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Kid Ginseng’s mother was a French chanteuse; his father a musician descended from Viking warriors. They formed a traveling band, and from that union, Kid Ginseng was born in the mid 1980’s. Ginseng explores emotions and how they differentiate from each other. One can hear this in his music. It can have a happy bounce or a sinister vibration. He has been a member of Tom Tom Club, and has received praise from people such as DJ Qbert. He has performed along side acts that include Hong Kong Counterfeit and Lake Trout. An audio interview featuring the voice of Arthur Baker was used in a Kid Ginseng electrofunk collage, during the year 2000. Ginseng continues to perform in and outside of New York City. Kid Ginseng started as a skratch DJ, very into electrofunk but started to focus more and more on song writing in the new millennium. He still has been known to show off some DJ tricks though. Ginseng has a discography of five self-released EP’s and tracks on 2 elite compilations by Hip Hop Slam. Most of the other tracks on the compilations were by San Francisco turntablists, may of which ended up as major artists in the Doug Pray documentary “Scratch.” Kid Ginseng was already a fan of the label and was excited to be embraced by them. Ginseng also released a megamix cassette with cutting and skratching overdubs. It was b-boy electro boogie and also some miami bass. It was the year 2000 and was called “Germanik Robotz,” and was well received by the worldwide skratch scene. Qbert also collects electro boogie jams and liked the tape. Next his first EP was titled “1LL-eKtr0 ep” under the name “Kraftjerkz.” It focused on polyrythms and unexpected changes. He was challenging himself. Then he produces “Canibinoidz” with partner Jonny Steady for the “Scratch Attack” radio show and CD. Next was the self-titled “Kraftjerkz,” a dark collection with a compressed, punk sound quality in 2002. It was obviously pitch black but with a joke track too. 2003 was the year of “The Haunting of Andy Warhol.” A bizarre tempo with some hidden pop culture samples, for Hip Hop Slam records. Next a demo called “Red Letters” was produced. it showed Ginseng’s new approach to song writing and got him more gigs. In 2004 Ginseng self-released “Rise Of The Suburbs.” It had a teenage theme and contained very important songs for Kid Ginseng’s live show. It was material he had written as a teen and up to age 20 or so. This was the catchiest he had ever been. It was definitely a hit with the the “all-ages” crowd. Now in 2006, the european La La Land [records] has coaxed this young american artist into allowing the release of his new collection, Kid Ginseng’s “Blesse” ep! The sounds range from Bunker records to industrial to punk. His vocals are sad and intense. This ep features some vocals by Anat Ben-David who is currently playing as a member of Chicks on Speed. There is also a secret guest on the track “Pushin’ Yayo.” Jonny Steady and Kid Ginseng collaborate to produce this melodic and hard track under the name Don Guido. For the concepts: Most of it is generated out of melancholy, anger, and then dancing to achieve relief. It is dance music with heart and passion. Kid Ginseng definitely claims his own island in the sea with this powerful and inspiring release. “Blessé” is out on La La Land Records in a strictly limited edition of 444 copies. OFFICIAL WEBSITE : CONTACT :
La La Land [records] PO Box 95 2630 AB Nootdorp The Netherlands kid ginseng - early & present works
2006 : Blessé (CD)
Present and Future Hope Boom Boom Kid Song (ftr. Anat ben-David) Pushin' Yayo (by Don Guido) Analog Tantrum (c) La La Land Records 2004 : Rise of the Suburbs
Stun Gun Alpha Male Danger Room Girl you Fucked up my Head (c) Kid Ginseng Music inc. 2002 : Kraftjerkz (as
Life Death Release Danger Room 2 (c) Kraftjerkz 2001 : 1LL-eKtr0 ep (as
) (CDr)
2000 : Germanic Robotz
(cassette only)
2,3 Break Electro Boogie Encounter Body Mechanic World Class Beat '89 When I Hear Music Rock the World Juice Play at your Own Planet Rock Fixxxed Bayonetz 2 Arthur Intro Let the Music Play El Naafiysh (c) PooPooProject


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SICHERHEITSDATENBLATT FÜR GEFÄHRLICHE STOFFE UND ZUBEREITUNGEN GEMÄSS RICHTLINIE 1907/2006/EG STOFF/ZUBEREITUNGS- UND FIRMENBEZEICHNUNG Bezeichnung des Stoffes oder der Zubereitung: Ameisen-Ex Detia Freyberg GmbH Dr.-Werner-Freyberg-Str. 11 D-69514 Laudenbach Giftinformationszentrum (GIZ) Universitätsklinikum Mainz Tel.: 06131-19240 MÖGLICHE GEFAHREN - Sehr giftig fü

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OSTEOPOROSI: UN PROGETTO PILOTA PER LA PREVENZIONE Divulgare quanto più possibile fra le persone anziane della nostra regione i pericoli e i danni che derivano da una malattia particolarmente insidiosa e che comporta un percorso fortemente invalidante: l'osteoporosi. E' questo è il motivo fondamentale del nostro incontro con i giornalisti. Fondamentale per la sua organizzazione è stato il

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