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10 Dimensional Drawing of XK-555152(Fig.1) Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.
This specification is applied to Lithium Ion Battery manufactured by Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.
2 Product and Model Name
2.1 Product:Polymer Lithium Ion Battery2.2 Model Name:XK-555152 3 Ratings
-20~+45℃ Recommended storage temperature: 23 > 6 months -20~+35℃ ℃,at theshipment state 4 Outline Dimensions and Appearance
4.1 Outline Dimensions See attached drawing for XP-555152(Fig.1).
Thickness:5.5mm MAX. (Measured with weighting 300gf at 23±2℃) Width:51.5mm MAX.(Measured with weighting 300gf at 23±2℃) Length:52.5mm MAX.(not including tabs) This thickness will be swelling when high temperature storage or operation in high temperature.
4.2 Appearance There shall be no such defect as scratch, flaw, crack, rust, leakage, which may adversely affectcommercial value of battery.
Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.
5 Performance
5.1 Standard Test Conditions Test should be conducted with new batteries within one month after shipment from our factory and the cells shall not be cycled more than five times before the test. Unless otherwise defined, test and measureent shall be done under temperature of 23±2℃ and relative humidity of 45~85%. The test results are not affected evidently by such conditions of temperature 15~30℃ or humidity 25~85%RH.
5.2 Measuring Instrument or Apparatus 5.2.1Dimension Measuring Instrument The dimension measurement shall be implemented by instruments with equal or moreprecision scale of 0.01mm.
5.2.2Voltmeter Standard class specified in the national standard or more sensitive class having inner impedance more than 10 MΩ.
5.2.3Ammeter Standard class specified in the national standard or more sensitive class. Total external resistance including ammeter and wire is less than 0.01Ω.
5.2.4Impedance Meter Impedance shall be measured by a sinusoidal alternating current method(1kHz LCR meter).
5.3 Standard Charge Test procedure and its criteria are referred as follows: 1.0CmA=1500mA Full charge condition: Constant current 1CmA,Constant voltage 4.2V for 2.5hours in all at 23±2℃.
5.4 Rest Period Unless otherwise defined, 30min,rest period after charge,30min,rest period after discharge.
5.5 Initial Performance Test (1) Open-Circuit Voltage measured within 24 hours after meter) after standard charge at 23±2℃.
The capacity on0.2CmA(300mA)discharge shall be Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.
5.6 Electrical Performance 5.6.1 Temperature Dependence of Capacity (Discharge) Cells shall meet the discharge capacity requirements listed in the below table under respective discharge temperatures. The capacities are to be measured with constant discharge current 300mA ( 2.75V cut-off) after standard charge at 23±2℃.
5.6.2 Cycle Life 30min rest period after standard charge, 0.5CmA discharge to a cut-off voltage of 2.75V, 30min rest period, the capacity shall be measured after 300 cycles of standard charge and 0.2CmA discharge to a cut-off voltage of 2.75V at 23±2℃.
The capacity on 1.0CmA dischargeshall be measured after standard charge Remaining Capacity≥ shall be measured after standard chargeand then storage at 60±2℃ for 7 days. 60% CS 5.6.4 Long Time Storage Characteristics After about half charge after a period of storage at 23 ±2℃ for one year(365 days). The remaining available capacity is ≥85% CS. The capacity is determined with the capacity of the by the most of preceding three cycles.
Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.
After standard charge, the battery is to be tested asfollowing conditions:Amplitude:0.8mm Vibration testFrequency:10~55Hz(sweep:1Hz/min) Direction: X/Y/Z axis for 90~100min. The battery isto be tested in three mutually perpendicular to eachaxis.
Drop the battery in the shipment condition(full-charge)from 1m height onto 5cm or thicker concrete No fire, no explosion, no Drop Test with p-tile on it 3 times each of X, Y, and Z Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.
6 Handling Instructions
Read and observe the following warnings and precautions to ensure correct and safe use of Li-ion batteries.
Failure to observe the following precautions may result in battery leakage, overheating, explosion and/ or fire.
— Do not immerse the battery in water or allow it to get wet.
— Do not use or store the battery near sources of heat such as a fire or heater.
— Do not use any chargers other than those recommended.
— Do not reverse the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals.
— Do not connect the battery directly to wall outlets or car cigarette-lighter sockets.
— Do not put the battery into a fire or apply direct heat to it.
— Do not short-circuit the battery by connecting wires or other metal objects to the positive(+) and negative(-) — Do not carry or put the battery together with necklaces, hairpins or other metal objects.
— Do not strike, throw or subject the battery to sever physical shock.
— Do not pierce the battery casing with a nail or other sharp object, break it open with a hammer, or step on it.
— Do not directly solder the battery terminals.
— Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the battery in any way.
— Do not recharge the battery near a fire or in extremely hot conditions.
Failure to observe the following precautions may result in battery leakage, overheating, explosion and/ or fire.
— Do not place the battery in a microwave oven or pressurized container.
— Do not use the battery in combination with primary batteries(such as dry-cell batteries) or batteries of — Do not use the battery if it gives off an odor, generates heat, becomes discolored or deformed, or appears abnormal in any way. If the battery is in use or being recharged, remove it from the device or charger immediately and discontinue use.
— Keep the batteries out of the reach of children. If a child somehow swallows a battery , seek medical — If the battery leaks or emits an odor, immediately remove it from the proximity of any exposed flame. The leaking electrolyte can ignite and cause a fire or explosion.
— If the battery leaks and electrolyte gets in your eyes, do not rub them. Instead, rinse them with clean running water and immediately seek medical attention. If left as is, electrolyte can cause eye injury.
Do not use or store the battery where is exposed to extremely hot, such as under window of a car in direct sunlight in a hot day. Otherwise, the battery may be overheated. This can also reduce battery performance and/or shorten service life. Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.
Use the battery only under the following environmental conditions. Failure to do so can result in reduced performance or a shorten service life. Recharging the battery outside of these temperatures can cause the battery to overheat, explode or catch fire.
Operating environment:When charging the battery: 0℃~45℃When discharging the battery: -20℃~60℃When stored up to 30 days: -20℃~45℃When stored up to 90 days: -20℃~35℃In cases where children use the battery, instruct them on the contents of the user’s guide and keep an eyeon them to ensure that the battery is being used correctly. If the battery leaks and electrolyte gets your skin or clothing, immediately rinse the affected area with clean running water. If left as is, skin inflammation can occur. For directions on battery installation and removal, read the instruction manual that accompanies the equipment in which the battery will be used.
If a device is not used for an extended period, the battery should be removed and stored in a cool, dry place. Otherwise, resting or reduced performance may occur.
If the terminals of the battery are dirty, wipe them clean with dry cloth before use. Otherwise, solid electrical contact may not be charged with the equipment, and this can cause power outages or charging to fail.
7 Period of Warranty
The period of warranty is one year from the date of shipment. Guarantees to give a replacement in case of cells with defects proven due to manufacturing process instead of the customers abuse and misuse.
8 Shipment
9 Amendment of this Specification
This specification is subject to change with prior notice.
Xingke Professional Li-ion Battery Co.,ltd.

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