Purim-pesach connection

contains verses proclaiming the kavod Am Yisrael is still the chosen people and Gemara, the Pachad Yitzchak explains events—large and small—with a specific Unmasking the
Hu performing mitzvot refers to His PurimÑPesach
of the kavod of Am Yisrael (such as Connection
Carrying this idea further, we can define the nature of Hakadosh Baruch Hu’s divrei reshut. Hashem constantly controls the By Fyvel Shuster
Pesach in exile by revealing that the rela- I
in the Pacific to political chaos in Somalia.
While all of these events are designed to tion, are classified as either a mitzvah further the mission of Am Yisrael, the rela- Shamayim, sanctification of Hashem’s or aveirah…every action is either good tionship between a particular event and its name, while an aveirah (transgression) metaphysical purpose is not always readily one of the ministers tried to kill him.
moadim were arranged in a straight line, results in instant chillul Hashem, dese- apparent. Often the reasons behind various Again, one of the king’s servants saved or even until the end of time. Thus, these the Creator behind every event in history. last moed, is adjacent to Pesach, the first. that comprise most of our daily activ- This juxtaposition is not incidental.
ities, that is, activities that seem to be classified as God’s divrei reshut.
What Are We
neither mitzvot nor aveirot? “every action without exception will be Laughing About?
The Revelation of the Megillah
The leitzonut (levity) of Purim is not explains, are called divrei reshut. Many tions of the heart, be they good or evil.” famous mishnah Mishenichnas Adar gilui, revelation) unmasks the nature Fool’s Day. Instead, it encourages us to Long after the events of
marbin besimchah, When Adar arrives, Torah requires us to perform mitzvot of Hashem’s hashgachah (providence) stop viewing a dictator or millionaire as joy increases,” Rashi writes “Am Yisrael and avoid aveirot, if an activity does Purim, the Megillah
during the periods of galut when His experienced days of nisim (miracles) connection to us is described as hester stock market crash as a random happening.
demonstrates the per-
doesn’t care whether or not we do it.
Hashem. What then separates divrei panim—(the hiding of the face). A manence of our connec-
reshut from mitzvot or aveirot? The hashgachah on Purim puts even the most translation of the word reshut to mean Pachad Yitzchak explains that with a tion to Hakadosh
powerful forces in the world in the prop- mitzvah or an aveirah, the result—the er perspective, allowing us to laugh as we (Megillah 6) that it is preferable to cel- Baruch Hu despite
one is not engaged in a devar aveirah— ebrate it during the latter “in order to the…hester panim.
Mori verabi, Rabbi Aharon Schechter, neously. Actions that constitute divrei The Test of a True Purim
shlita, explains that properly translat- reshut also produce either sanctifica- ed, the word reshut implies control or Hakadosh Baruch Hu sent us into this domain. Reshet means net (something bitter exile and was afraid that the mental to fully understand both holidays.
hashgachah pratit (Divine providence) “bears” [our enemies] would harm us reshut hayachid is the private domain impact of one’s deeds upon the world.
so…he performs miracles for us but in a Understanding Our Actions
one controls. Thus, divrei reshut can be way that is hidden. However, Mordechai In Pachad Yitzchak: Purim, Rabbi The Mitzvot and
and Esther and the people of their genera- Yitzchak Hutner, zt”l, writes that Divrei Reshut of Hashem
during galut. Long after the events of tion saw and understood that these events one’s actions can fall into three cate- ther mitzvot nor aveirot. But it is The Gemara (Berachot 6a) illustrates were from Heaven and accepted the Torah gories: mitzvah, aveirah and devar important to recognize that divrei with great love (Commentary on the reshut. A mitzvah is an act that pro- reshut only appear to be neutral—our us, as it did in Persia, to kiymu v’kib- “What is written in the tefillin of the blu, a renewed acceptance of Torah.
Rabbi Shuster is a maggid shiur at Golut and Doubt
Machon Lev and lectures to various constitute mitzvot or aveirot. As The Parable of
groups in Jerusalem. For an elaboration Chovot Halevavot explains, (Sha’ar world.” Our tefillin contains verses the Vilna Gaon
on the themes in this article, see Pachad Avodat Elokim, chap. 4) “We find that describing the kavod of Hashem, and equals the gematria of safek, doubt. Exile the tefillin of Hakadosh Baruch Hu we were chosen on Pesach. JA
Spring 5763/2003 JEWISH ACTION
JEWISH ACTION Spring 5763/2003
Spring 5763/2003 JEWISH ACTION
JEWISH ACTION Spring 5763/2003

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