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Physical Examination & Integrated Pathology DESCRIPTION
This module is designed to expose students to a wide range of tests that are currently being used in Wholistic Practice - techniques which from an integral part of the modern Naturopathic Clinic. Current pathology skills are also discussed. Students will learn physical examination techniques for the digestive and respiratory systems, cardiovascular and nervous systems. DURATION
By the conclusion of the module, the student should be able to: OUTCOMES
1. The purpose of physical examination is determined. 2. Communicate with the client 3. Conduct a physical examination. 4. Appropriate use of physical examination equipment is demonstrated. 5. Routine pathology investigations are examined. 6. Special pathology investigations are examined. TEACHING
Practical Assessment
Pass Mark 60%

Symptomatology & Diagnosis/Pathology 1 REQUISITES
Anatomy & Physiology 1A, 1B, 1C Anatomy & Physiology 2 CO-REQUISITES
Symptomatology & Diagnosis/Pathology 2 MATERIALS
Torch, Reflex Hammer, Tape, Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer Apparatus (available REQUIRED
from the College Shop). Students are required to bring this equipment to lectures. TEXTBOOKS
Pletikosa, Zoran. 2004. Physical Examination Module Notes.

Recommended Reading / References:
Bates B & Hoeckelman RA. 1999. A Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking.
7th Ed. Or 2002 8th Edition. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.
Pletikosa Z. 2004. Basic Physical Examination Skills (Video). Self Published.
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Terminology / Language of Investigation General Survey/Gait/BMI Temperature Nails & Tongue Endocrine Investigations: Blood Glucose, Glucose Tolerance Test Thyroid Function Tests, Catecholamines FSH/LH, Free Testosterone, Progesterone Liver Function Tests Cardiac Enzymes Lipid Studies Urinalysis Creatinine clearance, Blood urea nitrogen Prostatic specific antigen Markers of Pregnancy Markers of Inflammation/Autoimmunity Digestive System – Demonstration & Practice Palpation, percussion & auscultation
Digestive System – Practice & Assessment
Respiratory System – Demonstration & Practice Wheezes, breathing irregularities Lymph nodes Visualise the tonsils and tympanum Diagnostic Imaging Respiratory System – Practice & Assessment
Cardiovascular System – Demonstration & Practice Pulse rate & arrhythmias
Heart sounds
Blood pressure
Peripheral vascular system
Cardiovascular System – Practice & Assessment
Nervous System – Demonstration & Practice Tests for cranial nerves Reflexes, motor system Meningeal signs Nervous System – Practice & Assessment
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