Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
In Attendance: Margie Brakefield, Sandy Brimhall Tarbet, Barbara Bruce, Debe Campbell, Greg Cardita, Dave Clark, Chris Gard, Kirk Grugel, Arno Hall, Jimmy Jayne, Linda Morrow, Mary Jeanne Munroe, Sylvia Ortiz,Chris Rodencal, Jeff Smythe, Nancy Stidham, • JLA funding from MCAT $5,000, Summit Healthcare $2,000, 30 cases water from • Town Hall: Recap of May 5 Medical Marijuana Initiative “Know Before You Vote” educational event, broadcast live on City 4 TV, KSNX 93.5 and Majik 101.7. Relevant materials are available on our website. Q&A from the evening and comments submitted or called in also on site. City 4 TV will not re-air or archive the event due to city decision. However, audio can be accesses at • Nancy Stidham & Debe are coordinating a follow up lunch with area faith based leaders to present initiative issue.
• UAD T-shirt contest event + 250 t-shirt printing, donation from Summit $2,000 (thanks Chris!!!). Art exhibit and artist awards Saturday, May 15, 4 pm at Summit Healthcare. Please stop by for refreshments.
• UAD beverage server training (free) being investigated.
• Controlling Methʼs Essential precursor pseudophedrine webinar attended by Mary Jeanne. Will be following up on this law instituted by Oregon and others to make any psudophedrine OTCs available only by RX.
• Volunteers for a “lobbying/government” committee—need assistance with these efforts —ie Walmart stocking Koolaid & Crystal Lite in their liquor department during current renovation. Complaints to store received response on 5/11 that it is corporate policy and they will move it after reno is complete June 15. However, after our meeting, received a call from local management saying they decided to be “a store of community action” and were moving it despite corporate policy.
• Summit IV: Sept 15. Input, funds/budget?—consensus is to focus on a Youth Summit with UAD and other drug info; utilize as much free programming as possible, even repeating Robin Stampʼs Internet safety. Sandy offered SRO officer for breakouts. Recommended invitees: student council officers, teen court participants, at risk nominees. As a “school sponsored program” absence would not be counted, according to Linda Morrow. Further discussion will be undertaken by a committee effort. Dave Clark suggested co-sponsorship by PLAAD & Show Low Coalition.
• May 15: 4 pm., UAD T-shirt & art & awards, Summit Healthcare• May 22: DUI Prevention Fair & Bike Rodeo, BRHS, 9 am-noon with PLAAD• June 12: 2nd annual community health fair, Summit Regional Healthcare• June 7-18: JLA BRUSD, Yellow Jacket Learning Center• July 5-15: JLA SLUSD, Nicholas Homestead Elementary, McNeil St.
• JLA—Mary Jeanne Munroe: Invites participation or visiting the programs in • ME Office—now under new management and moved from Health Department to Sheriffʼs Office. Remains active in community education but Brock Bevell is not on staff so Greg is “flying solo” and needs to slow down external programs for the time being. April 22, 6 presentations were conducted for Snowflake High School seniors.
• ME Statistics: April yielded 3 alcohol related deaths (2 motor vehicle, 1 long term use); 2 drug ODs, both Rx. Averaging about 5/mo drug/alcohol related deaths. Overall, 90% of drug deaths are Rx (methadone, oxy, alcohol) 75% are prescribed to them and stockpiled, or taken from someone else in household who has Rx • PLADD—Dave Clark—BRHS forming 12 step group with Dr Chris Butler, aiming for weekly meetings through school year and summer. Needs assistance with program. Rx abuse is rampant at HS, a lot of Percoset & steroids. Many anonymous calls about users. A parent group is essential for involvement. Community Bridges will look for way to work with PLAAD to help.
• Show Low Coalition—Jeff Smythe, Sandy Brimhall —SLUSD is the basis for coalition, pooling resources. Teen Court is active and popular with participants. 90 will attend the banquet next week; significant community involvement thru fundraising. Fast Forward program open to the public all summer 9am-5pm, June 7-31, July 7-31, 19 day sessions, 1-2 hr daily, all ages & adults. Contact Sandy 537-6033.
6. Business from the Floor:• Sylvia Ortiz, Community Bridges—Stabilization Recovery Unit (SRUs) in Winslow & Holbrook with 98% native population. 6-day crisis unit achieves stabilization, encourages family involvement, talking circles.then move to continuing care and placement, utilizing Summit Healthcare & Flagstaff Medical Center, White Mountain Living Solutions, Victory Outreach in Casa Grande, Salvation Army in Phoenix & Tucson and West Yavapai in Prescott. Does pick ups and interventions.
• Barbara Bruce noted White Mountain Regional Medical Center is still doing detox but has dismissed Dr David Greenberg, the addictionologist, and the psychiatric nurse due to budget issues. Don Goodman continues to be the Detox contact.
• Chris Rodencal noted a cyclical upswing at Summit Healthcare ER for heroin OD/ Detox, with 4-5 weekly presenting in ER. 3-4 months have passed and H is back again, across the board—teens, adults, equal opportunity. She also noted frequency of dual diagnosis. Federal courts have temporarily suspended the Arnold v Sarn that mandated service for mentally ill so they are being curbed. Yavapai Countyʼs Womensworld is offering 90-day programs for dual diagnosis patients with referrals through Community Counseling. Final note, SafeHouse needs food which can be delivered to Butterfly Boutique in Lakeside.
• Dave Clark notes the fund-raising soccer tourney is still on the radar for summer 2011 as a co-event fundraiser with PLAAD, SL Coalition and NCDP.
• Margie Brakefield said Drug Court and Adult Probation teeter on Prop 100. Judge Carolyn Holiday now in charge of Adult Drug Court which has 18 participants, double the participation.
• County Manager Jimmy Jayne mentioned a May 25-26 budget/alternative budget presentation to the Board of Supervisors which includes a $1,000 donation to NCDP if the budget is funded. “If the vote is unsuccessful, it is going to turn our community on its head.there will be thousands of community layoffs. The roles we should be playing will be challenged. Oct. 1 is deadline for taking 200 medium/maximum convicts into our pre-sentence facilities/jails. Mr Jayne acknowledged Greg Cardita and the Medical Examinerʼs office for thinking outside of the box for their function and expanding into community education programs.
• Arno Hall—”ditto”7. Next meeting dates:• June 9• July 14• Aug 11• Sept 8• Oct 13• Nov 10• Dec 8

Source: http://www.navajocountydrugproject.com/Minutes/2010/051210-Minutes.pdf


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