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Date of Birth:

It is very important to complete ALL sections. This form will help you prepare for the initial
assessment as trying to remember past episodes and treatments during the actual interview
can be difficult. In turn, it helps me understand your illness as the medical chart is not enough.
If necessary, your Counsellor is available to help you complete the form.

1) Your expectations from the initial assessment / future meetings with Psychiatrist Dr. Bhargava.
2) This is an opportunity to describe your history in your own words, rather than a medical chart
describing you. Please note page 3 lists some of the more common medications.

Psychiatric diagnoses. (e.g. panic disorder, alcohol dependence):
When did the current episode start:
Were there any situational stressors?
Describe your current illness.

Describe how the illness has affected your ability to function at home and at your job.

Manoj Bhargava, MD Version 2.010 (Oct/10) Year of the very first episode (even if undiagnosed):
Describe the original episode. Have they changed over the years?

Description of the various episodes over the years. Including approximate dates, even if too
many to count. Were they associates with situational stressor?

3) Over your lifetime, who has provided you treatment for mental illness - (e.g. Family Physician,
Social Worker, Psychiatrist). How long, and type of therapy (medication, counselling, or both).

4) What has worked, and what has not?

Worked: Definitely not worked: Manoj Bhargava, MD Version 2.010 (Oct/10) 5) It is VITAL we review past medical treatment, to avoid repeating past failures and ensure
beneficial options are not discarded. Your pharmacy can provide a record of all past
medications. Please bring a copy from ALL your past pharmacies. On the last page is a letter
to give to the pharmacist. Note, I am requesting prescription history, not payment history.

Manoj Bhargava, MD Version 2.010 (Oct/10) 6) Have you ever made a suicide attempt or other self-mutilative behaviour in the past? Please
list approximate date, method, circumstance, and if you sought / received follow-up treatment.

Date (M/Y)
7) Please list ALL physical illnesses (e.g. hypertension, diabetic, seizure etc).
8) Please describe all past hospitalizations.
9) Present medications regimen (including non-psychiatric and over the counter).
Medication Allergies: Yes / No Please list Pharmacy and Location: Medication Describe Alternative medication and treatment used in the past: Manoj Bhargava, MD Version 2.010 (Oct/10) 10) Substance Use, and Addictions (including Gambling).
Drug of choice (including alcohol): Gambling History Addiction Counselling / Groups Where Dates where your have maintained sobriety from everything: Does your partner use? Yes / No What? 11) Family history of mental illness, suicide attempts, and alcohol / illicit drug abuse. What
medications have they found helpful.

Family Member
Mental Illness /suicide / alcohol / drugs 12) Social History.

Completed High School? Yes / No Special-Ed classes? Yes / No Any behavioural difficulties in school? Yes / No Please describe Repeated grades? Yes / No. Which University Community College Brothers / sister, and their age: Children, and their age: Manoj Bhargava, MD Version 2.010 (Oct/10) Describe your childhood and adolescence (relationship with parents/ brothers, sister/ friends) and difficulties in your early years: Present relationship with friends / family: Main source of emotional support. Describe your personality and any changes over the years: 13) Past and present significant relationships (boyfriends, marriage, divorce, common-law).
14) Employment history including approximate dates. Were you ever fired?
15) Past legal problems and dates (including driving while intoxicated).

Manoj Bhargava, MD Version 2.010 (Oct/10)
Please give your pharmacist the following letter.
Dear Pharmacist,
Please provide to your patient a copy of their psychotropic prescription history (not payment
history) in a chronological order as far back as possible, so that I have an accurate history of past
medication trials.
Thank you.
M. Bhargava, MD
Bring all paperwork, prescription history, etc. along with this document to your appointment.
If you do not show for your appointment and have not followed the cancelation policy, you will be
charged a no show fee.

If you cannot make your appointment please contact the Student Health Centre 24 hours in advance to
, by emailing [email protected]. This allows us to utilize the Specialists time to see another patient.
Student Health Centre (Feb/11)
Manoj Bhargava, MD Version 2.010 (Oct/10)


Performance (notes)

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14-16 maggio 2009 Sede del corso : Centro di Diagnosi, Cura e Riabilitazione dell’Asma Infantile Istituto Pio XII° Via Monte Piana, 4 Misurina (BL) Giovedì 14:30-15:30 Consegna del materiale, introduzione e metodologia del corso 15:30-16.00 Pretest 16:00-17:30 Lettura magistrale live event Infezioni e asma F. Bernardi 17:30-18:15 Discussione 18:15-19:00 Drug Delive

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