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Panax ginseng tincture 1:3 45% ethanol
1. General Information
Rutland Biodynamics Ltd, Town Park Farm, Brooke, Rutland, LE15 8DG. Emergency Telephone: +44 (0) 1572 757440 2. Composition/Ingredients
Chemical description:
An aqueous ethanolic extraction of herbal material Ingredients:
3. Hazards identification
4. First aid measures

Flush eyes with plenty of water for 5 minutes while lifting eyelids. If discomfort persists, seek medical attention and continue to rinse Remove contaminated clothing. Wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water. If discomfort persists obtain medical attention.
DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. In case of spontaneous vomiting, ensure vomit can drain freely to prevent danger of suffocation. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. When conscious, rinse mouth with 500ml water. If there is difficulty in breathing, give oxygen. If breathing stops or shows signs of failing, apply artificial respiration. Obtain medical attention should symptoms persist.
Move person into fresh air. If recovery not rapid, seek medical attention.
5. Fire-fighting measures
Extinguishing Media:
Alcohol resistant foam, Water spray. Carbon dioxide (CO2), Dry chemicals etc. Keep containers and
surroundings cool with water spray.
Hazardous Combustion Products
Incomplete combustion may result in the release of toxic carbon monoxide.
Protective Measures in Fire
Fire fighters should wear self-contained breathing apparatus
6. Accidental release measures
Personal Precautions:
Wear appropriate protective clothing. Eliminate sources of ignition.
Precautions to Protect the Environment
Prevent contamination of soils, drains and surface water.
Spill Clean-up Method
Sweep up or absorb material, then place into a suitable clean, dry, closed container for disposal. Wash
area with detergent and water.
7. Handling and storage
Usage: Product should be handled according to good industrial practice. Use in well ventilated area.
Avoid inhaling vapour. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Keep container tightly closed when
not in use.
Storage: Storage area should be cool, well ventilated. Store away from sources of heat or ignition.
Storage and transfer equipment should be adequately earthed and bonded to prevent the accumulation of
static charges.
8. Exposure controls/personal protection
Ensure adequate ventilation. Use impervious gloves. Use eye protection if eye contact is likely. Use respiratory protection if there is a risk of exposure to high vapour concentrations. Wear PPE appropriate to the quantity of material handled. 9. Physical properties
Physical State:
A mobile liquid with a characteristic odour.
Flash Point:
Ethanol Content:
10. Stability and reactivity
Chemical Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Incompatibilities with Other Materials: Strong oxidizers. Nitric acid
Hazardous Decomposition Products: Carbon oxides.
11. Toxicological information
General Health Hazards: May be intoxicating if inhaled or ingested.
Inhalation: High vapour concentration exposure to may cause CNS (central nervous system)
depression or have similar effects to those of ingestion
Ingestion: May cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.
Eyes: May cause transient eye irritation or damage.
Other Health Effects: For ethanol component of the preparation, adverse effects on male reproductive
system have been reported in laboratory animals on prolonged exposure.
12. Ecological information
No data available. No information available.
13. Disposal considerations
This material must be disposed of as hazardous waste according to Special Waste Regulations 1996 or according to local regulations, in compliance with Duty of Care Regulations and Special Waste Regulations as waste from manufacture, supply and use of pharmaceuticals.
14. Transport Information
DOT Classification:
Packaging Group:
15. Regulatory information
EC Classifications: Flammable Liquid
Risk Phrases:
Safety Phrases:
16. Other information
Date of issue: 15/02/11Date of print: 15/02/11


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