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Washington, DC – May 8, 2007 a specialty pharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce that it has secured the global exclusive rights to Hong Kong
MucoAd™, a mucoadhesive pharmaceutical agent that can be “loaded” with nearly any pharmaceutical preparation and delivered to a variety of mucosal tissues. Suites 2207-2209
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MucoAd™ is a patented non-toxic, non-irritating, liquid polymer mucoadhesive carrier Hong Kong
that prolongs the contact time between drug and mucosa, thus increasing bioavailability and efficacy of the delivered drug. The adherence of pharmaceuticals to the mucosa may permit lower doses of the administered drug so that the desired therapeutic affect could be achieved with fewer adverse reactions. The MucoAd™ technology is versatile. It can be applied to powders, gels, microspheres, liposomes, and liquid formulations. It is currently being tested for intranasal applications, and other sites of application include sublingual, ophthalmic, vaginal, and rectal. Potential transmucosal derivatives in discussion include nasal decongestants, second-generation antihistamines, second-generation H1-antagonists, topical corticosteroids, CNS drugs, anti-emetics, anti-infectives, cold & cough preparations, asthma medications, vascular products, periodontal products, , and topical agents for The company is now developing the methods and technology to assess and adjust the required mucoadhesive properties for several specific medications. Thus far, researchers have shown that using MucoAd™ with a decongestant preparation of xylometazoline 0.1% increased clinical efficacy as compared to the standard decongestant spray while also decreasing rebound swelling and other side effects. MucoAd™ is also being used to develop a stable intranasal solution of the antihistamine loratadine, commonly known as Claritin® or Alavert®, which formerly was practically insoluble. A topical nasal formulation of the anti-emetic agent clopramide is also in Christos S. Efessiou, Strategic BioSciences Chief Executive Officer, commented “MucoAd™ represents the New Frontier in drug delivery because it enables the administration of a nearly limitless number of pharmaceutical products via a safe and effective route. More importantly, as MucoAd™ bypasses the digestive tract and liver, it slows deactivation and reduces common irritating GI side effects associated with many oral medications. We are excited at the possibilities MucoAd™ offers in the administration of medications which up to now could only be delivered by injection such Neil White, Director of Fortune Apex Development said “Strategic BioSciences represents a significant step towards developing the applications, for our unique, patented technology, which in addition to clinical advantages, offers MucoAd™ licensees significant opportunities for patent extensions.” Strategic Pharmaceuticals Company, doing business as, is a District of Columbia based pharmaceutical company. It is the joint venture of SRxA Holdings Inc, an affiliate of of Washington, DC and of Hong Kong, The licensing agreement granting Strategic BioSciences the exclusive global rights to MucoAd™, was recently signed in Seoul, Korea.


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