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ß-LIFTx® (Beta-Lift®)
procedures during the week leading up to your ß-LIFTx® procedure:• Retinol (AFIRM®)• Tretinoin (Retin-A®, Renova® or Avita®) ß-LIFTx® is an extraordinary skin renewal agent from TxSystems® or other retinoid (Differin® or Tazorac®) ß-LIFTx® is powerful. It impressively outperforms traditional superficial chemical peels. And, unlike those peels, ß-LIFTx® does not wound • Loofah (or any other exfoliating products) • Any products that may be drying or irritating (including products containing salicylic acid or an alpha hydroxyacid, such as ß-LIFTx® is an innovative formulation that disperses salicylic acid as microcrystals. These microcrystals are able to reach into and affecteven the tiniest lines and imperfections. ß-LIFTx® targets precisely the Additionally, make sure you have discussed these issues with your dermatologist:• Expectations for improvement ß-LIFTx® is a five-minute procedure which brings about renewal by • Medications you are using (topical or oral) lifting the dead cells off the surface of your skin. This stimulates • Prior sun sensitivity or allergic reactions, including allergy to aspirin reproduction in the cells underneath. With ß-LIFTx® you can quickly achieve substantial improvement in the appearance of superficial lines and uneven pigmentation, while making your skin look and feel softer, smoother, and better moisturized. Even acne scars and • History of viral infections, including herpes simplex (cold sores) enlarged pores may become less noticeable.
If there is anything on the preceding list that you forgot to mention ß-LIFTx® PRE-LIFT INSTRUCTIONS
when you talked to your dermatologist about ß-LIFTx®, please makeher or him aware of it before you proceed with the ß-LIFTx® procedure.
Between now and the time of your ß-LIFTx® procedure, you should be Final y, to ensure even penetration and minimal discomfort, please try sure to treat your skin gently. By doing so, you will be more likely to to arrive at your dermatologist’s office free of any make-up, perfume, achieve optimal results with minimal discomfort. cologne, or aftershave. For men, it is best not to shave within a fewhours prior to or after the ß-LIFTx®. Also, be prepared to remove your For best results, it is advisable to avoid the following products and contact lenses prior to the procedure.
Second, by lifting the dead cells, ß-LIFTx® stimulates the living cells in your skin to reactivate the natural renewal process. This naturalprocess becomes disrupted by years of photodamage (damage from What is ß-LIFTx®?
the sun and environmental insult). Reactivation of natural renewal ß-LIFTx® is a major scientific advance. ß-LIFTx® is a unique will lead to long-lasting skin health and vitality. formulation containing salicylic acid with patented MICROSPONGE®technology. Unlike traditional chemical peels, ß-LIFTx® delivers How does ß-LIFTx® differ from other
outstanding results without risking injury to the skin. This is chemical peels?
accomplished by “lifting” the dry, dead cells off the surface of the ß-LIFTx® has important advantages over traditional chemical peels.
skin and stimulating the process of skin renewal. Unlike these other peels, ß-LIFTx® does not damage the deeper,healthy skin cells. This means that you can continue to have regularly What is salicylic acid?
scheduled ß-LIFTx® treatments for as long as you want. Over time, Salicylic acid occurs naturally in the bark of the willow tree. It is ß-LIFTx® will not only rejuvenate the appearance of your skin, but will also known as beta hydroxyacid. It has been discovered that allow your skin to build and maintain a healthy barrier against the carefully formulated preparations with high concentrations of environment — one of the skin’s primary roles. salicylic acid will gently exfoliate the dead cells on the surface of the skin to reveal fresh skin underneath. Salicylic acid then Can anyone be treated with ß-LIFTx®?
stimulates the skin’s natural processes to promote regeneration ß-LIFTx® is suitable for patients of all skin types and can be and renewal of the skin, promoting a more youthful appearance. helpful to any patient, no matter how severe their photodamage. A consultation with your dermatologist will help you set realistic What is a MICROSPONGE®?
expectations regarding the improvements you can expect based A MICROSPONGE® is a tiny spherical polymer which is an essential on the current condition of your skin. For people with severe part of the ß-LIFTx® formulation. The MICROSPONGE® system photodamage, ß-LIFTx® can be used as part of a more extensive facilitates an even application of ß-LIFTx® on the skin and allows the program prescribed by their dermatologist. salicylic acid to reach the smallest crevices on the skin’s surface.
Patients at greater risk of adverse reactions include those who are How does ß-LIFTx® work?
allergic to aspirin, those with active herpes simplex (cold sores) or ß-LIFTx® works in two ways. First, it dissolves the “glue” that binds any other viral infection, those with collagen disease or autoimmune the dead cells together on the surface of your skin. By dissolving this disorder, Accutane® (isotretinoin) users, and patients who have glue, ß-LIFTx® is able to lift these dead cells from the surface to reveal recently had plastic surgery, a chemical peel, or radiation treatment.
the fresh cells underneath. The result is an immediate improvement in the smoothness and radiance of your skin.
Some conditions that may require special care instructions from your sensation when ß-LIFTx® is rinsed off. Generously apply a mild dermatologist include: allergies, sun sensitivity, atopic skin reactions, moisturizing lotion to the entire treated area.
What improvements can I expect
ß-LIFTx® has not been tested on pregnant women or nursing mothers.
to see with ß-LIFTx®?
Your physician should be consulted before beginning any treatment The initial ß-LIFTx® treatment will remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin. This stimulates the process of natural skin renewal.
Immediately after the first treatment, your skin will appear more What happens during the ß-LIFTx® procedure?
radiant and feel softer and smoother. In addition, you may begin to First, you will be asked to gently wash your face with a mild cleanser.
notice a softening of superficial lines, evening of pigmentation, At this time, you will also need to remove your contact lenses if you fading of dark spots, and diminution of enlarged pores and acne- wear them. Next, your face will be wiped with a PreCleanse pad induced scars. Conditions such as acne and rosacea may also to remove the oils and cellular debris from the surface of your skin.
PreCleanse is balanced to facilitate the action of the ß-LIFTx®.
With each additional ß-LIFTx® treatment you should see incremental With your skin prepared, the ß-LIFTx® is applied. Application will gains in the overall appearance of your skin as the natural take about 30 seconds to one minute. During the first minute or two renewal process receives further stimulation. You can expect after application, you will experience some minor discomfort which subsequent ß-LIFTx® treatments to maintain the improvements in will increase as the ß-LIFTx® penetrates your skin and begins to softness, smoothness, and radiance while continuing to diminish stimulate renewal. Simultaneously, a translucent mask will gradually the appearance of superficial lines and skin imperfections. Like all cosmetic treatments for photodamage, ß-LIFTx® cannot reverse At two to three minutes your level of discomfort will reach a peak all of the effects caused by years of sun exposure. You will likely reach a point where the appearance of your skin has reached itsmaximum level of improvement. At that time, you may wish to Four to five minutes after application, the ß-LIFTx® mask will be schedule your ß-LIFTx® treatments less frequently — using ß-LIFTx® to completely formed and discomfort will reduce to virtually zero. maintain the gains you have made and also to periodically freshen This is the end of the ß-LIFTx® procedure. Gently rinse off the ß-LIFTx® mask with cool water or a gentle You should discuss with your dermatologist the types of improvements cleanser. You may experience a brief (15 to 30 second) tingling you would like to achieve with ß-LIFTx® treatments, the areas where you would like to see change, the speed with which you expect to or decreased pigmentation that will naturally resolve themselves see results, and the amount of peeling that will be acceptable to you.
within four weeks; or a temporary increase in skin sensitivity. Some Together, you and your dermatologist will be able to set realistic patients may also experience considerable peeling.
expectations and design a ß-LIFTx® treatment regimen that is best Are there any Post-Lift Patient Instructions?
After the ß-LIFTx® treatment you should follow a few simple How will I look and feel after a
guidelines to ensure the optimal renewal of your skin: ß-LIFTx® treatment?
Immediately after the ß-LIFTx® treatment, many patients notice that
1. Apply a mild moisturizing lotion twice daily or as often their skin feels very smooth. You may also notice that your skin feels tight, and for several minutes you may experience a slight superficial 2. If you will be outdoors, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen anesthesia to light touch. This is your skin’s natural reaction to with at least SPF 15. Avoid prolonged sun exposure between 10 am and 3 pm, when the sun’s rays are strongest.
Also, for the next three to seven days, your skin may be more red 3. When washing your face, do not scrub and use a gentle, than usual. You may experience slight stinging, burning, or itching soapless cleanser such as Cetaphil®, Dove® or formula 405®*.
during this time. In addition, your skin may begin to visibly peel one Your dermatologist can also recommend other soapless cleansers.
to four days after the ß-LIFTx® treatment. ß-LIFTx® stimulates your skin to improve the rate at which it produces new cells and sheds off 4. Resist any urge to peel, pick or scratch the treated skin. old ones. Immediately after the ß-LIFTx® treatment, this stimulus is particularly strong and your skin must adapt to it. The result could be about three days of visible peeling, or your skin might adapt 5. Do not have any other facial treatments for at least one week more quickly and not visibly peel at all. Either way, you will be getting the full benefits of the ß-LIFTx® treatment.
A card detailing the Post -Lift Patient Instructions is included in the Are there any negative reactions
ß-LIFTx® treatment kit. Be sure to ask your dermatologist for one after associated with a ß-LIFTx® procedure?
Like other chemical peels, the ß-LIFTx® treatment may cause a flare ofherpes simplex (cold sores) in patients who have a history of herpes *formula 405® can be purchased online at
simplex; an acne flare; mild skin inflammation (especially around thesensitive areas of the eyes and mouth); temporary spots of increased What is the timing for additional
ß-LIFTx® treatments?
Additional ß-LIFTx® treatments can be scheduled anywhere from
I have read and understand the material contained in the two to six weeks apart, with the average being four weeks between treatments. The timing of ß-LIFTx® treatments will depend on your skin type, the amount of discomfort you experience, how much I have discussed the ß-LIFTx® procedure with my dermatologist your skin peels, and the expectations that you and your dermatologist and have fully disclosed my medical history. I understand that I should notify my dermatologist before How can I find out more about ß-LIFTx ®?
proceeding with ß-LIFTx® should there be any changes to my Your dermatologist should be able to answer most questions you may still have about ß-LIFTx® after reading this handbook. I understand that before proceeding with ß-LIFTx® I must remove If your dermatologist is unable to answer any of your questions, please call Doak Dermatologics Customer Service at 1-800-405-DOAK, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET.
Differin® and Cetaphil® are registered trademarks of Galderma Laboratories, LP.
Retin-A® and Renova® are registered trademarks of Ortho Dermatological.
Avita® is a registered trademark of Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc.
MICROSPONGE® is a registered trademark of Enhanced Derm Technologies, Inc.
Accutane® is a registered trademark of Roche Laboratories.
Dove® is a registered trademark of Lever Brothers Co.
formula 405® is a registered trademark of Doak Dermatologics, a subsidiary of Tazorac® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.
AFIRM® is a registered trademark of Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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