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Summer Fun 2013
Frequently Asked Questions
VCS Building
7700 S. Lewis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74136
fax (918)499-4542
ELC Building
8408 S. Delaware
Tulsa, OK 74137
fax (918)298-8678
Registration Information
How do I register for Summer Fun?
Step 1: Email your completed application tFor your registration process to be completed, a $35 per student or a $50
family registration fee must be made. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and is required to reserve your space. Please do not fax applications.
Step 2:
The remaining registration fees and forms must be turned in before service is received.
What is the Summer Fun schedule?
What are the tentative Field Trips?
*The information listed below is tentative due to scheduling updates. Please always refer to your weekly newsletter in
Your email or at your building to provide the updated information of the weekly activities and field trips. ELC Building 4-6 yrs.
VCS Building 7-12 yrs.
How much does it cost?
Registration Fee: $35 per student or $50 per family (includes your SF t-shirt) Swimming Fee: $35 per student (only applies to 2nd-7th grade) 2 Children Weekly Rate: $266. Paid in advance. NO CARRY OVERS. NO REFUNDS.
Payment Policy: A weekly payment is required PRIOR to your child's attendance for the number of days attending that week.
You can drop off or mail a check payment to: VCS Summer Fun, 7700 South Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137 (918)491-7753
ELC Summer Fun, 8408 S. Delaware, Tulsa, OK 74137 (918)299-5616
Or cal 918-491-7764 to make a credit or debit payment. (When writing a check please include your phone number and child/children's name in the memo line to be accepted.) Arrival and Departure
What time is check-in and check-out?
Students should arrive between 7- 8:00 AM each day and check-out is from 3-6:00 PM each day. Due to each person’s schedule you are able to bring them when you need to; but if an off campus activity is present, you have to ride the bus to attend. Any students not present for bus departure wil fail to attend the event and stay on campus with a staff member. Supervision
Who is on staff during Summer Fun?
Summer Fun is staffed with a professional resident director, food service personnel, and trained counselors in CPR and First Aid. Special precautions are taken during water activities and certified lifeguards are on duty. Are students always supervised?
Yes – A counselor accompanies students and because we are a Oklahoma DHS regulated program we are at their standards of supervision ratio and regulations at al times. How do you pick your counselors?
Along with checking two personal references and doing a background check each applicant is careful y screened and hand-picked by the Summer Fun Director and VCS Elementary Principal: Debbie Larochel e. How are the students disciplined?
First time – warning. Second time – miss activity. Third time – sent to the Summer Fun Director. Continued disobedience may result in dismissal from Summer Fun. Medical Information
Which medications should my child bring to Summer Fun?
Prescription medications should be in the original bottle with only the amount needed for the length of stay at Summer Fun. All prescription bottles should come in a Ziploc bag with a completed Summer Fun Medication Label (from the form) attached to it. All inhalers, nasal sprays, and epipens must be in the prescription box with label and must NOT be expired. Over-the-counter medications brought to Summer Fun wil not be accepted at check-in. If an exception needs to be made for students taking Claritin, Zyrtec, Miralax, etc., please cal the Summer Fun office. No vitamins or herbs wil be accepted without a doctor’s note. Do you give kids pain reliever if needed?
Yes – The Program Director or Assistant Director is available in the office to dispense over-the-counter medication as needed. Does my child have to turn in their medicine even if he knows when to take it and how much?
Students are al owed to bring prescription medications, but these must be turned in to the office at check-in (this includes inhalers). Are feminine products available at Summer Fun?
Yes – The office has a supply of feminine products. How close is the nearest hospital?
Are you able to provide special dietary needs such as no sugar, no candy, nothing with red dye, no fried foods, gluten, etc.?
Yes – If the student is under the medical supervision by a doctor or al ergic reaction is known. To ensure special needs are met, please cal the office to inform the requirements. Can parents send special food to replace sweets?
Yes – if your child has dietary needs please feel free to include different snacks in with your child’s lunch. What is Vespers?
Vespers is essential y a PUMPED UP Chapel service. Ful of worship, games, dramas, and the word. How many times a day do you have Vespers?
We have Vespers on Monday and Friday. We wil be having smal groups Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. What denomination is Summer Fun?
Non-denominational (see for our ministry’s statement of faith) Activities
What specific activities will the students are doing?
Students wil be involved in a variety of activities including swimming (VCS only), basketbal , footbal , soccer, dodge bal , 4-square, obstacle courses, kickbal , scavenger hunts, crafts, making food, Victory Zone, and the field trips. What do the students do if it rains?
Play in the gym, the Victory Zone, watch movies, or in our new game room.
Spending Money

How much money does my student need to bring?
Students are asked not to bring money for snacks, drinks, or soda. Snacks are provided twice a day. If you would like to bring money when going on a field trip or for snacks at the snack shack when swimming please feel free to do so, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen money.
Cancellations and Refunds

Is the Registration fee ever refundable?
No – The $35/$50 registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are receiving the weekly discounted rate and miss a day during the week that you prepaid for, are you able to transfer
that day to the following week?
No – You are not able to transfer for the prepaid amount. Please only pay for what you are attending. Can students pay at check-in?
Yes – you can make a payment for the amount attending for that week when you arrive. Only cash or check at the check-in window. Daily Schedule
VCS Building:
Monday & Friday: VESPERS / On Campus

Tuesday & Thursday: Swimming (Forest Creek Pool)
Wednesday: Field Trip (you MUST wear your Summer Fun T-shirt to attend any Field Trip)

VESPERS, Smal Groups, or Field Trip (depends on the day) Contact Information
Where do I send my payments and applications?
To submit applications online visit: Download, fil out, and email application and approval form to [email protected]. Payments: Debit or credit: cal Maria Marshal at 918-491-7764 Cash or check: You can drop off or mail to: Victory Christian School Attention: Summer Fun 7700 South Lewis Ave. Tulsa OK, 74136 Can I email or call with other questions?
If you have any questions please cal 918-491-7753 or emai



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