I Grammar and Vocabulary
Find the right answer
1- I think I will take this part time job as I don’t want to stay ……………
A- workless
2- Many different plant and animal species live ……… the earth A- on 3- ……………… many candidates for this competitive exam A- Their are 4- I live in the countryside …………….a little village A- near of 5- Climate change may be controlled …. greenhouse gasses A- by stopping 6-Listen! someone ………………to break into the house A- try 7- Protecting all the plant and animal species …….live in tropical areas is good for the future of the planet A- whose 8- It’s too hot in this room ; would you mind ……………………the windows ? A- to open 9- We …. for five minutes now and I have already reached question 9 ! A- work 10- ……………… too many sweets is not good for your health A- To eat 11- I cannot remember the meaning of this word although I have seen it many …………. A- times 12- It would take much ……………….to finish this difficult exercise A- times 13- Hurry up, we don’t have much ……… before the match begins A- times 14- At the moment I don’t have …………………….to buy a new car A- enough money 15- …… that time cars did not exist and people used horses to move around A- On 16- It’s quite warm outside, you ……… not take a coat A- must 17- Last year I did a work placement in Scotland …….helped me improve my English level A- who 18- I will buy some bread and some cheese, do you need anything ………. ? A- other 19- You must enjoy ……… with engines to become a good engineer A-working 20- You will lose weight ……………. less A- eat less 21- …. French students speak good English nowadays A- Most of 22- You will find the ………………clothes under the bed A- child 23- We must save energy because …………new nuclear power stations will not be accepted by a majority of people A- built 24- Contrary ,,,,,,,,,,,,, the English the French don't drink a lot of tea A- to 25- Do you usually pay attention ………….the price when you buy food ? A- for 26- He avoids ………………. fast food restaurants because he hates greasy food A- go to 27- ……………….I went to the USA for my holiday A- The last year 28- I usually drink ……………. water than soft drinks because they contain too much sugar A- more of 29- He does not care ………….what he eats as he never puts on weight A- of 30- …………. me alone, I want to sleep ! A- Live 31- I don’t want to be late. What ………. is it ? A- hour 32- The more I eat, ………………. I become A- stronger 33- He didn’t have …………… to finish his exercise A-enough time 34- The ………….before a major exam, I try to sleep more than usual A- journey 35- ………………. are you ? About eighty kilos I think A- What weight 36- ….do you go to the cinema? Once a month on average A- how much time 37- The preservation of wild areas is a job ….requires a lot of political courage A- which 38- I don't like …. parties during the week A-to go to 39- This company ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a way to transmit pictures very fast A- devised 40- Before an exam I take some pills …. my memory A- for boost 41-If you can’t do it yourself, have it ………………. by someone else A- to do 42 - Sorry I can’t help you right now, I ………………my teacher A- am phoning to 43- He was first elected chairman in 1984, and……….chairman ……………. A- was ---------- since 44- When Queen Victoria died in 1901, she ………………….over 60 years A- is reigning for since 45- Both systems are equally reliable but this one is certainly …………….one A- cheaper 46- Who do we have to blame this failure …………………. ? A- for 47- If he ……………………….the answer, he would have told you A- would know 48- Mozart’s father ……………. piano lessons at a very early age A- made him to take C- has made him take D- has made him to take 49- It was ………………………. to rent a boat and go fishing A- so warm 50- They hope their son will help them when they …………………old A- are 51- You aren’t eighteen yet, …………………. A- is it ? 52- This package is very light, you …………. carry it A- must not 53- I could see the man …………. it was very dark A- unless 54- Instead ………. me, you could come and help me ! A- laughing 55- A general manager works with …………… people A- lot of 56- The nurse remembers ………… the little child all alone in a corner of the room A- to see 57- The new flat was very big and we had ………. furniture so all the rooms looked empty A- little 58- A man ………………a sports car ran over two children near the bus stop A- drive 59- I think everyone is here ……………… Paul and Mary A- excepted 60- ……….weight, people usually go on a special diet A- To loose 61- Marathon runners need …………energy to complete the race A- of all their 62- In summer I ususally begin my lunch ………a tomato salad A- with 63- If I have ……………….take a plane, I take a sleeping pill A- to 64- Good food helps you stay ……………. A- health 65- The manager has awarded Brian a 25% rise so he …. be a very good employee A- must 66- Both men entered the competition but …. of them won A- all 67- ….sugar. is bad for children's teeth A- O 68- The weather is very changeable and it …. rain, so take an umbrella A- must 69- This exercise is so simple that …. can do it A- all the body 70- I'm busy. Please go and answer …. the phone A- O 71- Hello! Nice to see you again! How was your …. ? A- travel 72- The instructions are printed …. the top of the page A- in 73- Some countries …. Estonia and Poland joined the European Union after the others A- such as 74- On December 31st I wished my family and my friends a …. new year A- happy 75- Last night I was …. a party to celebrate the end of the school year A- into 76- ….night . she did not return home and she has not been seen ever since A- In this 77- He went to bed at 7 am and slept …. four hours because he left the house at 11 am A- under 78- This power company provides many households and companies …. electricity A- with 79- Everybody …. to say that something must be done to limit climate change A- agrees 80- This village is famous for …. church A- her II Reading Comprehension
Fill in the gaps with the most suitable word

EVEN the sleekest gadget depends ….81. the mucky business of ….82. stuff out of
the ground. Mobile phones and computers ….83. copper for their wiring and rely
….84. cobalt, germanium, lithium, nickel, platinum and tantalum for other components.
Electric motors need magnets made of “rare earth” elements ….85. neodymium. But
….86. metal prices and China’s tightening grip on ….87. of rare-earth elements
(it accounts for 97% of production), have heightened the ….88. of finding
….89. sources of supply. The result is growing interest in the use of rock-eating bacteria
….90. metals from low-grade ores, mining waste or industrial effluent.

Error recognition : select the wrong or inadequate expression

91- Please find enclosing my CV and my cover letter. I look forward to read from you
92- Each students should bring some ID and arrive five minutes before the exam is due to start 93- For they, the most fascinating event happened when they were on duty outside the gate A- 94- One out of every three planes built this year in the world are coming from Toulouse A- 95- For more than a thousand years, London is the main city of England A- 96-This plane can fly across the Pacific without refueling and carrying 20 tons of freight A- 97- The most babies will grow up to be as clever as their parents 98- The rings of Saturn are so distant to be seen from Earth without a telescope 99- Tape recorders have fastly become outdated with the invention of computerized devices 100- News batteries for domestic appliances are as thin and flexible as paper A-
Read the following texts carefully :
Retail fraud Return to vendor: a dress on loan
TIMES may be tough, but women still need little black dresses to wear to posh parties. So some buy a fancy frock, dance the night away in it and then return it to the store, pretending that it does not fit. This is an example of a growing problem. Retailers call it “de-shopping”. Return fraud is becoming more widespread. It cost American retailers $14.4 billion in 2011, according to the National Retail Federation, up from $9.4 billion in 2009. The worst offenders are women returning clothes Online stores are particularly vulnerable. Few people will risk buying something to wear without trying it on first, so cyber-retailers need to have generous returns policies. De-shoppers are becoming more organised, says Tamira King of Cranfield School of Management in Britain. They have worked out that returning items mob-handed, for example, is more successful, as managers worry about an ugly scene in their shops. Stores can protect themselves. Many returns policies far exceed the minimum legal requirements, so there is room to be more strict. In 2009 Marks & Spencer, a British retailer famed for its no-questions-asked refund policy, reduced the window for returns from 90 to 35 days. It has now introduced dedicated returns desks, usually away from the shop floor. This makes shouters and screamers less likely to succeed, and helps with keeping a consistent policy across all its outlets. Many shops now also insist on identification checks, so that recidivists can be more easily tracked. A delicate balance is needed. Having the best customer services can help a retailer stand out from its competitors. And irritating genuine customers is bad for business. So some shops also reward good behaviour. One occasional shopper at Lord & Taylor, a fancy New York department store, was surprised to be presented with a VIP card, usually reserved for more extravagant customers. It was, the store said, because in 20 years she had not returned a single item. Find the best answer for each question
C- complaining about the quality of goods D-returning some purchases after using them for a while 102- In two years, de-shopping has increased the costs paid by the shops by : 103- The reason given by people for returning clothes to the shop is : A- they don't like the colour of the clothes 104- What kind of shops are more likely to accept returns if they want to stay in business? 105- How can de-shoppers improve their chances of having their goods taken back? A- they return the goods as quickly as possible B- they shout and scream if the shop does not want to take them back C- they tell their friends about the poor quality of the clothes 106- How did Marks and Spencer's try to reduce de-shopping? A- they shortened the period during which goods can be returned C- they asked customers why they wanted to return the goods they had bought 107- Why have some stores introduced special areas to deal with de-shoppers? C- to record the identity of the de shoppers D- to avoid scenes in front of other customers 108- Why do some stores record the names of de-shoppers? A- to identify the customers who regularly practice de-shopping 109- According to the text ; why do most shops keep accepting de-shoppers despite the costs this involves? C- to make sure de-shoppers don't to to competitors D- because they have their names and addresses 110- Why did Lord & Taylor give away VIP cards to one lady customer? A- because this customer had bought a lot of things C- because she had never practised de-shopping D- because this customer kept coming to Lord & Taylor
Read the following text and find the best answer for each question:

FOR thousands of years aspirin has been humanity’s wonder drug. Extracts from the willow tree have
been used for pain relief in folk medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks In recent years its benefits
as a blood-thinning drug have led to it being prescribed in low doses of around 50mg to reduce deaths
from stroke and heart attack. There were also hints that aspirin may help prevent some cancers
In trials lasting between four and eight years, the patients who had been given aspirin were 21% less likely to die from cancer than those who had been given a placebo The benefits of aspirin were also apparent many years after the trials had ended. A long-term follow-up of patients showed that the 20-year risk of cancer death remained 20% lower in those who had taken aspirin. The researchers also found that small daily doses of aspirin were enough, and that taking more than 75mg conferred no additional benefits. Those starting on aspirin in their late 40s or 50s benefit most. Current guidelines on using aspirin for reducing the chances of a stroke or heart attack rightly warn of the small risk of ulcers and of dangerous bleeding in the stomach 111- Which of these health conditions is not mentioned in the text as being possibly cured by small daily quantities of aspirin? 112- What is the recommended daily aspirin intake to get its advantages according to the text 113- What are the risks of taking small quantities of aspirin every day? 114- According to the text, aspirin has the following effect on cancer: C- it has long term effects on cancer patients D- it prevents cancer from developing again 115- According to the text, aspirin comes from: 116- According to the text, aspirin should not be given to people who suffer from: 117- According to the text, aspirin what kind of people have used aspirin up to now? 118- What does the figure 21% refer to in the text? A- the percentage of people who enjoyed aspirin B- The percentage of people who regularly took aspirin and did not die of cancer C- The number of people who did not like aspirin D- The extra number of people who died of cancer 119- What are the long term effects of aspirin taking according to the text? B- People are completely protected against some cancers C- People will develop fewer cancers than the rest of the population D- People no longer suffer from heart diseases 120- When did people start taking aspirin according to the text? C- at the beginning of the nineteenth century
Read the following text and find the best answer to the questions :
The Tokyo Electric Power Company has been criticised for not telling the public very much
about emergency repairs at the Fukushima nuclear power station. Engineers are still trying to
cool down the nuclear rods and prevent a major radiation leak.
Usually, governments take the lead in national emergencies, but not in this one. Staving off
catastrophe at Japan's Fukushima power complex has been primarily the responsibility of a
commercial concern: The Tokyo Electric Power Company, or Tepco, which runs the site.
There's mounting concern in Japan at Tepco's handling of the crisis. In particular, the firm
has been accused of failing to communicate. There've been reports of the firm's public
spokesmen appearing ill-informed and evasive in dealing with journalists at press
conferences. The Japanese prime minister was reported to have been furious on Tuesday,
when the company failed to inform him of a new fire at one of the affected reactors for an
hour after it knew of this serious escalation in the crisis.
Nuclear experts outside Japan have complained the company has kept them in the dark, by
releasing information slowly and with little detail. The company, of course, has a lot to
contend with. Public relations probably ranks low on the list of priorities, as Tepco grapples
with a complex nuclear emergency in a region devastated by a major earthquake.
Tepco is the world's fourth largest power utility company. It supplies about a third of Japan's
electricity. The firm's reputation has yet to fully recover from accusations levelled in 2002. A
Japanese government report found evidence of false reporting in routine inspections, and a
pattern of concealment of safety lapses over many years. BBC
121- What criticism is levelled at the Tokyo Electric Power Company?
A- They did not repair the damaged power station fast enough
B- they did not know how to repair the damaged power station
C- they did not tell people what they did to repair the damaged power station
D- they did not maintain the power station properly
122- Why was the Japanese Prime Minister furious?
A- The company was not able to repair the damaged power station
B- The company did not tell him first about another major problem in the damaged power station C- the company did not maintain the power station properly D- the company did not tell the press about another major problem in the damaged power station 123- How important is the Tokyo Electric Power Company? A- It is the first power company in the world B- It is the second power company in the world C- It is the third power company in the world D- It is the fourth power company in the world 124- According to the article who should be in charge of national disasters? A- the government organisations 125- According to the article, the company did not provide much information on the disaster because: A- telephone lines were cut off C-they did not want to release this kind of information D- they did not know what was happening in the power station 126- If Tepco stopped its operations, how much electricity would Japan lose? A- 25% 127- Why could a radiation leak happen, according to this article? A-because the power station will overheat C-because the station is close to the sea D- because the company does not know how to stop water from entering the power station 128- What happened in 2002? A-The Japanese government found out that the company did not publish the right information B- there was a major earthquake C- there was a nuclear accident in one of Tepco's power stations D- Tepco did not take the right safety measures 129- What is the main problem with the nuclear rods at the Fukushima nuclear power station? A- they have become too cold B- they have become too hot C- they release contaminated water D- they have been damaged by the earth quake 130- Why aren't international experts happy? A- they don't know how to deal with the situation B-they think Japan will be contaminated C- they are not getting the right information D- they think safety measures have not been properly implemented Much research has been driven by efforts to save jet fuel. Having more than doubled in price in recent years, it now accounts for about half of airlines’ operating costs. Even slight gains in efficiency quickly pay off—as a rule of thumb, a 1% improvement knocks more than $1m off a airliner’s fuel bill over its lifetime of roughly 20 years. These savings snowball. Fuel-sipping planes are more profitable, so banks will finance them at lower interest rates. In the push to improve efficiency, wing flaps are now operated with lightweight electrical systems instead of hydraulics. At least one airline, Australia’s Jetstar Airways, is replacing in-flight entertainment kit with Apple iPads, which are much lighter. Fuselage-insulation blanketing costs airlines unnecessarily: it absorbs humidity and becomes heavier over the years. Aircraft engineers have for years sought to replace metal components with lightweight plastics reinforced with carbon fibres. Such materials, known as composites, are generally 20-40% lighter . Composites account for as much as 15% of today’s airliners, but some next-generation aircraft will be more composite than metal, including the Boeing 787 (which enters service this year) and Airbus A350 (due in 2013). New, lightweight ceramics will further reduce the need for metals in aircraft. Ceramic composites can
also withstand hotter temperatures than metal alloys can. Accordingly, they are beginning to replace
some metal parts in jet engines. GE says it has shaved 136kg, or 3%, off the weight of an engine that
propels the Boeing 787 using a ceramic-composites fan case and blade, a world first. The Economist
D – Doing away with metallic parts on planes 132 What percentage does fuel represent in the total costs involved in running an airline ? 133 In recent years, the cost of fuel has increased by 134 How long is an airliner used on average, according to this article? 135 Why do banks offer better credit facilities to airlines buying fuel-efficient planes? A – these planes are less expensive to buy C – these planes carry more passengers D - these planes are less expensive to run 136 The reason why plane manufacturers try to use more composites is : A – composites are less expensive than metal B - composites don't rust 137 When controlling a plane, electricity and electronics are preferred to hydraulics because : D- pilots prefer electronics to hydraulics A- it gets wet and rusts the plane metallic parts B- it gets wet and makes the plane heavier D- it does not really insulate the plane fuselage 140 What is the percentage of composites in today's planes? 141 What is the expected amount of composites in tomorrow's planes? 142 What are ceramics used for on today's planes? 143 How much weight can be saved by using ceramics in a plane engine? 144 Which of these reasons is not mentioned in the text to exlain why plane manufactuers are increasingly turning to ceramics? B- Ceramics allow to get rid of metal parts C- Ceramics can cope with very hot temperatures D- Ceramic parts can be manufactured more easily 145- Using information from the text, find out the weight of a Boeing 787 engine


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