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December 19, 2012
11:30-1:00 p.m.
Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) (UCT 1560)

Attendees: Joan Hernandez-McClain, Ana Neumann, Janet Peri, Jing Wang, Allegra Johnson,
Mandy Kaplon, Jenna Taylor and Michele Stanton.
Absences: Amy Franklin, Hope Moser, Wanda Clemons, Kathy Rodgers, Samoan Johnson, Karen

I. Welcome & Call to Order

Ms. Joan Hernandez-McClain, 2012-2013 Chair, called the meeting to order at 11:36 a.m. It was
noted that a title correction for Dr. Jing Wang on page 2 of the October 2012 minutes needed
correction. A motion was made to approve the October 2012 minutes with the noted title correction.
The motion was seconded and approved. October 17, 2012 minutes were approved with
The CSW Chair pointed out that Ms. Kathy Rodgers, CSW Ex-Officio and administrative support is
unable to attend the CSW meetings on the third Wednesday of the month due to other professional
commitments. A doodle survey will be used to communicate with committee members to find an
alternative date and time for future meetings.
She also mentioned that Ms. Jennifer Smith from Human Resources is no longer an employee at
UTHealth, therefore the HR position will need to be replaced on the CSW.
Professional Development Subcommittee
The first draft of the proposed Professional Development Survey was sent to CSW members and a conversation started on the type of software to be used and when to implement it. • A possible tentative date to send the first email for the Professional Development Survey • It was mentioned that time is needed to understand and test the software. • Discussion on how the email should address both men and women to respond to the survey and for this instrument to be inclusive of all UTHealth employees. Conversation continued on how to have good response to the survey email. • It was suggested that minor editing on the text was needed to make it more concise and • It was also proposed to have a breakdown on the paragraphs and a more concise general Action Item: Dr. Wang will send out the revised survey text for one more review by the CSW Committee. The Professional Development Subcommittee will determine the type of software to be used and tested for the survey. The CSW Chair will submit the survey to the EVPARA office for approval prior to the survey being distributed to the UTHealth community. Awards Subcommittee
Ms. Kaplon asked about the action plan of the Awards.Subcommittee • The CSW Chair reported that a letter was sent to the UTHealth President to request the continued support funding in the amount of $8,000.00 for the Distinguished Professional Woman Award Reception. • Ms. Kaplon continued and inquired about the process of selecting the recipient of the Action Item:
Ms. Kaplon will get with the EVPARA office contact to discuss the past selection process for the
DPW award and then get with the Awards subcommittee to discuss possible revisions to the
process and a timeline.
IV. Outreach Activity
Outreach Activity Chair was not present on the meeting, so the CSW Chair commented that the
Fall clothing drive was not planned and something will be organized in January 2013. A cover story
will be done once more detailed information is available for the clothes drive.
Action Item:
The Outreach Chair will present the clothing drive information at the January meeting.
It was noted by several committee members that they were unsure about which committee they
had been assigned. The CSW Chair stated that an email went out listing the assignments, but she
will have the assignments sent out again since there are a few new members.
Next Meeting:
A doodle survey will be sent out for a possible modification on the current Wednesday noon time
scheduled meeting.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and was seconded. The meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.


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