8058 Foodhouse internal 30/1/09 2:43 pm Page 3 Healthy Eating Policy
healthier eating. Research into health and diet OCS Statement on Healthy Eating
continues to confirm what we already know - ignore OCS Catering have put together some statements on ● To ensure that our consumers have the fad diets and follow key pointers to reduce the risk healthy eating and it’s affect on working performance of illness and manage weight: Based on this OCS opportunity to choose healthy meals and snacks.
from the key scientific information available, which is ● To encourage a healthy lifestyle through the the backbone of the menus we provide our clients.
● We encourage consumers to eat five portions of association of healthy food with exercise and the However, every menu is specifically tailored to the promotion of health-enhancing habits.
individual needs of our clients and the consumers.
● Foods are grilled instead of frying where possible To promote a positive outlook on life and an awareness of the consequences of healthy and Summary of key scientific information
● We reduce the amount of fat and sugar in our ● Missing breakfast impairs mental functioning OCS has recognised that it is the responsibility of the Caterer to provide their clients with healthy and ● Our menus are high in starchy foods (pasta, rice ● A post-lunch dip in performance occurs around nutritious food. By "healthy" and "nutritious" food, we 1 hour after lunch and continues for at least 1 understand balanced, planned and creative In addition in every OCS site, the menu choice hour. People report feeling sleepy, less energetic menus, making use of fresh seasonal produce from always includes a least one hot vegetarian option, and less alert during this time. Meal size and the approved suppliers, which cater to a variety of freshly prepared and cooked vegetables, a salad type of food eaten at lunch intake seem to bar with a wide variety of fresh and imaginative influence the effect - those consuming a large The watch-points of boring, colourless and dull are key salad bowl (with or without dressing), low fat items, meal, and in particular, a carbohydrate heavy to the standards of catering and the quality OCS has yoghurts, fresh fruit, mineral water, a choice of meal, function more poorly than those who eat to offer in all aspects of food service to our clients.
brown breads and low fat spreads. Calorie counts a smaller, more balanced meal, which better For the last 20 or 30 years, nutritionists, dieticians and can be supplied on request and special diets are doctors have provided the same diet information catered for. Menus are monitored and customer feed-back is recorded to ensure that all the needs carbohydrate, protein and fat content) has an health principles to guide everyone towards 8058 Foodhouse internal 30/1/09 2:43 pm Page 4 ● An afternoon snack may improve mental It is now well established that some aspects of short term food intake, for example consuming different Studies have shown that the mental functioning can ● Even mild dehydration can have a negative types of meals at different times during the day, can fall after lunch and individuals experience have a significant effect on functions such as reductions in alertness and efficiency shortly after learning, memory, information processing and mood.
In moderate amounts (for most people this is lunch relative to the morning or late afternoon hours. For example, errors made by shift workers, performance and sustain attention during the falling asleep while driving and lapses of attention Breakfast
by locomotive engineers reach a maximum at The importance of eating breakfast is supported by approximately 2pm. Further studies have revealed studies investigating the effects of eating breakfast that consumption of a mid-day meal is followed by on mental ability and academic achievement in feelings of lethargy and poorer performance of ● Eating low GI foods may help to sustain energy school-aged children but the results have mental tasks. This decline is sometimes referred to as levels and prevent feelings of energy highs and implications for adults too. Breakfast typically the ‘post-lunch dip’ and usually lasts for up to 90 dips, which can affect performance and may follows the longest period of fasting during the 24 minutes after the meal has been eaten.
cause them to snack on unhealthy foods.
hour daily cycle, therefore skipping breakfast will ● A long term unhealthy diet, including too many lead to reductions in energy and nutrient levels The degree to which lunch moderates subsequent fatty foods, too much salt and not enough fruit throughout the morning. Studies have shown that mental performance and mood is influenced by a and vegetables, can increase the risk of a range eating breakfast can improve performance on number of factors, most importantly meal size. For of conditions, including heart disease, stroke, example, people who consume a large meal have some cancers, high blood pressure, obesity and been shown to make more errors on attention tasks Another study reported that individuals who did than those who consume a smaller, lighter meal.
not eat breakfast did more poorly on memory tests Tasks that require sustained attention appear to be ● Employing a healthy eating policy, educating than those who consumed a morning meal.
people on healthy eating and encouraging They also found that not eating breakfast healthy eating behaviour can improve people’s impaired performance on recall and recognition Lunch does not only affect mental performance, but also mood, as feelings of anxiety decrease after 8058 Foodhouse internal 30/1/09 2:43 pm Page 5 eating a lunchtime meal. People also report feeling arithmetic was impaired if a person is between 1-2% feeble, dreamy and bored, and less energetic, Afternoon snacks may have positive effects on dehydrated – a level not enough even to cause alert, quick-witted and friendly after lunch, cognitive performance. The effect of consuming feelings of thirst. Rehydration can be achieved using particularly after a large, heavy meal.
either a healthy energy-rich snack or a no-energy water in all its forms including plain water, juices, snack (a diet caffeine-containing drink) on tests of attention, memory, maths, speed reading and Nutrient composition of a meal
comprehension were investigated in male and The nutrient composition of the meal is important female college students. Both male and female Caffeine
with respect to efficiency and mood. Cognitive subjects responded significantly faster on the Caffeine is present in tea, coffee and a number of attention task and remembered more digits in the carbonated drinks, particularly cola. In moderate carbohydrate and protein content of a meal.
memory task when they had consumed a high- A high carbohydrate meal causes individuals to feel energy snack than when they had the no-energy wakefulness, friendliness and increased speed and sleepier than when they eat a high protein meal, snack. People often perceive that a diet caffeine- alertness in performing tasks, particularly those that carbohydrate-rich meals can cause feeling of containing drink will give them an energy boost in require focused attention. However excessive lethargy compared with protein-rich meal.
the afternoon, this can be considered a ‘false’ consumption can cause unpleasant side effects Sleepiness is reported to increase and subjective energy and will not improve concentration.
such as restlessness and anxiety. Studies show that energy levels declined over the course of the Furthermore, an excessive intake of caffeine may caffeine can have beneficial performance effect, afternoon following a carbohydrate-rich meal.
including sustaining attention during the morning The fat content of the lunch also influences and the post-lunch dip. After this, however, the subsequent cognitive efficiency and mood.
effect of the caffeine is lost and an excessive intake People rated themselves as more drowsy, uncertain Mild dehydration
in the form of fizzy drinks does not boost energy and muddled, and less cheerful when they had Mild dehydration has been linked to headaches levels and could cause negative effects on mood consumed either a high fat-high carbohydrate and loss of mental alertness. Low levels of and performance. Individuals differ enormously in dehydration can also have an effect on cognitive their sensitivity to caffeine. For most people 2-4 cups performance. A study showed that ability to do of coffee a day is a moderate consumption, 8058 Foodhouse internal 30/1/09 2:43 pm Page 6 whereas 10 cups would be excessive. Caffeine is a helping their employees to follow a healthy tasks and mood are dependant on a number of mild diuretic, i.e. it encourages the body to excrete balanced diet. There are no specific laws regarding factors. Time of day and composition of the meal more water. However, the body does acclimatise to the nutritional content of food provided by caterers are the most significant of these factors. Missing the amount of caffeine normally consumed, so that (as there are for food safety) but with the growing breakfast can have detrimental consequences on regular consumption of moderate amounts of link between the effect of people’s diets on their behaviour, and a large carbohydrate, fat heavy health, it seems sensible for those who offer food to lunch actually can cause decrements in cognitive be aware of the principles of healthy eating. performance. A late afternoon snack may boostenergy levels and performance in the afternoon.
High carbohydrate foods
An unhealthy diet, including too many fatty foods,too much salt and not enough fruit and vegetables, While caffeine may offer a useful boost to mental Some people claim to feel adversely affected when can increase the risk of a range of conditions, alertness during the morning and the post lunch dip, they eat foods that are high in carbohydrate including heart disease, stroke, some cancers, high maintaining hydration through the regular (sugar). Some foods do cause blood sugar levels to blood pressure, obesity and diabetes mellitus.
consumption of water and other non caffeine- rise sharply such as sugar and white bread and they Frequent consumption of foods high in sugar containing drinks is crucial in maintaining ability to are said to have a high glycaemic index (GI).
concentrate and perform well at work.
Snacking between meals on high GI foods like Educating and encouraging employees to eat biscuits, confectionery and sugary drinks may cause Heart disease and stroke and related illnesses cost healthily at work can improve their well-being and initial feelings of an energy high followed by feelings the NHS an estimated £3.8 billion a year and cancer long term health, which in turn may help to reduce of tiredness or fatigue. Therefore, foods with a low treatment £1.3 billion. There are also financial the financial burden caused by missed work hours glycaemic index (e.g. wholegrain cereals) can help implications for companies providing free or due to diet-related ill health and also increase to sustain energy levels and keep people feeling subsidised health insurance for employees.
Health implications of a long term unhealthy diet
Clearly food has an impact on psychological The impact of diet on health is powerful and a functioning and the specific ways in which responsible company can play an important role in consumption of meals alters performance of mental 8058 Foodhouse internal 30/1/09 2:43 pm Page 7 Central to the OCS Foodhouse offer are our guiding We want as many people as possible to use and principles or values, which have been created enjoy our facilities and to this end we need to specifically for our clients in multi cultural ● International and regional variations.
The basis of Foodhouse is to always to offer a multi- ● Religious beliefs and festivals.
cultural based menu, tailored specifically to the ● Dietary requirements of customers.
individual needs of the onsite consumers at eachcontract. The menus need to change dependantupon the location of the building or depot and thedemographics of the employees there. Our guiding ‘Values’ are the cornerstone of thefood service offering! It is these values that drive themenu planning and sourcing, thus we are alwaysable to provide a catering solution which meets thediverse needs.
The catering provision for Multi cultural populationsneed to understand and comply with the variousreligious restrictions that apply to food andconsumption. 8058 Foodhouse internal 30/1/09 2:43 pm Page 8 The importance of understanding both Dietary
Caribbean it is often marinated with ginger, lime and Religious cultures
and chillies before grilling. Probably because of the Vegetarian – In general Vegetarians will not eat preponderance of sugar cane in the islands deserts meat, but may eat fish. They will usually eat International
are an important part of a Caribbean meal and will vegetarian cheese, eggs, butter and milk products.
Eastern European – In general the Eastern Vegans – Will not eat any animal produce or protein Europeans eat hearty soups and stews, pickled including fish, butter, cheese & milk.
vegetables stuffed meats and sticky pastries.
Hindu’s will not eat beef or veal.
A classic popular example currently is the Polish Jewish – In general there are three main groups: Pierogi, which is dough, filled with cheese potatoes Diabetics – Will have to eat at regular intervals, but a) Those who will eat almost anything except pork onions, cabbage and meat. These are grilled and will eat most food items. We stock a range of diet and sugar free soft drinks that are suitable for b) Those who would normally eat only plain fruit, Asian – Typically this is broad ranging from Oriental vegetables & grilled or poached fish.
styles including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Gluten Free – People with a wheat intolerance or c) Those who follow the traditional kosher life style.
Indonesian and many Indian dishes. Most of these Celiac, are not allowed to eat any cereal or grain Islam – In general, Muslims will not eat pork or include rice, and noodles as a base and involve a products. We can with notice provide Gluten Free consume alcohol, they will also not eat between verity of infused flavours and ingredients.
bread, pasta and other specialist products.
sunrise and sunset during the festival of Ramadan.
African – In general African food consists of stews Lactose Free – Intolerance to milk and milk related however many varieties of dumplings are made Halal - The word 'Halal' literally means permissible - Allergies – A growing number of people suffer from accompaniments we will often serve as hand held and in translation it is usually used as lawful. It is well allergies to certain food items, e.g. nuts, fungi and known in the meat trade that Muslims consume Halal meat. However, at times questions are asked, Caribbean – Common foods like seafood, chicken, what is Halal? In Arabic it simply means permissible spiced with as jerk and coconut callaloo, plantain or allowed. We only use accredited supplier who and sweet potatoes, okra, rice and peas. Chicken is

Source: http://www.ocs.co.uk/documents/Foodhouse.pdf

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