Lexan Polycarbonate Chemical Compatibility Overview
This overview shows the chemical resistancy of Lexan polycarbonate sheet. Chemical compatibility of thermoplastics e.g. Lexan is
dependent on contact time, temperature and stress (external stress to which the application is subjected).
Chemical exposure can result in discoloration, softening, swelling, crazing, cracking or loss of properties of the thermoplastic.
The chemicals listed have been evaluated for Lexan according a very stringent GE-test method. This test incorporates exposure to
the chemical under defined conditions including temperature (20 and 80 C) and stress (0.5 and 1% strain) for a time period of seven
days. The results are listed in the overview using symbols (+ or 0 or -) which are explained below.
This information should be used as indicative only. The true chemical compatibility can only be determined under conditions as in
the final application. Please contact your local representative in case additional information is required.

Acid, Mineral
Acid, Organic
Halogenated HC
Metal & Metal Oxide
Salt, Organic
Poor; Not recommended-will result in failure or severe degradation.
Fair; Found marginal-only for short exposures at lower temperatures or when loss of properties is not critical.
Good; Found unaffected in its performance when exposed with regards to time, temperature and stress according
the GE-test method.

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GE Plastics

Source: http://www.sunclear.fr/pdf/lexan-compatibilite-chimique-anglaispdf-201001201801.pdf

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