Data sheet db gb ib il 24 pwr in/2-f-d (-pac)


Inline Power Terminal
With Fuse and Diagnostics

The IB IL 24 PWR IN/2-F-D and IB IL 24 PWR IN/2-F-D-PAC only The terminal is designed for use within an Inline The terminal supplies 24 V supply voltage to the main circuit (UM) and automatically provides the 24 V supply voltage to the segment circuit (US).
The terminal has protection against polarity The internal fuse protects the main and segment association with the "Configuring and This terminal has an LED for bus diagnostics and occupies two input data bits, which are used to indicate the presence of the supply voltage and Features
Main and segment circuit protected by an internal fuse IB IL 24 PWR IN/2-F-D (-PAC)
Local LED Diagnostic Indicators
Des. Color
Green Bus diagnostics
Communications power is present, supply voltage UM is not present IB IL 24 PWR IN/2-F-D with appropriate connector If the supply voltage UM is not present and the fuse is missing or has blown, Function Identification
higher-level control or computer system.
A blown or missing fuse is indicated by both LED diagnostic indicators. The red LED E lights up and the green LED D flashes at 2 Hz.
IB IL 24 PWR IN/2-F-D (-PAC)
Terminal Assignment
Measuring points for the segment circuit US Supply points for the main circuit UM (+24 V) These terminal points are connected with each other and with the potential jumper of the main supply UM via the fuse. The potential jumpers of the main circuit UM and the segment circuit US (both protected) have a combined current carrying capacity of 6.3 A.
Ground contact (GND) for main and segment circuit The reference potential is directly routed to the potential jumper and is, at the same time, ground reference for the main and segment voltage.
The contacts are directly connected with the potential jumper and the FE spring on the bottom of the housing. The terminal is grounded when it is snapped onto a grounded DIN rail.
Terminal points 1.2 and 1.3 are connected with a capacitor to FE.
Observe the current carrying capacity
The maximum total current flowing through the potential jumpers must not exceed 6.3 A.
IB IL 24 PWR IN/2-F-D (-PAC)
Technical Data
General Data
Housing dimensions (width x height x depth) 12.2 mm x 120 mm x 71.5 mm (0.480 x 4.724 x 2.815 in.) Permissible temperature (storage/transport) In the range from -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +131°F) appropriate measures against increased humidity (> 85%) must be taken.
For a short period, slight condensation may appear on the outside of the housing if, for example, the terminal is brought into a closed room from a vehicle.
80 kPa to 106 kPa(up to 2000 m [6562 ft.] above sea level) Permissible air pressure (storage/transport) 70 kPa to 106 kPa (up to 3000 m [9843 ft.] above sea level) Interface
Power Consumption
IB IL 24 PWR IN/2-F-D (-PAC)
Supply of the Module Electronics Through the Bus Terminal (UL)
Connection method
24 V I/O Supply (Main Circuit UM)
Connection +24
The power terminal must be supplied from a new power supply unit to provide electrical isolation. Protect the 24 V area with an external fuse.
The power supply unit must be able to supply 4 times (400%) the nominal current of the external fuse.
Permissible Total Current in the Potential Jumpers of the Main and Segment Circuit/
Nominal Current of the Terminal

Permissible total current in the potential jumpers 6.3 A The terminal is supplied with a 6.3 A slow-blow fuse. With an increased total current in the potential jumpers UM and US the user must protect the circuit by using higher rated fuses. Please note the information for the selection of fuses given


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