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June 28, 2010

Venus Remedies has marked its presence in the region of Australasia by receiving a patent
from Commissioner of Patents , Trademarks & Design, Intellectual Property office of New
Zealand for its antibiotic Potentox, a fixed dose combination of cefepime and amikacin. This
unique combination of a cephalosporin with aminoglycoside is a super specialty product
indicated for the treatment of Hospital acquired pneumonia, community acquired pneumonia
and Febrile Neutropenia. New Zealand is the fourth country after South Korea , India and South
Africa from where Venus Remedies has got patent for Potentox.
This patent will give the Company exclusive marketing rights in New Zealand. Post registration
in New Zealand market, the Company expect to generate handsome revenues from this
product which will add to growth in top line and bottom line of the company.
Potentox has already become revenue generator and is contributing more than Rs. 120 Million
p.a to the total revenues of the company and is expected to grow at the rate of 30% to 40% Y-
o-Y basis due to global registrations and Patent grants in pipe line from other markets.

There is a fair amount of bacterial-resistance towards the conventional antibiotics like
penicillin, ampicillin-clavulanate, erythromycin, cefuroxime (Ceftin), ofloxacin (Floxin), and
trimethoprim-sulfanethoxazole . This has led to increase in treatment cost for pneumonia. The
major generators of costs for community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in New Zealand adults
are the number of hospitalisations (particularly for the group aged 65 years and over) and loss
of productivity. The annual cost estimates were to be $63 million.

According to estimates of a journal of New Zealand medical association, the proportion of
pneumonia cases hospitalized are 20% in those aged 15–64 years, 40% in those aged 65–74
years, 60% in those aged 75–84 years, and 70% in those aged over 85 years (31% over all
ages). According to a WHO estimates, on an average, 30 % of adults in developed nations
who have a pneumococcal pneumonia die from the infection.

Venus Medicine Research Centre has developed Potentox taking into consideration these
aspects. As a result, there is negligible bacterial resistance to Potentox, thumping its success
rate to more than 95% and reduction in hospitalization time to 7-10 days from conventional 14-
21 days and bringing down the treatment cost substantially .
The combined pharmaceutical market of Australia / New Zealand is US $ 8.3 billion growing at
the rate of 7 %/annum. Global Data’s analysis suggests that the global pneumonia market was
worth $1.4 billion in 2009.
Venus has a long history of pioneering developments in the areas of intensive care. The
product Potentox was launched in the Indian market after completion all preclinical and
multicentric Phase III clinical trials on more than 300 patients after DCGI approval. After the
launch Post Marketing Phase IV studies were also conducted to re -establish the safety of drug.
The product has potential to reduce the toxicity caused by aminoglycosides and disease
condition. Venus launched Potentox in Indian market three years back. The product has
already been used by more than 50,000 patients across India and has proved to be a highly
effective for the patients. The company is also planning to launch pediatric version of this
medicine and has already applied with DCGI seeking permission to conduct Phase III multi
centric randomized pediatric clinical trials.
Company is on the verge of grant of patent of Potentox from other countries and is actively
pursuing talks for Exclusive Market licensing of Potentox in all those countries where patent of
the product has been granted.



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