You will continue on this treatment until contacted. Our midwife coordinator will confirm your avail-ability for treatment and arrange with you the appropriate charges.
(If you menstruate irregularly Five weeks prior to the donor’s treatment you wil take norethisterone 5mg tablets three times daily for 5 days to induce a withdrawal bleed. When your period comes you wil commence the down regulation injections as above). On the day when the donor is due to start her superovulation injections, you will have an ultrasound scan. Provided your endometrial thickness is less than 4mm, you will start oestradiol valerate 2mg tab-lets (progynova, climaval etc) to be taken one tablet three times daily.
Follow up scans will be arranged according to your response and donor’s stimulation course. The dose of oestradiol tablets may be altered. Two days before egg collection your partner should ejaculate and then abstain until asked for a semen sample.
The day prior to egg collectionIncrease oestradiol valerate2mg to 2 tablets three times daily (unless already on a higher dose).
Start progesterone either Cyclogest vaginal pessaries (400mg) twice daily Or Crinone vaginal gel once every evening Or Gestone 50mg injection, intramuscularly once daily.
Start anti-clotting injections (Low Molecular Weight Heparin) either Clexane subcutaneously once daily Or, Innohep subcutaneously once daily.
On the day of the donor’s egg collection a semen sample is required from your partner, so it is essen-tial that he should be available for this. Alternatively sperm may be frozen before treatment and stored until use.
On the day following egg collection the midwife coordinator will contact you and let you know how many embryos fertilized, arrange the date and time of embryo transfer and inform you about possible embryo freezing.
Embryo transfer is performed 2-3 days after egg collection or 5-6 days after egg collection (blastocyst stage). It is a simple, painless procedure almost like having a pap smear. You need to attend with a full bladder, so you will be asked to drink 4-5 glasses of water an hour before your arranged appointment.
Following embryo transfer you will continue all your medications as described above. Twelve days after embryo transfer have a blood pregnancy test (‚-HCG). If your test is positive you must continue your medications until the 12th week of pregnancy unless otherwise advised by your own doctor. If the test is negative stop all medication and expect a menstrual bleed after a few days.


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