Our Synod Partner: The Right Reverend James Tengatenga
Our synod partner this year is The Right Reverend James Tengatenga, from the Diocese of Southern Malawi. Bishop James has an impressive resume. He has studied in the U.S., England and Malawi, and was consecrated Bishop of Malawi in 1998. He has a Ph.D. in Church and State Relations from the University of Malawi, and has honorary degrees from Seminary of the Southwest (Austin, Texas) and General Theological Seminary (New York). Bishop James is an active participant on many committees, from the local level to the international, including the Malawi National AIDS Commission, the Malawi Council of Churches, the Pan-African Civic Educators’ Network, the Inter-Anglican Standing Committee on Ecumenical Relations, and the International Board of SOMA (Sharing Ministries Abroad). He also serves as the Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council. The Anglican Consultative Council meets approximately every three years, and is comprised of bishops, clergy and lay people from each of the Communion’s 38 provinces. The ACC works to coordinate communication and action between the churches in the Communion. Bishop James has written two books, “Church, State and Society in Malawi: An Analysis of Anglican Ecclesiology” and “The UMCA in Malawi: A History of the Anglican Church 1861-2010.” He is married to Jocelyn, and together they have parented nine children. The diocese of Southern Malawi is located in the south east quadrant of the continent, sharing borders with Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. Its history references some familiar names: the first Anglican missionary to arrive in Malawi was Bishop Charles Frederick Mackenzie, who travelled with David Livingstone in 1861 as part of the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa. Today there is an international school named after Bishop Mackenzie in the capital of Malawi (Lilongwe). The population of Malawi is approximately 15 million. The diocese is comprised of six archdeaconries, with 25 parishes. Their mission statement is: To serve and help develop people holistically through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. To work for justice, peace and equality, in partnership with Government and other stakeholders through advocacy and community service. At their last synod, the diocese released a powerful statement, calling for politicians to be people of “nerve and principle” and to “do their electioneering as though they are doing it for Christ.” They also urged all people of Malawi to take up the responsibility to work together on the challenges facing their country: “Instead of finger pointing, let us dig into the recesses of our minds and bring out our God-given knowledge and skills and find the answer. In addition it would be prudent for the government to heed the cry of the people over what they perceive to be its tendency to over-expend on the budget.” In addition, the synod made strong statements against gender-based violence, and restated the importance of the fight against HIV and AIDS. The Diocese of Southern Malawi has a substantial list of development projects. They partner with the Environmental Health Department to advocate on issues such as reducing the rates of malaria and HIV/AIDS, particularly focusing on life skills, knowledge and empowerment among the vulnerable youth. The Diocese participates in the Nets-For-Life campaign to reduce the spread of malaria, with help from volunteers throughout the diocese. They are also involved in conservation farming, literacy programs, leadership development, community advocacy and palliative care. The Mother’s Union is a strong presence in Southern Malawi, and works with the St. Agnes Guild Programme to focus on spiritual development in combination with life and business skills for its members. Bishop James will be preaching at the Friday Eucharist (May 24, 9:00 am), and he will also be addressing members of synod throughout the two days.


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