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Description & Applications
Choosing the right grease

The correct choice of grease is a critical feature in cost effective lubrication.
Here is a set of useful recommendations for common grease applications to
guide your choice.

Ball Joints

It is preferable to grease more frequently rather than rely on so-called factory-
filled long or extended life greases. Use a No. 2 lithium or lithium complex
grease such a CASTROL EPL2, APX T, LMM or SBX 2 GREASE. All will
permit extended service intervals should they be required.

Wheel Bearings

The wide use of disc brakes calls for greases with greater resistance to bleed,
particularly in heavier vehicles and under racing conditions. For such
applications we recommend CASTROL HTB GREASE GREASE (bentone
based) or CASTROL APX T GREASE (Lithium complex) which can be used
at working temperatures above 1750C.
For frequency of repacking wheel bearings, refer to the motor manufacturer's
recommendations. Note that the style of driving, wheel balance and different
road surfaces can have a significant effect on the life of the grease. Do not
mix greases (see page 2).

Universal Joints

The design of these vary, as does the lubricant and method of application.
We recommend CASTROL EPL2 or APX T GREASE (Lithium Complex) for
best results.
B1158/93/4 replaces B744/90/Ind8
Bulk Item Code – 016311 – LM Grease
Bulk Item Code – 016329 – LMM Grease

Bulk Item Code – 060129 – EPL Grease
Level 6, 636 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004 Bulk Item Code – 060194 – BMX2 Grease
Technical Advice Line 1300 557 998 Bulk Item Code – 107787 – XTG Grease
Bulk Item Code – 016386 – HTB Grease


is generally applicable to all types, EXCEPT those
with rubber bushes and those which do not require lubrication. Where
shackles are subjected to severe vibration such as rough roads, use

Steering Boxes

Follow manufacturer recommendations. If the steering box is grease
lubricated use CASTROL EPL0 or SL HEAVY GREASE.

Starters, Generators and Distributors
Follow manufacturer recommendations as bearings are often packed for life with
a specialty grease. If repacking is required we recommend CASTROL EPL2 or

Brakes and Clutch Hydraulic Mechanisms
These systems generally employ rubber washers and o-rings. As even small
quantities of mineral oil on rubber can cause deterioration, do not use a
conventional mineral oil based grease. If metal components periodically in
contact with fluid require a lubricant, use only a grease specially designed for
these components, such as CASTROL GRR (B) GREASE.

boat trailer bearings. Owners must recognise that the entry of water into
bearings causes rust and wear. We recommend cleaning and packing of
bearings at least every 6 months.

High Impact Surfaces
The pivot pins used, for example on the bucket control arms of front end loaders
are subject to high shock load conditions. To prevent excessive wear we
recommend CASTROL SBX2 or BMX2 GREASE.

Constant Velocity Joints

Constant velocity joints are usually used on front wheel drive cars, some 4 wheel
drives and rear wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension. Our prime
recommendation for constant velocity joints is CASTROL SBX2, CASTROL
and AGRI BORTAX may also be used. Virtually all
manufacturers recommend grease containing solid lubricants CASTROL SBX 2
offers the best combination of adhesiveness, base oil viscosity, melting point,
extreme pressure and antiwear additives.
When repacking bearings, completely remove all old grease and wash the bearings in solvent and air dry before applying a new grease. NEVER mix grease of different types as they can react physically, lose their structure and not lubricate effectively. Product Description & Application
Lithium Soap Base
: A multipurpose high
melting point, water resistant grease suitable for all automotive, agricultural, marine and industrial applications specifying and NLGI #2 consistency CASTROL AP3 GREASE: A universal type
medium consistency grease containing oxidation and corrosion inhibitors used mainly for ball and roller bearings operating at high temperatures. Recommended for wheel bearings fitted to boat CASTROL EPL GREASES: A range of
displaying both high melting point and water resistant characteristics
Suitable for many grease applications and
temperature conditions where unfortified lithium CASTROL LMM GREASE: A special high
temperature heavy duty grease containing
extreme pressure additives and molybdenum
Particularly suited when antiseize properties are
required and residual dry film lubrication characteristics are required. Moly content is 3% CASTROL CPX GREASE: Recommended for
spindle lubrication of cotton and corn pickers where grease lubrication is required. It is fortified with corrosion inhibitors and antiwear agents for improved protection of lubricated Calcium Soap Base
CASTROL WR GREASE: A general purpose
application. The water resistant properties enable CASTROL WR GREASE to be used in
underwater applications such as stern tube glands. Suitable for ball and roller bearings CASTROL TCX GREASE: Used for general
lubrication of track roller mechanisms where an Product Description & Application
CASTROL PH GREASE: Used for auto body
hardware, including door catches, boot and Complex Base Greases
CASTROL FN (EP) GREASE: A fine white
grease for food processing and packaging plants. It has a high melting point with water resistance and EP properties for difficult applications. Has DPI “A” rating. It shows outstanding water and steam resistance and is the preferred product for the wettest and most critical applications. LITHIUM COMPLEX
T grease yields a drop point of 2600C minimum which is higher than conventional lithium greases of around 175-1800C. CASTROL APX T grease
also offers improved performance and low operating temperatures down to -350C compared to conventional lithium greases which are normally only suitable down to 00C.
The chemical composition of complex soap type
greases such as CASTROL APX T, provides
improved oxidation stability and base oil retention,
compared to conventional lithium type greases.
These properties are of particular benefit in high
speed tapered bearing applications and in
applications where parts are placed into long term
y Abattoirs, food processing, freezer plants, food packaging where CASTROL APX T does not
come in direct contact with food.
y Vehicle greasing including wheel bearings of y Plant and equipment operating in extremes of CASTROL SBX 2 GREASE: A smooth lithium
complex grease of a No.2 consistency. The product contains solids in the form of graphite and molybdenum disulphide and is primarily designed to meet the SKF requirements for sugar mill roller Product Description & Application
The product has a unique make-up of an
extreme pressure additive, solid lubricants and
an effective corrosion inhibitor blended into a
high viscosity base oil. This makes it highly
suitable for low speed bearing applications and
some open gear applications.
The product is capable of operating up to 2300C
and has a load carrying capacity exceeding 800kg under the 4 Ball Weld Load test. CASTROL XTG 1 GREASE: A smooth, black,
consistency, with excellent load carrying ability specifically for the lubrication of open gears and Non-Soap Base Greases
packing rubber dustcovers of hydraulic and mechanical brakes. (Approved by Girling for general purpose non-injurious grease for CASTROL HTB GREASE: A bentone clay
based grease particularly suitable for very high CASTROL BMX 2 GREASE: A heavy duty,
water resistant, high temperature, extreme pressure bentone based grease, containing graphite and molybdenum disulphide. It has been specifically formulated for lubricating plant, wheel and pivot bearings over a wide CASTROL BMX 2 offers the benefits of a wide
operating temperature range, extreme temperature operation - short term protection up to 6000C, anti-wear/anti-seize properties, corrosion and water resistance. CASTROL LYT GREASE: A high operating
temperature grease containing a range of solid lubricants which provide excellent anti-seize properties. Product Description & Application
Provides good resistance to the washing effect of water which renders the product suitable as a drill rod grease for sealing threads on drill stems. Other recommended mining applications for CASTROL
LYT GREASE include lubrication of bits and couplings,
providing adequate protection between mating surfaces at temperatures up to 2600C. Other industrial applications include the general purpose lubrication of threads and slideways under harsh outdoor conditions.
Other Non-Soap Greases

GREASE: Contain a polymer thickening agent with mild
EP, anti-oxidant and self-levelling properties. Designed for automatic lubrication systems where grease is under continuous pressure and soap separation may occur with Semi Fluid conventional greases. Recommended for low speed CASTROL SNOW WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY: A
general purpose petroleum jelly with applications such as impregnation of packaging materials, metal protection and lubrication of machinery used in the food, pharmaceutical and confectionery industries. CAUTION:
All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is accurate as of the date of printing. However, such information may, nevertheless, be affected by changes in the blend formulation occurring subsequent to the date of printing. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Castrol Industrial North America Inc. products. The MSDS must be consulted for appropriate information regarding storage, safe handling and disposal of a product. 7-Dec-053:16:19 PM7-Dec-053:16:13 PM Deleted: 31-May-051:21:24 PM31-
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