Sea-sickness, a guide to wellness
Sea-sickness is caused by conflicting motion signals to the brain. The symptoms can take the
form of drowsiness, lightheadedness, cold sweating, nausea and general unease.
The most effective action against sea-sickness is prevention rather than cure. There are a lotof things that can be done to minimize the risk of ever getting sick, and here is a compilationof some of them: Prevention
 Hope for relatively calm seas the first few days, this will give your body time to adapt to the movement of the vessel, much like an inoculation.
 Try to be well rested before heading out to sea, fatigue will make your body and mind less able to adapt to the new circumstances.
 Be well hydrated before heading out and stay hydrated during the whole journey – but don't overdo it. Some recommended liquids are: water, tea, soups, juice, soda, non-alcoholic beer, isotonic drinks (Gatorade, Powerade etc.).
 Do not overindulge in fatty and/or salty foods before heading out, or during travel. Eat light and with precaution, especial y during the first few days and in anticipation ofrough seas.  Rinse out your ears before heading out, especially if you're suffering from earwax. This will al ow unobstructed movement of the inner-ear fluid, making you better atcompensating for external movement.  Stand up when working every now and then, try and keep the horizon or other distant fixed objects in sight. Get regular breaths of fresh air e.g. by taking strolls out on deck.
 If possible, position yourself close to the center of the vessel, as this is where the  The following medications and remedies can be used preemptively:  Meclozine (Postafen, Bonine, Dramamine less drowsy etc.).
 Cyclizine (Marzine, Marezine, Bonine Kids etc.).
 Promethazine (Avomine, Lergigan, Phenergan etc.).
 Dimenhydrinate (Calma, Dramamine etc.).
 Scopolamine a.k.a. Hyoscine (Scopoderm, Kwel s etc.).
 Metoclopramide (Primperan, Reglan, 10mg in pill form).
 Acupuncture wristband (Sea-band etc.).  Ginger (snacks, tea, capsules).
 Peppermint (snacks, tea).
 Bismuth-Subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol).
If you're beginning to feel sick, or if you're already sick, there are still a few things that you cando:  Take it easy, rest, get some fresh air and try to get comfortable.
 Try to calm your stomach by using one of the fol owing remedies: peppermint, ginger,  Nibble on some plain, unsalted crackers, if you feel it is possible.
 Changing course of the vessel may alter the pattern of motion for the better.
 Soak your feet in icy-cold water (supposedly alleviates nausea).
 Perform mindless tasks to take your mind off the immediate situation; e.g. by sorting through scrambled kitchen utensils, or by folding laundry into stacks.  When your previous medication (if any) is beginning to wear off, it's time to focus the effort. All previously mentioned medication will to some extent work to cure sea-sickness, but there are three among them in particular that may be more effective:  Promethazine (Trusted and widely used treatment of motion-sickness. Take 25mg as soon as symptoms arrive, and once more before bedtime. In someplaces available as a suppository or by injection).
 Scopolamine (A potent substance that works differently from most other antiemetic drugs. Available as medical patches. Warning: Not recommended tobe used within 12 h of taking Meclozine or Cyclizine).  Metoclopramide (20mg suppository affecting gastric-motility and relieving Continue to hydrate and try to get nutrients wherever possible.
Finally, remember that motion-sickness always subsides eventually, even if it may take a fewdays.
Have a nice trip!

Source: http://terotexo.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/guide.pdf

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