26 Reasons Why "White Collar Terrorists"
are To Blame for "America's New War"
and the Impending World War III
1) The "terrorist" attacks were completely predictable and, in fact, predicted.
Forewarnings were issued by many patriotic and heroic individuals to government andmilitary officials well in advance of September 11, 2001. For instance, in August, Dr.
Garth Nicolson, Ph.D., and his wife Nancy Nicolson, Ph.D., among the world's mostesteemed Mycoplasma researchers and Gulf War Syndrome investigators, reported toPentagon officials that they had confirmed intelligence that on September 11, 2001 aterrorist strike against the Pentagon would be made. Their sources included individualsin key intelligence positions, the mob, and one high level African diplomat. Their"information was passed on to the Director of Policy of the Department of Defense, theInspector General of the US Army Medical Corps and the National Security Council,"Dr. Nicolson wrote. "Unfortunately, it was ignored." Likewise, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the award-winning author of the prophetically titledbook, "Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare,"(http://www.tetrahedron.org; http://www.prophecyandpreparedness.com) released threemonths before the attacks on Washington and New York, correctly predicted such a firststrike on New York. For three years, based on government documents and intelligencereports, he had been warning "Metropolis" residents, "It's time to move." 2) On Friday, September 7, Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, brother to the President, issuedan Executive Order in which members of the Florida National Guard were activated, "forthe purpose of training to support law- enforcement personnel and emergency-management personnel in the event of civil disturbances or natural disaster." Perhaps thepresident and his brother received Dr. Nicolson's warnings or were the source of thewarnings? 3) On Sunday night, September 17, 2001 CBS's "60-Minutes" revealed that PresidentBush's close associates had suddenly, and inexplicably, sold all their airline stock justdays before the terrorist attacks. The story was completely overlooked by mainstreamnewspapers thereafter.
4) FEMA sent the Urban Search and Rescue Team to New York City THE NIGHTBEFORE the attacks occurred! One FEMA official, Mr. Tom Kennedy told Dan Ratheron September 11, "We're currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support theCity of New York in this disaster. We arrived on late Monday night [that is, onSeptember 10, the NIGHT BEFORE] and went right into action on Tuesday morning." 5) Osama bin Laden and his band of "Terrorists" could not have pulled off the"sophisticated" operation of four simultaneous air hijackings, and precision directedattacks, without the support of one or more "intelligence organizations." This was the 26 Reasons Why “White Collar Terrorists” are to Blame expert testimony provided by past CIA Afghanistan operations director and bin Laden'sAmerican intelligence aficionado, Milt Bearden, interviewed by Dan Rather onSeptember 12, 2001. In fact, when pressed by Dan Rather to endorse the theory of binLaden's culpability, Mr. Bearden stated, "if they didn't have an Osama bin Laden, theywould invent one." 6) On October 31, 2001, the French daily "Le Figaro" reported that Osama bin Laden hadmet with a high-level CIA official in July 2000. At that time, bin Laden was alreadybeing sought for trial for his involvement in two U.S. embassy bombings and the U.S.S.
Cole attack. The meeting was held in bin Laden's private suite in a Dubai hospital.
Though he was eligible for elimination, according to President Bill Clinton's intelligencefindings, on July 14th he was let go and left Dubai on his private jet.
[[There is still some question whether this account was accurate. I haven't seen adefinitive retraction but there were some later denials. Curiously, it appears that LeFigaro sits among The Carlyle Group investments.]] 7) Every expert in the field of terrorism, up until Sept. 11, 2001, routinely explained thefact that certified terrorist organizations operate in an effort to garner worldwide attentionand support for their political cause(s). In the case of pro-Palestinian terroristorganizations, their attacks had been traditionally against American military facilities andpersonnel. This was obviously neither the intent nor outcome of the attacks on the WorldTrade Center.
8) For weeks preceding September 11, 2001 international opinion regarding Israel andthe United States had plummeted to an all-time low. Alternatively, pro- Palestinianattitudes had rapidly increased to an all-time high, particularly following the UnitedNations Conference on Racism wherein the U.S. and Israel had been chastised for theirracist policies. Any intelligent pro-Palestinian terrorist group, such as Osama bin Laden'slegions, or intelligence organization(s) supportive to the Palestinian cause, would nothave jeopardized the significant gains achieved at that time.
9) Osama bin Laden took his direction and money from the CIA for ten years. Duringthis time, approximately $5 billion was funneled to his organization through black opbudgets into CIA operation known as Maktab al- Khidamar-the MAK. It is clear, as aMAK mercenary army leader, bin Laden's fortune vastly increased during that time. It issaid that, "Once in the CIA, always in the CIA." Could this be one of the intelligenceorganizations about which Milt Bearden was speaking? (See #5 above.) 10) On Tuesday evening September 12, 2001 previous Secretary of Defense for theClinton administration, William S. Cohen, explained to CBS News anchorman DanRather, that the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington were an aberration. Hefully expected there to be a full-scale deployment of biological and chemical "weapons ofmass destruction" very soon. This reinforced his earlier statements as Defense Secretarythat a five-pound bag of anthrax bacteria in the hands of terrorists would likely cause thedeaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. We were particularly vulnerable to this 26 Reasons Why “White Collar Terrorists” are to Blame "immanent" threat, he said. Many critical military observers considered these statementstreasonous. Reason? At no time in American military history has a top level officialbroadcast internationally the country's greatest attack vulnerability. In effect, hisstatements were akin to giving anti-Americans their marching orders.
11) A sincere U.S. Government, truly concerned about the health and safety of Americancitizens, would be doing everything in its power to advance public health and educationalpolicies for biological and chemical attack preparedness. Instead, such critical policy andadvice has been left entirely to independent, often ill-trained, "experts," at best, andspecial interests and media producers at worst. The mainstream media has completelyneglected the simple things people can do to guard loved-ones, such as natural medicines(e.g.,garlic) to ward off infections such as anthrax.
12) In July 2000, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsed one single largelyuntested and highly risky antibiotic, Bayer Corporation's Cipro, for anthrax prophylaxisand treatment. Following September 11, 2001 demand for this drug skyrocketed 1,000percent, according to Peter Jennings in an ABC News report broadcast September 27.
Pharmacies charged $700 per person for a mere two-month supply of Cipro. It is wellestablished that far less expensive antibiotics, including the penicillins and tetracyclines,are highly effective against Anthrax. The Bayer Corporation during and following WorldWar II had been blacklisted by the U.S. Government for being the principle profiteer, inpartnership with the Rockefeller Standard Oil Company, for funding the Third Reich,their terrorist organizations, and Germany's war machine.
13) During the first week of October, the media heralded a bizarre anthrax outbreak at theNational Enquirer near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. By October 11, three cases of reported"criminal" anthrax infections had occurred. This form of anthrax--a classic biologicalweapon strain--is not easily acquired. It is distributed mainly by the American TypeCulture Collection (ATCC) of Rockville, Maryland. The curator there is Dr. JoshuaLederberg**, who is also the president of Rockefeller University. Preceding the GulfWar, the U.S. Congressional Record (May 25, 1994, commonly called the "Don RiegleReport") exposed the ATCC for shipping to Sadam Hussein's Ministry of HigherEducation and the Ministry of Trade, nineteen shipments of various strains of BacillusAnthraces from 1978 to 1988.
[[** Please take note of and remember this name: Joshua Lederberg]] 14) According to investigators at the FBI, the Enquirer anthrax attack was not likely doneby typical "terrorists," but rather one or more "criminals." For what motive? Obviously,whoever did this had a motive, and had access to weapons grade anthrax. That virtuallyleaves typical blue-collar "criminals" out entirely since skill in handling and shipping liveanthrax would be required for this crime. The fact that, of all places, America's best-selling tabloid was first attacked, then other mainstream media outlets, speaks volumesabout the criminal motive. Since no one has claimed responsibility for this act, theyobviously did not do it for personal publicity. Obviously, then, the attack was a whitecollar crime by one or more "white collar bioterrorist(s)." At least one Rockefeller-linked 26 Reasons Why “White Collar Terrorists” are to Blame U.S. biological weapons official, Dr. Lederberg, and Rockefeller-partnered Corporation,Bayer (aspirin) that largely financed the Third Reich, and Hitler's rise to power, hadobvious white-collar (financial) motives for these contemporary "terrorist" attacks. Thisdeserves critical consideration and further investigation.
15) On October 1, 2001, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz sent the FBI, as well as half themembers of the U.S. Congress, an urgent request to investigate this matter. (See:http://www.tetrahedron.org "Apocalypse Prevention Project") Included in this letter wasthe following statement concerning the links between contemporary terroristorganizations, the global neo-Nazi movement, and possible Bayer Corporationinvolvement : The Bayer Company [also linked to AID-virus contaminated blood products during 1980investigations] evaded U.S. Government controls during and following the holocaust inwhich millions of mostly Jewish people were used as experimental subjects in medicalatrocities overseen by I.G. Farben's president Hermann Schmitz, who also directed theGerman-multinational Bayer A.G.
Of urgent pertinence to the FBI's current investigation into terrorism's money trail, arecent investigation into terrorist group funding, issued by The Oklahoma BombingInvestigation Committee (OBIC) directed by Representative Charles Key, found "Neo-Nazi figures have actually been implicated in Middle Eastern special weaponsprocurement and terrorist activity." For example, the group reported, "since the 1960s, anold Swiss Nazi named Francois Genaud has reportedly masterminded several airplanehijackings for the PLO." The now defunct "Odessa" organization, the post-war successorto Hitler's S.S., according to OBIC, "had numerous documented meetings withrepresentatives of various Arab organizations; and, during the early 1980s, a Neo-Nazinamed Odfried Hepp attacked several U.S. military installations in Germany with bombs.
Hepp was later found to have been financed by Al Fatah. "Hepp, OBIC reported, did hisPh.D. on "Neo-Nazi/PLO bombings of U.S. housing, cars and military facilities inGermany." Given these facts alone, an FBI investigation into this matter is critical.
I am also contacting congressional leaders at this time urging an immediate U.S. GeneralAccounting Office (GAO) investigation into the FDA's "advisory committee" thatsponsored the unprecedented sole endorsement of Bayer's Cipro for anthrax. Nowhere inthe Physician's Desk Reference (2000) is it claimed that Cipro is especially indicated foranthrax. In fact, Bacillus anthracis is not even mentioned. What is mentioned is that,"although effective in clinical trials, ciprofloxacin is not a drug of first choice in thetreatment of presumed or confirmed pneumonia secondary to Streptococcuspneumoniae." This organism, like anthrax, is an aerobic gram-positive microbe.
(Likewise, Bacillus anthracis causes pneumonia in the form of commonly terminalhemorrhagic bronchopneumonia.) Furthermore the PDR states: "WARNINGS- THESAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS OF CIPROFLOXACIN IN PEDIATRIC PATIENTSAND ADOLESCENTS (LESS THAN 18 YEARS OF AGE), PREGNANT WOMEN,AND LACTATING WOMEN HAVE NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED." Alternatively,numerous bioweapons experts have consistently recommended far less costly and time- 26 Reasons Why “White Collar Terrorists” are to Blame tested antibiotics to fight anthrax, including the natural and synthetic penicillins,erythromycin, cephalosporins, and the tetracyclines.
As with Dr. Nicolson's forewarning to military leaders concerning the Sept 11 Pentagonattack, the above urgent request by Dr. Horowitz for FBI investigation into this matter, todate (Nov. 5, 2001) has gone ignored. This strongly suggests, if not evidences, aconspiracy within our own government-a conspiracy of silence at minimum.
16) Aaron Swirski, one of the architects of the World Trade Center, said they designedthe towers to withstand airplane collisions. "I designed it for a 707 hit, he said." Thecollapse of the buildings came as a complete "shock" to him and his colleagues.
Van Romero, a demolition expert, former director of the Energetic Materials Researchand Testing Center, and current Vice President for research at New Mexico Institute ofMining and Technology said that the manner in which the twin towers collapsed,resembled those of controlled implosions used in planned demolition. "My opinion is,based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there weresome explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse," Romerosaid.
[[Romero later changed his story. And got some government contract/funding.]] ABC News interviewed people who had escaped "ground zero" on September 11, 2001.
One unidentified man said: "We were stuck on the stairs for a while. I came down fromthe 85th floor. When we were just about to leave the building, there was a blast." Awoman's testimony followed: "I got stuck on the stairs. When we got to the lobby therewas a blast," she said.
17) On September 11, 2001 President Bush was is Sarasota, Florida, "In Sarasota, Fla.
reading to children in a classroom at 9:05 a.m. when his chief of staff, Andrew Card,whispered into his ear, according to the Associated Press (Sept. 12). The presidentbriefly turned somber before he resumed reading. . . .[Next] President Bush listened to18 Booker Elementary School second-graders read a story about a girl's pet goat . . .
before he spoke briefly and somberly about the terrorist attacks." Many are curious as towhy the "Commander-in- Chief" of the U.S. took about a half-hour before he respondedto the national security urgency, or even addressed the tragedies.
18) The New York Times reported on September 15, 2001 that Pentagon officials hadbeen tracking the second two hijacked planes for almost an hour following the WTCattacks because they simply "didn't know what to do." Regarding the plane that crashedinto Pennsylvania "Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary, said . . . that thePentagon had been tracking that plane and could have shot it down if necessary; itcrashed about 35 minutes after the Pentagon crash." Many are wondering why, if they could have shot that plane down, did they not shoot theplane down that flew into the Pentagon? 26 Reasons Why “White Collar Terrorists” are to Blame 19) Vice President Dick Cheney was interviewed on Sept. 12, 2001. When asked wherehe was when he learned of the attacks, many were surprised to learn that he was alertedby his secretary who was "watching television" in his Washington, D.C. office. Inessence, though the FAA had known at least four planes were veering far off their course,while the Pentagon, too, had been tracking at least two of the hijacked planes, Mr.
Cheney received his initial intelligence report by way of television through his clericalsecretary.
20) "Drugs and terrorism go hand in hand," wrote investigative journalist and retiredLAPD officer Michael C. Ruppert (http://www.copvcia.com) "Conveniently ignored inall of the press coverage since the tragic events of Sept. 11," Mr. Ruppert wrote, "is thefact that on May 17 Secretary of State Colin Powell announced a gift of $43 million tothe Taliban as a purported reward for its eradication of Afghanistan's opium crop thisFebruary. That, in effect, made the U.S. the Taliban's largest financial benefactoraccording to syndicated columnist Robert Scheer writing in The Los Angeles Times onMay 22." 21) "Now as US military action will replace the Taliban government and fresh crops willbe planted in Afghanistan," Mr. Ruppert continued, "the slack in cash flow will assuredlybe replaced by dramatically increased opium production in Colombia; the revenues fromthat effort being needed to maintain the revenue streams into Wall Street. Prior to theWTC attacks, credible sources, including the U.S. government, the IMF, Le Monde andthe U.S. Senate placed the amount of drug cash flowing into Wall Street and U.S. banksat around $250-$300 billion a year." 22) Mr. Ruppert also revealed that an Executive Director at the CIA named A. "Buzzy"Krongard is suspected of Wall Street profiteering from foreknowledge of the Sept 11attacks. Formerly with Bankers Trust catering to the world's wealthiest clients of theDeutsch Bank. (The Deutsche Bank is heavily implicated in Dr. Len Horowitz's bookDeath in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare released in June, 2001) In1999, Mr. Krongard left Deutsch Bank for his present high-level job in the CIA.
Enormous quantities of "Put" options were handled through the Deutsche Bank, whichallowed the options buyers to earn profits in the event the value of airline stocks wentdown. The appearance of advance knowledge of Sept. 11 is so strong that to date $2.5Million of the $20 Million in profits earned on those unusual trades, remains unclaimed,possibly by Mr. Krongard, or other affiliates of the CIA.
[[Note: the Ruppert report did not directly or indirectly say that Krongard himselfprofited. There is a connection, but it does not lead to any named individual investors inthose transactions -- at least yet.]] 23) Many journalists have reported that the bombing of Afghanistan, allegedly intendedto punish the Taliban for affiliations with Bin Laden, is simply a cover for thatgovernment's reneging of support for an oil pipeline through Afghanistan from the vast 26 Reasons Why “White Collar Terrorists” are to Blame Caspian Sea oil fields. September 11 provided a great excuse to pursue thispetrochemical, economic, and "national security" objective.
24) On December 20, 1997, the national newspaper CONTACT: The Phoenix Project,published an interview on anthrax biowarfare threats and vaccinations in which Dr.
Leonard Horowitz was asked "about the government's pressure to vaccinate [using theanthrax vaccine] and the bioweapons scare tactics, etc." He responded: "Look at themotive behind the persuasion, and what is it? They're preparing to blame it on theMuslims, Christian patriots, and militia groups. The militia groups are alreadydysfunctional because they're penetrated by agitators." This is precisely what followed in the wake of the 9-11 attacks. Muslim groups wereblamed for the 9-11 attacks. Christian patriots were blamed for the anthrax mailings.
Militia groups were entirely silenced and even implicated. And false patriotism in whichAmericans welcome the destruction of basic constitutional liberties with CIA commandover the entire U.S. military and Government has come to pass.
25) On October 31, 2001 the American people and U.S. Constitutional freedoms wereattacked, not by the Taliban government or Muslim terrorists, but by CDC officials whoadvanced the "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act" that will force masses ofpeople suspected of exposure to broadly-defined "infectious diseases" and biologicalweapons into concentration camp-like holding facilities for drugging, vaccination, andquarantine, without any viable legal recourse.
26) The entire 9-11 tragedy and subsequent threats to U.S. national and global securitiesfits far too perfectly with standard Machiavellian theory to be overlooked. This ongoingpractice-the "problem/reaction/solution" agenda of precisely "managed chaos"-appears tobe standard operating procedures for oligarchs historically bend on developing a "NewWorld Order." Sadly now for the American people, as it has been for the Third World,this effort includes killing approximately half of the world's current population.
For more information, review the following websites: http://www.davidicke.com/icke/index1a.html http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO109C.html 26 Reasons Why “White Collar Terrorists” are to Blame

Source: http://www.natural-person.ca/pdf/26_Reasons_Why.pdf


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