Rhinoplasty post-operative instructions

Facelift Post-Operative Instructions
• After surgery you will have a turban-like dressing. This is removed the day after surgery.
• Your bruising and swelling will peak at 48-72 hours. Keep your head and shoulders elevated at 45°
or greater by using two pillows for ten days. You may put a pillow under your knees to ease pressure on your back. You may also use a recliner. Please stay on your back. • Apply cold compresses to face and neck 20-30 minutes per hour while awake for three days after surgery. Begin after your dressing is removed. • Cleanse the incisions with 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted 50/50 with water and cotton buds.
• Apply ointment to the incisions four times daily. White petrolatum ointment is on the shopping list.
• You will be given a chin sling for support after your dressing is removed. Wear this constantly for
one week, 24/7 then at night for two weeks. You may remove to shower. • You may shower the day after surgery and gently wash your hair. Postpone any hair coloring for • Begin with a liquid to soft bland diet. Avoid foods that are hard to chew. Drink 6-8 glasses of water or juice daily to prevent dehydration. Your pain medication can be constipating. You may use an over-the-counter stool softener if necessary. Avoid strenuous activity for 14 days. No aerobic exercise, heavy lifting, bending or straining for 14
days. Avoid excessive face and neck motions. Turn your head, neck and shoulders as one unit for
one week. Do not drive for one week.
• For 24 hours after anesthesia DO NOT:
*Drink alcoholic beverages
*Travel by public conveyance without the presence of an adult
*Drive or operate complex machinery
*Sign legal documents or make important decisions
• Avoid the sun for one month. Wear a sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.
HERBAL MEDICATIONS as these medications can cause bleeding.
• Call the office if you have severe pain or swelling, particularly if much greater on one side than the other or if you have a temperature of 38°C or greater. • Post Operative visits: You will be seen the first day after surgery to remove the dressing. Sutures in front of the ear and under the chin are removed day 5-7. Remaining sutures and staples are
removed day 9-10. There are absorbable sutures behind the ear. Make-up may be worn
beginning day 7 using caution not to use make-up over the incisions.



Follow directions on all discharge medications. DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL OR DRIVE

If you are experiencing any significant discomfort, please call the rooms or the hospital

in which you had your operation.

Source: http://www.sydneyfacialplastics.com.au/pdf/Facelift-Post-Op-Instructions.pdf


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