2011 programography

The following is my programography. The term refers to the historical listing of all the programs Iʼve written, produced, or directed (and for the vast majority I did all three) since the very beginning of my career.
Itʼs missing a few shows here and there -- shoved way back down with other bad memories. And I donʼt claim, within the different time periods indicated, that the programs are listed in any particular order. The programography, though, demonstrates repeated creative and technical excellence in producing dramatic, documentary, and didactic programming for a wide range of audiences. Hopefully, it also reveals the ability to meet and exceed client goals, and to produce a quality product on time and on budget.
Clearly, the majority of programs are on healthcare related topics for health professionals and patients. But there is a subgroup of programs on ethics, for engineers and business professionals, that demonstrates my ability to work outside of the healthcare industry.
Thank you for taking the time and interest to peruse my programography.
Paul Martin225 North Saint George StreetAllentown, PA 18104610 776 7362 (office) 610 360 6542 (cell)[email protected] Employer
Continental Insurance
M.E.D. Communications
Osteoporosis: The Silent Epidemic Doctors Employer
1988 - 2001
Back East Productions
A continuous loop on a new anti-prostaglandin drug for convention booth Video catalog of an industrial product line A case study in engineering ethics the National Society of Professional Engineers behavior in the pharmaceutical business behavior in the pharmaceutical business behavior in the pharmaceutical business CME program on diagnosis and therapy A series of 12 interactive commercials for a experimental marketing venture An educational program on why women are affected by migraines Employer
CME program on improving interpersonal interactions with migraine patients 2 years and 8 programs on how to Doctorsbetter manage a primary care practice Practice4 programs on how to balance oneʼs personal and professional lives CME program on the role of antiplatelet therapy in strokes, CVD, and PAD Preceptorship on peripheral vascular disease Practice- Health Economics- Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Unstable Angina CME program for cardiologists on challenges facing their practice CME programs on the introduction Intensive Care of the first novel antibiotic in 25 Employer
Osteoporosis: The Case Review of Long-term Care CE program on identifying and caring for patients at risk for osteoporosis education program on prostate cancer Hospice Care: Compassion, Quality, Managed Care A promotional program to encourage managed care to increase hospice utilization CME program on identifying and Physicians treating depression in the elderly new wireless patient information system A continuous loop video on a new Specialistsanti-biotic for use in a convention booth CME program on AIDS therapies expertsfrom the 1996 World AIDS Conference in Vancouver, BC Employer
CME program on AIDS therapies from the 1998World AIDS Conference in Geneva, Switzerland A series of educational programs on advances in the treatment of panic and anxiety and management of patients with depression, anxiety, and OCD Dramatic, Didactic CINP: Advances in the Treatment European Educational program on the pharmacotherapy for depression 3 case studies on the treatment and management of patients with depression, anxiety, and OCD Educational program on drug therapies to improve the management of patients with coronary artery disease Dramatic, Didactic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Doctors behind the mask of depression Educational program on link between OCD and depression Patient information on enrolling into a clinical trial Employer
abdominal InfectionsEducational program on challenges related to choosing an antibiotic for surgical wounds CME program on the basics of outcomes management Consequences of Drug TherapyPromotional program on asthma Independent Podiatric PhysicianEducational program on how managed care is changing podiatry patients on a patient advocacy initiative Part One & Part TwoCME program on how physicians that band together can improve their bargaining position with managed ConferenceCME program on the World AIDS conference in Geneva, Switzerland Employer
CME program on Parkinsonʼs Disease CME program on migraines from the expertsʼ points of view Short-term Long-term: Living with DoctorsMSCME program on migraines from the patientsʼ points of view Appropriate Use of Medications in Long-term Care CE program on pharmacotherapy in older patients Employer
2002 - 2004
audience on how to perform a neuro exam Informational program to expose the audience on how women feel about taking Depo-Provera How to perform an examination to physiciansidentify neuropathic pain Feature stories on the success of physicianstreatment with Reminyl Novartis on-line speaker training US physicians incorporating video into Flash for dynamic cost-effective training Employer
2005 – Present
The Paul Martin Company
A three-part documentary series on how pain has been treated since pre-history through today A short video as a memorial to a officers and little known American patriot A broadcast half-hour on the changes in the New Jersey mental health system Quest Diagnostic Sales Training Quest sales force Sealworks and An interactive tool to train sales An interactive tool to train on the use of Ionsys used to facilitate discussion about studentsethical decision-making Various programs on topics as diverse as domestic abuse and bioterrorism used to facilitate discussion about employees around corruption in the international event. Video elements for interactive differential diagnosis Employer
engineering industry and privacy management, and in the community exciting. Covering the three year process of building a $1.3 billion airline terminal. Innovative and novel approach to physicians

Source: http://www.paulmartincompany.com/images/2011_programography.pdf

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