Axicon 9025Portable Unit for use withAxicon Verifiers PRODUCT SUMMARYThe Axicon 9025 is a portable display unit designed toenable ISO/CEN/ANSI barcode verification when usedin conjunction with an Axicon 6000, 6500 or 7000Series Verifier. Unlike any other portable unit, the Axicon 9025 utilisesthe power of the Microsoft Pocket PC™ to provide theuser with clear screens in full colour. Using the same vari-able aperture technology found in the Axicon Verifier, theuser is assured that all barcodes are verified with the cor-rect aperture according to all of the current internationalstandards. This rugged, light-weight, hand held portable unit is com-plete with robust leather case and dual lithium ion batter-ies. The full colour display can be used to show a range ofinformation including: Info Screen - Displays barcode symbology and number,plus ISO/CEN/ANSI grade, data content, X dimen- sion/magnification and light margins in colour codedpanels. Summary Screen - Provides information on bar gain, bar-code structure, verification of check digit (again in colour Detail Screen - Displays the seven ISO/CEN/ANSI param-eters, showing the percentages and resulting grade Job Reference Screen - Allows a job reference to be enteredvia the touchscreen for ISO traceability and spreadsheet information. This content is included in the printed report. Product Lookup Option - Links the software to any .txt or .csv file. On scanning, both the barcode and a descrip-tion of the product are shown. AI Checker - Gives the user descriptions of the application identifiers used in UCC/EAN-128 and RSS barcodesand then validates the information following, checking for possible structure and content errors (e.g. date errors,check digit errors, incorrect field lengths etc.) THE RANGE
Axicon 9025
An easy to use portable display unit for the Axicon range of ISO/CEN/ANSI grade barcode verifiers. This unit gives a truly portable solution for barcode verification, whatever your requirement, providing the enhanced features of UCC/EAN-128 data content validation and also product lookup. Symbologies Verified:
EAN/UPC (with or without addons), ITF/Case Code, Code 39, Codabar, Code128, UCC/EAN-128, Analysis Performed:
Full ISO/CEN/ANSI parameter analysis, Light Margin validation, Check digit verification, Data length, Parity, Control Characters and Structure checking, Wide to Narrow bar ratio display and verification, and Nominal bar width analysis, Automatic variable aperture sensing 4, 5, 6, 10 or 20 mil (with appropriate verifier). Error Messages:
Colour coded tabs for Check Digit, Structure, Light Margin, Magnification, ISO parameters. Options: UCC/EAN-128 data content, product lookup table.
User Settable Features: Reflectance Calibration, Pass/Fail Grade, Number of Average Scans ISO/CEN/ ANSI Grading,
Diagnostic Screens:
ISO/CEN/ANSI Grading, Info, Summary, Detail, Lookup and EAN/UCC-128/RSS Expanded Data Content screens.
Field upgradeable, latest software can be loaded via the memory card. Dimensions:
Carry Case:
Input: USB1.1. Output: IR to appropriate printer Operation:
Portable IR Printer, Extra Stylus, Memory Cards, Memory card reader.
Church Road, Weston on the GreenOxfordshire, OX25 3QPTel.: +44 (0) 1869 351155Fax: +44 (0) 1869 351205Email: [email protected]

Source: http://www.lasermaster.com.ar/downloads/9025.pdf

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