Researchers wanted to measure the effect of alcohol on the development of the hipppocampal region inadolescents. The hippocampus is th portion of the brain responsible for long-term memory storage. Theresearchers randomly selected 12 adolescents with alcohol use disorders. They wanted to test the claim thehippocampal volumes in the alcoholic adolescents were less than the normal volume of 9.02 cm3. An analysis ofthe sample data revealed that he hippocammpal volume is approximately normal with Test the researchers’ claim at " = 0.01 level of significance.
2nd VARStcdf(left bd, right bd, df) = p-value The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that individuals consume 1000 mg of calcium daily. Afteran advertising campaign aimed at male teenagers, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) claims thatmale teenagers consume more than the recommended daily amount of calcium. To support this claim, the IDFAobtained a random sample of 50 male teenagers and found that the mean amount of calcium consumed was1081 mg, with a standard deviation of 426 mg. Is there significant evidence to support the claim of the IDFA at "= 0.05 significance level.
The United States Golf Association requires that golf balls have a diameter that is 1.68 inches. An engineer forthe USGA wishes to discover whether Maxfli SX golf balls have a mean diameter different from 1.68 inches. Anrandom sample of Maxfli XS golf balls was selected. Their diameters are shown in the table.
Test the claim that the golf balls have a mean diameter that is different from 1.68 inches at " = 0.05 Below are the normal probability plot, a box blot.
Lets assume the conditions are met, so now perform the Hypothesis test in the space below. First how is this testdifferent from the previous two problems? Assumptions: SRS, conditions for a proportions are met, np(1-p) $ 10 Other authors np $ 10, n(1-p) $ 10 The drug Lipitor is meant to reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. In clinical trials, 19 out of 863 patientstaking 10mg of Liitor daily complained of flu like symptoms. Suppose that it is known that 1.9% of patients takingcompeting drugs complain of flu like symptoms as a side effect. Is there sufficient evidence to support the claimthat more than 1.9% of Lipitor users experience flu like symptoms as a side effect at a significance level of"=0.01? In December 2001, 38% of adults with children under the age of 18 reported that their family ate dinner together7 nights a week. Suppose in a recent poll, 337 of 1122 adults with children user the age of a 18 reported thattheir family ate dinner together 7 nights a week. Is there sufficient evidence that the proportion of families withchildren under the age of 18 who eat dinner together 7 nights a week has decreased at a significance level of "=0.05?


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From GLM to GLIMMIX-Which Model to Choose? Patricia B. Cerrito, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to investigate several SAS procedures that are used in linear predictive models in SAS/Stat. The primary focus will be on the correct choice of model given the designated outcome variable, and the combination of input variables. Procedures to be d


NEWSLETTER April 2009 Spring has sprung and after quite a wet winter spring has been mild and dry. The winter has gone so quickly and lots of things to tell you. You will all now know we have moved our office to Sant Lluis. We have about as much space but much less rent to pay; a very important factor in this difficult time. I know many of you are affected with your businesses in the UK

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