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Helen F. McSwain, MD
James Ingvoldstad, MD
Lillian Schapiro, MD
Bonita Dozier, MD
Archie Roberts, MD
James C. Knoer, MD
Piedmont Office: 275 Collier Rd, NW - Suite 250 - Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 355-1285 office (404) 351-5840 fax Vinings Office: 3020 Paces Mill Rd – Suite 225 - Atlanta, GA 30339
(404) 355-1285 office (404) 351-5840 fax OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS ALLOWED
Dry Skin:
* Georgia law now requires that Sudafed be requested
from the pharmacist, even though it is not a *DO NOT use if taking Sudafed or Brethine/Terbutaline.
DO NOT take more than 12 tablets in 24 hours
Calcium Supplement:
Increase dietary roughage, bran, dark green leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. Heartburn:
Poison Ivy:
Caladryl Lotion*
*Clean affected area with soap and then apply medication to
prevent the spread of poison ivy
Iron Supplement:
Sore Throat:
Tylenol PM-only occasionally*
*Do not use on a daily basis
Nasal Spray:
Ocean and Nasal Mist—may use as needed Afrin—DO NOT use more than THREE days
Monistat 3 or 7 Cream/Suppository*
*Insert applicator halfway only
Dental Procedures:
Your dentist may use Lidocane injections, but you may not
receive nitrous oxide gas. Tell your dentist that you are
Unisom (one 12.5mg tablet daily) together pregnant prior to any procedures. If you usually take antibiotics prior to any procedures continue to do so. You may take Amoxicillin or Clindamycin or call the office for other meds. You may have dental x-rays with abdominal lead shield if necessary. Sun Screen:
Insect Repellant:
You may travel up to 36 weeks of pregnancy as long as your
doctor has not put you on any restrictions. Check with your
individual air carrier or cruise line regarding traveling
during pregnancy. When traveling empty your bladder
frequently and make frequent stops to stretch.
No studies have been done indicating that the following procedures have an adverse effect on fetal development: Hair Color—after First trimester (12 weeks) Attention:
If you are ill or have any questions regarding various medications please call the main office number (404-355-1285) and ask for the triage nurse. Please have the following information available: Name of Medication (if requesting refills)


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