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TO CONFIRM 905-723-3110
Patient Name: ____________________________________
Appointment Date: _________________ Time: ______________
Instructions for Exercise / Persantine Perfusion Heart Test
This appointment takes 4-5 hours. If you have any questions prior to the procedure, please call the Nuclear Medicine Clinic at 905-723-3110. If you must cancel, please give 24 hours notice.
The Nuclear Medicine Clinic is located at 300 King Street West in Oshawa. Cross roads Park Road and
King St. (Park Road and Bond) 2nd floor room 201.
Dietary and Medication Instructions: After checking with your doctor, please
STOP the following asthma medications:
• Aminophylline Quibron-150 Theo-24 Trental (Pentoxiflline) • Choedyl(Oxtriphylline) Slo- Bid Uniphyl Theodur (Theophylline) your test

Continue to take oral asthma pills and puffers such as:
• Acolet Advair Combivent Ovar Serevent Ventolin • Atrovent Becloforte Flovent Pulmacort Singular Symbicort (cortisone STOP beta blockers if you are having an EXERCISE(treadmil ) test 48 hours
Your doctor may ask you to remain on this medicine: IF YOU ARE NOT SURE
your test
Do not take: Viagra, Aggrenox or Persantine
Do not take any medication that contains CAFFEINE such as:
222 Anacin Dristan Lenotec 1,2,3 Tylenol 1,2,3,4 Sinutab with codeine 282 Asacol Exedrine Midol Vanquish Appetite control Pills your test
Do not drink any caf einated or decaf einated drinks such as: Coffee Decaffeinated coffee/tea Tea Herbal Tea No pop or sodas Do not eat chocolate. Unless otherwise advised by your physician DO NOT TAKE
Imdur (Isosorbide mononitrate) Nitrodur 3,4,6,8 Minitran 2,4,6 Nitrong of the test Continue to use Nitroglycerine tablets or spray under the tongue for relief of
chest pain if necessary.
Breakfast 1 hour prior to the time of your test consisting of:
Toast (NO butter or margarine), jam, juice/water No Dairy Products or Fats
Please bring all your medication with you
print them on the back of this paper .
of the test

Description of the test:
• You will need to wear comfortable shoes, T-shirt, sweat pants or shorts. • Upon arrival, the technologist will complete a health questionnaire with you. • You will receive an injection in the vein of your arm. The injection contains a small amount of radioactive material that will allow us to take pictures of your heart. • Approximately 30-45 minutes later an IV will be started and ECG leads placed on your • You will be asked to lie on your back and a camera will move around the bed slowly, taking • Once these pictures are complete, you will then undergo a stress test as requested by your physician- either exercise stress on a treadmill or drug stress with intravenous Persantine medication while walking slowly on a treadmill(if able). • During the stress test you will be given a second injection of radioactive material. • When this is completed you will have a 60-minute wait at which time you may have fluids • Depending on Patients BMI (body mass index) this test may be done over a two day Please bring this paper with you to the test MYOVIEW


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From: E.J. Wright, M.C. Webb and E. Highley, ed., Stored grain in Australia 2003. Proceedings of the Australian Postharvest Technical Conference, Canberra, 25–27 June 2003. CSIRO Stored Grain Research Laboratory, Canberra. Carbonyl sulfide (COS) as a fumigant for stored products: progress in research and commercialisation Stored Grain Research Laboratory, CSIRO Entomology, GPO Box 1700,

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