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Look-Alike Sound-Alike Medication List
Look-Alike Sound-Alike Medication List
• A computer system is utilized with the following: • A computer system is utilized with the following: • The order is reviewed by an Oncology pharmacist before it is • The order is reviewed by an Oncology pharmacist before it is • Safe handling recommendations are utilized • Safe handling recommendations are utilized Cisplatin
• Similar agents are not stored together • Similar agents are not stored together • Generic names are verified when prescribed by chemical name or • Generic names are verified when prescribed by chemical name Vinblastine
• A protocol based system which calculates drug/dose based on • A protocol based system which calculates drug/dose based on • The drug is always prepared by a Oncology Pharmacy Technician • The drug is always prepared by a trained Oncology Pharmacy • Concentrated oral morphine solutions are only dispensed when • The Regional High-Alerts Policy and Procedure is followed ordered for a specific patient (not as unit stock) when mixing/dispensing and administering these medications Concentrated
• Concentrated solutions are purchased and dispensed in dropper • Medications are labeled as High-Alert liquid morphine
liquid morphine
• Time-Out and Independent Double Check are performed products
• The Patient and caregiver’s understanding of how to measure the Zantac®
proper dose for self-administration at home is verified. (Home Health) Celebrex®
Celexa® & Cerebyx®
• Sufentanil is not stocked in patient care units outside of L&D, OR Clonidine
These agents are not stocked together or near one another if both Prilosec®
• For inpatient units, specific strengths are stocked for each product Wellbutrin SR®
Wellbutrin XL®
that is dissimilar. Stock of hydromorphone will be 2-mg unit dose Zantac®
cartridges, and morphine is 4-mg or higher unit dose cartridges. injection
Health care providers are educated and reminded that these two Furosemide
• Pharmacy staff, involved in handling these products, is educated on the differences between conventional and lipid-based formulations General Recommendations:
• Awareness of look-alike and sound-alike drug names is reinforced by provision of information to the professional • Staff are encouraged to refer to the lipid-based products by their Conventional
• Whenever possible, the purpose of the medication is determined before dispensing or drug administration Lipid based
brand names and not just their generic names • Stop and verify that the correct drug is being used if staff, patients amphotericin
or family members notice a change in the solution’s appearance from previous infusions. Lipid-based products may be seen as should never be accepted for chemotherapeutics must be read-back per the required verbal order procedure • The possibility of name confusion is always considered when adding a new product to the formulary. Information Lipid-based products are not stored in patient care areas previously published by safety agencies is reviewed as well Ordering is restricted to ID physicians • Products with look or sound-alike names are not stored next to each other in pharmacies, patient care units, and in Insulin Products:
• The variety of insulin products are limited and stored in patient care • Reporting of errors and potentially hazardous conditions with look and sound-alike product names is encouraged Humalog®
by completing a UOR and the information is utilized to established priorities for error reduction Novolog®
• Patient-specific insulin vials are removed upon patient discharge • Within the home setting, when clinical providers identify that the patient is taking any of the look-alike sound-alike Humulin®
• In patient units, stock in red “high alert” containers medications in the home, any of the following precautionary actions may be taken: Humalog®
Novolin 70/30®
Novolog Mix
Instruct patient or their caregiver on the use of pill sorters Place medications in different locations in the home (bathroom vs. kitchen) Notify Provider/Pharmacy to check if other medication options are available Provide safety precaution education related to medication use to prevent injury


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