3º Ciclo do Ensino Básico
Clara Costa
Teste de Avaliação
Read the text very attentively.

Where’s your favourite place?
I live in Newquay, Cornwal . The beaches are so fabulous*; the sea is so perfect for surfing that Newquay is considered Britain’s surf capital. People usual y say that tourists come here with a bucket and spade* at the beginning of their holidays and leave with a surfboard. I am a surfer like most of my friends. So when I want to meet them, I grab* my surfboard and go to the beach. We have loads of* fun together. Before going into the water we talk, tel jokes and relax in the open air. Then we catch some waves. Nothing feels as free as riding a wave*. Believe me, there is no better feeling than standing up on a surfboard. My friends and I stil have a lot to learn about how to be good surfers so we help each other a lot. This makes our friendship Sometimes, when the weather is real y bad, I also hang out with my friends in a shopping centre but I don’t like it very much: there’s too much confusion. VOCABULARY HELP:
bucket and spade: balde e pá
grab: agarrar
loads of: lots of
riding a wave: surfar uma onda
A. Complete the sentences according to the information from the text. (5x2=10%)
1. Newquay is considered Britain’s surf capital because …
2. Emma meets her friends …
3. When Emma and her friends get to the beach they first … and then … .
4. Emma and the other teens are good friends so …
5. She meets her friends at the shopping centre when … but she … .
B. Answer the questions about the text. Use your own words as far as possible. (5x3=15%)
1. Why does Emma like the place where she lives?
2. What does she mean when she says “tourists come here with a bucket and spade …
3. What do Emma and her friends do when they hang out?
4. Why does she like riding waves?
5. What do they do to become better surfers?
C. Find in the texts the opposite of:
1. after
2. everything
3. worse
4. weaker
5. rarely


A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
The white cliffs of Dover are famous.
1. There are camels in the … .
2. Robin Hood lived in the … .
3. Coto Doñana is a … in Spain.
4. Niagara Falls is a huge … .
5. There are sand … on the Algarve coast.
B. Choose the correct word.
1. You can buy some stamps at a BANK / POST OFFICE.
2. You can get some money at the CARD SHOP / BANK.
3. You can buy some aspirin at the CHEMIST’S / JEWELLER’S.
4. You can buy a T-shirt at the SHOE SHOP / CLOTHES SHOP.
5. You can buy a newspaper at the CHEMIST’S / NEWSAGENT’S.
A. Correct the mistakes in these sentences.
1. My sister is the baddest singer in the world! 2. Can I close the window? I’m cold enough. 5. Maria is the moodier than her sister. B. Comparative adjectives. Write sentences. Use the comparative form of the adjectives and
1. Surgeons / rich / cashiers
2. Spain / big / Portugal
3. my bedroom / tidy / my brother’s bedroom
4. computer games / expensive / magazines
C. Superlative adjectives. Complete the sentences.
1. In my opinion, fishing is … (relaxing) hobby I know.
2. Matthew is … (good) hockey player in my class.
3. Joe is … (funny) friend I have.
4. They think hang gliding is … (dangerous) sport they can do.
D. Complete the sentences with the following connectors: although / but / so / and /
because / on the other hand.

1. Kathy loves reading teen magazines; … she buys one every month.
2. She’s a bit moody. …, she’s very generous.
3. I hate travelling by plane, … it’s the fastest form of transport.
4. I’m going to buy a newspaper … I want to know more about the train accident.
5. I love jewellery, … I hate piercings.
E. Complete the sentences with be and too or enough plus the adjectives in the box.
1. I can’t help you now. I … .
2. She can’t reach the shelf. She … .
3. I’m afraid it … to play tennis outside.
4. He’s just 12. He … to go into the disco.
A. Dialogue. Complete the dialogue. Use the words and phrases in the box. (10x0.5=5%)
go / How was / I didn’t / It was / stayed / we did Ann Hi, Sam. (1) … your holiday? Did (2) … a good time?
Sam Yes, thanks. (3) … great.
Ann Where did you (4) …?
Sam I (5)… to Paris with my cousin.
Ann Really? That’s fantastic. (6) … you stay?
Sam We (7) … with relatives. They live near the centre.
Ann That’s handy. Did (8) … to the Eiffel Tower?
Sam Yes, (9) … . And we visited the Louvre.
Ann Did you buy me a present?
Sam No, (10) … . I’m sorry!
B. Imagine you are talking to a friend. Write about the best and the worst things that have
ever happened to you. Write the dialogue or a text.
8A - Correction of the written test (2nd December 2009)
… the beaches are fabulous and the sea is perfect for surfing.
2. … on the beach.
3. … have fun; they go into the water.
4. … they help each other a lot.
5. … the weather is real y bad; doesn’t like it very much.
She likes the place where she lives because the beaches are fabulous.
2. She means that every tourist becomes a surfer there.
3. They have lots of fun, talk, tel jokes and relax in the open air.
4. She likes riding waves because she feels free.
5. They help each other a lot to become better surfers.

1. before
2. nothing
3. better
4. stronger
5. sometimes
2. forest
3. marsh
4. waterfal
5. dunes
post office
2. bank
3. chemist’s
4. clothes shop
5. newsagent’s

. My sister is the worst singer in the world!
2. Can I close the window? I’m too cold.
3. I think Mike is nicer than Ben.
4. These shoes are too expensive.
5. Maria is moodier than her sister.
Surgeons are richer than cashiers.
2. Spain is bigger than Portugal.
3. My bedroom is tidier than my brother’s bedroom. (OR: less tidy than)
4. Computer games are more expensive than magazines.
the most relaxing (OR: the least relaxing)
2. the best (OR: the least good)
3. the funniest (OR: the least funny)
4. the most dangerous (OR: the least dangerous)
2. On the other hand
3. although
4. because
5. but (OR: and)
I’m too busy.
2. She isn’t tal enough.
3. is too wet
4. He isn’t old enough
How was
2. you have
3. It was
4. go
5. went
6. Where did
7. stayed
8. you go
9. we did
10. I didn’t

B. Students’ dialogues / compositions.

Source: http://claracosta.no.sapo.pt/material/ensinobasico/08ano_testes_2009_10/test_dec_8A_and_key.pdf

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