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LIMITED TENDER/SPECIAL LIMITED TENDER/SINGLE TENDER Medical Brach, Secunderabad-500 071 Dt: 24.05.2012 Sub: Tender for the Supply of Medical Stores. Director/South Central Railway, Secunderabad-500 071, A.P from registered pharmaceutical manufacturing companies/ firms with South Central and they should be deposited in the tender box kept in the said office on or before 13.00 Hrs. on the date 14.06.2012 for the supply of medical stores as per schedule and the tenders will be opened on the same day at 14.00 Hrs. 2. The tender should be duly filled in (in the enclosed Offer Form and Tender Schedule), duly signed at relevant places and submitted in a sealed cover addressed to The Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad-500071 super scribed with the following words:- "Tender No.L-1178/2011-2012 dated 24.05.2012 due date of opening 14.06.2012 Opening time 14:00 hrs ". 3. The tender number and due date of opening should invariably be typed/written on the cover in block letters. No tender will be considered without this endorsement. 4. Tenderer should quote only on the Tender Format specifically 5. The Tenderers should avoid over writings and corrections. However if such corrections and over writings become inescapable, these are to be properly and legibly corrected. Offers with correction/ over writing should be properly attested by the Tenderer at every correction. 6. The rates quoted should be written both in words and figures. The unit of rates should be in metric system and as per tendered specification/schedule. In case of difference between words and figures, the rate in words will prevail. However this does not preclude the Railways for availing themselves of the lower rates of the two. 7. The rate quoted must remain valid upto 120 days from the 8. The tenderer should dispatch goods by way of free delivery /F.O.R destination to all consignees over stations of South Central Railway. The goods referred to are required to be dispatched to any station (Hospital or Health Unit) on the South Central Railway in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. 9. Late Tenders: Late and delayed tenders will not be Railway for the particular product under procurement are eligible for participation in the limited tender. Eligibility to participate in the limited tender may be ascertained from Chief Medical Director's Office, South Central Railway, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad before submitting quotations. Onus for such clarification lies entirely on the bidder and the decision of Chief Medical Director in such matter will be final. 11. Quotations/ Offers received from un-registered firm will not be responsible for any dispute arising thereon. 12. Name of the authorized distributor/stockiest along with phone numbers may be indicated who will execute the order in different areas of South Central Railway. 13. The company/firm participating in the tender for the drug under procurement shall give an undertaking (a) to abide by all terms and conditions of the tender (b) rate quoted by them are not higher than the rate quoted to other Zonal Railways and the same are the lowest applicable rates for supply to Government Hospitals/Institutions & (c) availability of the product in the local market with same brand name for retail sale (Certificate No.1). 14. A format of Certificate is enclosed. All tenders should be accompanied with above mentioned duly signed certificates failing which tenders may not be considered. 15. The company/firm participating in the tender for the drug under procurement, if quoting for drug which is not manufactured by itself will declare the name of the manufacturing company/its status/relationship with the registered company. 16. All Quotations are to be submitted along with free sample (NOT TO BE RETURNED). Quotations without samples are not liable to be considered. Samples should be fixed with a label showing (a) Name and address of the firm (b) Tender No. & date and (c) opening date of tender. 17. The Chief Medical Director reserves to himself the right to accept or not to accept the tender without assigning any reason for doing so, if the product quoted by the registered company has not been manufactured within their own factory premises but manufactured by other company/firm under technical guidance/collaboration. 18. The origin of stores offered whether Indian or foreign and in the case of the former the state in which it is manufactured should be clearly stated against each article. 19. The name, make and country of manufacturer should be 20. Tenderer should specify composition of the product. 21. The Chief Medical Director is neither bound to accept the lowest or any tender nor to assign any reason for not doing so and reserves to himself the right to accept the tender in respect of all or part of the item specified in the tender. 22. The Chief Medical Director shall be entitled at any time within one year of P.O to increase or decrease the tendered /ordered quantity by 30% at the same price, terms and conditions as stipulated in the contract and the tenderer shall be required to supply at the rate quoted which must be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuing of the Purchase Order. 23. Wherever necessary by the purchaser, the quantity to be ordered can be split by the purchaser amongst two or more sources for ensuring better availability of material keeping in view the vital/critical nature of item, quantity to be procured, delivery requirements, and capacity of the firms and past performance of the firms. 24. The contractor shall be bound to supply the quantities so ordered accordingly to the delivery schedule advised by the Chief Medical Director and the Firm/Tenderer should accept/supply part orders of space occupying /bulk items like cotton, CAPD fluids etc as per demand of the consignee. 25. In the event of an order being placed with you against this tender and if you fail to replace any stores rejected by the Chief Medical Director or any person on his behalf with in three months from the date of receipt of rejection of stores, the Chief Medical Director shall be entitled to purchase such stores from any other source and at such price at the discretion of the Chief Medical Director and if such price shall exceed the rate quoted by you, you shall be responsible to pay the difference between the price at which such stores have been purchased by the Chief Medical Director and the rate quoted by you. 26. No extension of delivery date will be ordinarily granted. However, if there are any special reasons for extension of delivery date, request for such extension should be received in this Office one week in advance of the original date of delivery. Supplies made after the original delivery date without prior approval of this Office, are liable to be rejected. 27. In case of non delivery and for delayed delivery against on order placed with you, the Railway Administration reserves itself the right to impose such penalty as it thinks fit subject to the Para 0702(a) of the Indian Railway Standard Conditions of the Contract for stores. 28. Firms convicted of an offence under the Dangerous Drugs Act, or any other drugs act will not be considered and their registration will be cancelled. 29. The material supplied by successful tenderer shall be of standard quality as defined under Drugs Act, 1940 and the rules there under and in case any product is found to be not of standard quality on sample analysis, the entire sub-standard batch will be required to be replaced by the firm at their cost. Failing to do so will be considered as breach of the contract and it will be open to the Railway Administration to take suitable legal or any other action as deemed 30. Drugs/products of human origin such as Immunoglobulin, Human Albumin should have a certification stating free from HIV, Hepatitis 'B', Hepatitis "C”. 31. All goods supplied will be subject to inspection by the consignee or his representative and the same will be subjected to drug analysis at any time. The drug analysis costs will be borne by the respective firms, if the item on analysis is found to be not conforming to standards. How ever, if the same is found satisfactory on analysis, the cost should not be borne by the firm but by the Railway administration. 32. Sales tax and other taxes where leviable and intended to be claimed from the purchaser in addition to the rates quoted should be shown separately and should not be included in the rate, failing which the quotation is liable for rejection. Tax %age should be indicated for Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra separately. In the case of Sales Tax where this is not done no claim for such taxes will be admitted at the later stage and on any grounds. 33. The successful tenderer should only supply medicines in strips/ packet/ bottles with printing of “Indian Railways’-Not for sale” and preferably with their holograms on their products/ 34. Stores should be delivered in good form with all labels of packing container and all inner as well as outer cartons, wrappers etc., should be marked in bold letters with words “SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY” with indelible ink preferably with “RED INK”. 35. The medicines / drugs should have a reasonable shelf life. The supplier should supply recently manufactured stocks only. The material should not have been manufactured more than six months ago on the date of supply to the consignee. 36. The performance of the your firm/ tenderer will be taken into account based on (i) Product Performance,(ii) Drug Analysis reports, (iii) Response to tender enquiries, (iv) Proper tendering process followed or not (v) Supply of medicines with in time frame or not (vi) Full quantity supplied as per order or not (vii) Replacement of rejected stores &(viii) In case non-replacement of rejected stores supplied by the firm payment of the difference between the price at which stores purchased and at the rate quoted in the contract for supply of stores. 37. Failure of fulfilling any one of the conditions referred to in para (36) above will be considered as breach of the contract and it will be open to the Railway Administration to black-list the firm for future tender enquiries. TENDER MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THIS FORMAT ONLY HYDROQUINONE 2 PERCENT MOMENTASONE FUROATE 0.1 PERCENT TRETINOIN 0.025 PERCENT CREAM /Pks/Nos/Sets/Pairs (Delete whichever is not applicable) Composition of the brand/Size of the item indicate whether relevant documents are enclosed or not. YES/NO. Indicate whether the brand offered is the Mode of supply F.O.R./Freight etc. (Delete whichever is inapplicable.) Validity of offer up to 30/60/90/120 days Advise Whether Certificate 1 is enclosed All the contents of this site are only for general information or use. They do not constitute advice and should not be relied upon the making / or refraining from making any decision. Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway hereby excludes any warranty, express or implied, as to the quality, accuracy, timelines, completeness, performance, fitness for a particular purpose of the site or any of its contents, including (but not limited) to any financial tools contained within the site. Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway will not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business projects, or loss of profits) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or inability to use the site, or any of its contents, or from any action taken (or refrained from being taken) as a result of using the site or any such contents. Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway, makes no warranty that the contents of the site are free from infection by viruses or anything else which has contaminating or destructive properties. Certain links on the site lead to resources located on servers maintained by third parties over whom Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway, has no control. Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway accepts no responsibility or liability for any of the material contained on those servers. CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENT We reserve the right to add to or change the terms of this Agreement. Any changes will be posted and it is your responsibility as a user to refer to the terms on accessing this service. Changes could be made by us after the first posting to the site and you will be deemed to have accepted any change if you continue to access the site after that time. MATERIAL SUBMITTED BY USERS Certain elements of the site will contain material submitted by users. Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway accepts no responsibility for the content or accuracy of such material. FORCE MAJEURE Chief Medical Director, South Central Railway shall have no liability to you for any interruption or delay in access to the site irrespective of the cause. INDIAN LAW Indian Law will govern the Agreement. The Indian courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising under this agreement. M/s.________________________________________________________________ hereby certify that after going through all the terms and conditions of the tenders of South Central Railway, (a) that we agree to all the terms & conditions and in case of any deviation mentioned in the quotation, terms and conditions of South Central Railway will be enforced and made applicable (b) that rate quoted in response to Limited Tender Enquiry No.___________________________________________________dated___________ Due on____________________ is not higher than the rate quoted for supply of above drug to other Zonal Railways and the same are the lowest applicable rates for supply to Government Hospitals/Institutions and (c) that the brand name referred in to above tender enquiry is available in the local market with same brand name for retail sale.


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