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C o n s t i p a t i o n
Constipation is defined as a decrease in the frequency of Medicines
bowel movements, or difficulty in passing the stool. Each A number of medicines can affect bowel contractions, individual has a par ticular bowel pattern, and what is normal resulting in constipation. Codeine and codeine derivatives varies widely. There is no medical evidence that daily bowel are among the more common examples; others responsible movements are required for good health. If the stool is both are antacids, iron pills and antidepressants.
normally formed and passed without excessive straining, theperson is not constipated, even though he or she may have Irritable bowel syndrome
a bowel movement only once or twice a week.
This disorder involves the small intestine and colon, and Causes of Constipation
is associated with var ying degrees of abdominal pain,constipation or diarrhoea. It may be a reaction to stress in Diet, exercise and medication are all factors that can some people who are susceptible to developing it.
affect bowel function. It is more impor tant to take note ofany change in bowel habits than to worr y unnecessarily about whether your regular pattern of bowel movements isnormal. If, for example, you suddenly become constipated Dieting is so popular today that it is easy to overlook the and the problem doesn’t resolve itself within a few days, it fact that you may be imposing a radically new regime on may be a symptom of an underlying disease. The chances of your digestive system. It will take time for your body to this being a major illness are extremely slight, but the accommodate any change of this kind. If your eating habits following conditions all may have constipation as one of their change permanently, your bowel pattern may do the same.
Thyroid deficiency
Lazy bowel
An under active thyroid gland may effect the Waste material is moved through the colon by rhythmic contractions of the bowel muscles, causing constipation.
contractions of the colonic muscles. In some conditions, People with thyroid deficiency tend to feel apathetic and these muscles lose their tone and are unable to function sluggish, and to be sensitive to cold. The skin becomes dr y, properly. People who regularly ignore the call to stool, run cool and rough, the hair brittle, and the voice sounds low the risk of developing a lazy bowel.
and husky. Pulse rate is slow and it is common to put onweight.
Constipation is common during pregnancy. There is a higher level of hormone progesterone present in the body, The first symptom of appendicitis is pain, which usually especially during the later months of pregnancy, which causes star ts in the upper abdomen then moves to the lower right- the smooth muscle of the bowel wall to become sluggish.
hand side. Constipation may occur as a symptom, with The uterus is also increasing in size and pressing on the bowels, pushing them upward and backward. The problemcan best be prevented by a proper diet ie. taking enough Diabetes
Diabetes mellitus may effect the contractions of the intestine. The result could be either diarrhoea or Inactivity
constipation. However, the classic signs of constipation are Simple inactivity can be a cause of constipation. Any excessive urination, an excessive hunger and possibly weight medical problem that confines you to bed for a few days is loss despite increased food intake. Without these major likely to make you constipated. People with shor t term or symptoms, constipation is ver y unlikely to indicate the onset long term physical handicaps that restrict their level of activity are likely to suffer constipation at some time.
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