„Recharge your Battery!“
How to increase your energy and make better use of your potential

Business life is growing demands - particularly on high performers. Especially in
management, maximum performance is required.
Peter Drucker says:
„The first and paramount task for business executives is to take care of their own
energy and then to utilise the others' energies.“

Energy is the cardinal currency of maximum performance.
 Do you have days when you are bursting with energy and everything  Maybe you know different days as well, when you feel bad, have little energy and in spite of your efforts cannot seem to accomplish what you should be able to or reap what you deserve. To control your energy in an optimal way, you will need to make a thoughtful and appropriate use of it. Total commitment means to be physically trained, emotionally dedicated, mentally concentrated and optimally aligned so that you are able to recognize the sense of what you are doing. .
An approach to recharging your batteries:

1. Analysis: Together, we analyse your current energy level, your energetic
potential and the things that reduce your energy. a. Dogmata like „I always have to do things right“ or „It is crucial that b. Fear of losing control („Everything has to be as I want it to be“) („Things should not be as they are!“) d. Disadvantageous habits like not being able to rest your mind, high consumption of caffeine, candy or other substances, little or light sleep
Your benefit:

 You will become aware of your previous behaviour in handling your own energy and of the balance between your energy consumption and energy control.  You will recognize your personal energy consumers like time pressure or power struggles, and you will use your energy sources more effectively. 2. Improve energy management: According to your everyday life, we will
develop a personal approach that you can use to activate your physical, emotional and mental energy in the future.
Your benefit:
 You will live with greater awareness of how to protect yourself from Elverfeldt Coaching  Hansaallee 21  D-60322 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: +49 (0) 69 71 67 89 07  Fax: +49 (0) 69 71 67 89 08  Mobil: +49 (0) 171 31 40 62 1 Internet: http://www.elverfeldt-coaching.com  Email: [email protected]  Subsequently, you will be provided with practical strategies and exercises specifically developed for you that will help you to optimise your handling of energy effectively.
I'm gladly here to help you. Together, we will work on your situation holistically
and you will benefit directly from my psychological and energetic competence as
well as my own experience of life and in business as I have worked for
international corporate groups and have gained 15 years of coaching experience
in management and top management.
Your success is close to my heart!

Why should you wait when you could take a pit stop to use your energetic
potential more effectively and to prepare yourself for the challenges of everyday
life in an optimal way?
Your benefit:
 Performance enhancement and increased vitality by an intelligent  You will gain practical methods of conserving, developing and precisely using your power which enables you to focus your energy in an optimal way. You can accomplish this by a general change of attitude, for example, or by breathing exercises that can easily be integrated in your everyday life.  You only have to spend one day of which you will benefit by a better energy management for your whole professional and private life.
Your investment:
1 day of time and € 3.500 excl. VAT., your expenses are fully deductible. If
required, a one hour preliminary discussion (in person or by telephone) and a
lunch are included. To assist you in implementing your projects, a one hour follow
up coaching by telephone is included and can be taken after four weeks. On
demand, further appointments can be arranged.
Weekdays or Saturdays by appointment.
10 am - 6 pm (incl. lunchtime)
For applications and registrations, please send an email including your complete
address data and desired date to: I will gladly call
you back to answer your questions and to fix an appointment.
Conditions of cancellation:
100% of the charge will be due if your appointment is cancelled 4 days or less
prior to the arranged date.
At Elverfeldt Coaching on Hansaallee 21 in 60322 Frankfurt
You can find further information about me on
I am looking forward to work with you! Elverfeldt Coaching  Hansaallee 21  D-60322 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: +49 (0) 69 71 67 89 07  Fax: +49 (0) 69 71 67 89 08  Mobil: +49 (0) 171 31 40 62 1 Internet: http://www.elverfeldt-coaching.com  Email: [email protected]

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