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Lexmark T654n
Design for Environment
This Lexmark product offers the following resource conserving
Power Saver – Reduces the power state of the printer after printing – adjustable
Scheduled Warm-up using MarkVision – Conserves energy by scheduling
power saver to engage during specified days and times during the week ♦ Eco-Mode – Conserves energy - Operator panel backlight and advance paper
start are disabled and the fuser is not continually heated ♦ Quiet Mode – Reduces noise emission by adjusting print speed, disabling
advanced paper start, disabling or minimizing beeps (key press, alarms, etc.), and adjusting fan speed (Quiet mode may be combined with Eco-Mode) ♦ Multi-Page Printing – Prints multiple page images on one page
Recycled Paper – Supports the use of recycled content media
Forms Card Option – Eliminates stocking paper forms
Print and Hold – Holds print jobs until released by the user at the printer interface
by entering a pin number (Hard drive option needed) ♦ Toner Darkness Control – Adjusts the print darkness to conserve toner
High Yield/Extra High Yield Toner Cartridges – More toner per cartridge
reduces the energy and materials used per printed page Product Restricted Materials
Recyclable Design
The reduction of materials harmful to persons or the environment is a significant part of Lexmark's commitment to continuously improving the Mechanical plastic parts over 100g consist of one or more easily environmental design of all our products and services. Lexmark has developed a multi-layered due diligence process to ensure that all Use of non-separable connections between different materials, such as materials going into Lexmark products are safe and compliant with global regulations regarding hazardous substances. This product is compliant with the requirements of the European Union's Product Description:
Directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Measurements provided are for a non-packaged Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS). This product is compliant with the requirements of the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals
Weight 21.86 kg | 48.19 lbs (without cartridge)
Width 425 mm | 16.73 in
This product and its packaging are labeled as required by China’s Depth 510 mm | 20.08 in
“Management Methods for Controlling Pollution by Electronic Information
Height 438 mm | 17.24 in
The product does not contain:
Due to printer weight this printer requires at least two people to lift it safely. For additional information consult the Operational Data
Speed (Letter – ppm) Up to: 55
Speed (A4 - ppm) Up to: 53
Power (W) Printing
Ozone depleting chemicals (Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, HCFCs, HBFCs, 1,1,1-trichlorethane, carbon tetrachloride, methyl Halogenated flame retardants in cover sets Acoustic Noise
This product contains the following in limited quantities as allowed
by regulations:
Lead (use is limited to small amounts for specific applications) Chemical Emissions
Battery Usage
Printer emissions testing is performed in accordance with the “Test The battery contained within this product does not contain cadmium, method for the determination of emissions from hardcopy devices with respect to awarding the environmental label for office devices with printing function according to RAL-UZ 122, “ BAM April 2006. Battery Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide coin cell Emitted Substance
according to
Ozone (mg/h)
Styrene (mg/h)
Benzene (mg/h)
Dust (mg/h)
TVOC (mg/h)
*BQL – Below Quantifiable Limits *Note: The print test is performed using genuine Lexmark supplies. Emissions Packaging
Product Safety
Packaging Materials
Material Safety Data Sheets are available for Lexmark Printer supplies at:
Additional safety information about this product is in the User’s Reference and at:
Longevity and upgrading
Standard Warranty
9 Please check the availability of municipal recycling programs in your area that will accept these packaging materials. Extended Warranty
9 Plastic packaging materials are marked according to DIN 6120, ISO Spare parts and service is available for a minimum of 5 years. Information about upgrades is available online at 9 Plastic packaging is free from halogen and ozone depleting
9 In order to comply with the local packaging take-back requirements in Europe, Lexmark is a member of a packaging recovery scheme. The “Green Dot” symbol is printed on Lexmark packaging when Company Information

End-of-Life Management/Recycling
Lexmark offers customers an environmentally responsible choice for disposal of end-of-life printers- the Lexmark Equipment Collection
Program. Through this program, customers may return any end-of-life
Lexmark branded products, and Lexmark will recycle the equipment for Lexmark also offers customers an environmentally responsible choice for disposal of used toner cartridges- the Lexmark Cartridge Collection
Program. The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program diverts millions of
Lexmark cartridges from landfills annually by making it both easy and free for Lexmark customers to return used print cartridges to Lexmark for reuse or recycling. One hundred percent of the empty cartridges returned to Lexmark are either reused or demanufactured for recycling. Boxes used to return the cartridges are also recycled.
Visit for information specific to the recycling
vision and values – the cornerstone of Lexmark fully complies with the European Union’s Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.
company in our global community. This means that we will fully comply with the Lexmark T654n


Compatible with
Recycled Paper


Power Saver
Quiet Mode


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