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Quality of Life Measurement in Children Requiring Warfarin Therapy
- committed to improving outcomes for patients?
- wanting to further your professional qualifications?
- interested in working within an internationally recognised
multi-disciplinary department that successfully integrates clinical
practice and research?
An exciting opportunity exists for a suitably qualified/experienced professional to undertake a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Nursing through the School of Nursing and Social Work at The University of Melbourne. This funded project is based within the Royal Children’s Hospital Clinical Haematology Department. Suitable applicants eligible for registration with the Nurses Board of Victoria may be offered a part-time clinical appointment within the Clinical Haematology Department to supplement their research scholarship. Project Overview
This project aims to improve understanding regarding Quality of Life issues in children requiring long-term anticoagulant therapy and in their families. Adult evidence suggests quality of life in patients requiring anticoagulant therapy improves when they actively participate in their health care management by performing requisite blood monitoring tests in their home. Such a study has never been conducted in a paediatric setting. Children and their families currently receiving anticoagulant management at RCH will form the population for this study. Quality of life will be assessed pre and post commencement of a validated home blood The Applicant – Selection Criteria
>2years clinical experience either in general paediatrics or in adult haematology; Excellent communication skills with colleagues, children and their families; Experience in the delivery of patient education programs; The ability to liaise with people at all levels and maintain confidentiality; Completed at least a four-year honours degree from an Australian university, or a qualification or combination of qualifications considered to be equivalent. Applicants should have achieved an overall H1 (80-100%) or H2A (75-79%) grade in the relevant honours degree. Quality of Life Measurement in Children Requiring Warfarin Therapy
Have approval for a full-time enrolment in a Master of Philosophy in the School of Nursing and Social Work, The University of Melbourne; be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident; not have already completed a degree at the same level or at a higher level as the proposed candidature. Eligible for Division 1 Registration with the Nurses’ Board of Victoria; Experience in clinical trials/research process. How to Apply
Please provide a statement against the Selection Criteria, a copy of your CV, contact details of two referees, and certified copies of academic transcripts to: Please note that the application for this scholarship is separate to the application for the Master of Philosophy (MPhil). Information about the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) can be For further information on this scholarship opportunity, please contact: Application Deadline:
5pm, Thursday, 9 April 2009


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