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Handicap & Competitions Committee

Competitions wil be played under the Rules of Golf as published by R&A Rules
Limited and the USGA, including Local Rules made by the Handicap and
Competitions Committee of Glen Gorse Golf Club. The Committee has no power to
waive a Rule of Golf (Rule 33-1).


Competition Entry
The Committee will set up competitions on the BRS Tee Time Booking System (TTBS), with starting times left to the choice of each competitor. The
President, Vice-President, Hon. Treasurer, Gents’ Captain & Vice-Captain, Ladies’
Captain & Vice-Captain, and Chairman/Secretary of the Men’s and Ladies’ Handicap
Committees, together with the respective Handicap Committee members
administering the competition wil be pre-entered, subject to the respective Handicap
Committee members being restricted to two tee times for each of the Men’s &
Ladies’ Handicap Committees. At the discretion of the Men’s H&CC Chairman,
these times may be increased for Men’s Captain’s Day and Gents’ Invitation or any
other competitions where the administrative duties justify the same.
The Committee wil determine the first and last starting times. All competitions, with the exception of the Gents’ Invitation, Seniors’ Opens and the Mixed Open (which wil open four weeks and a day before), wil
normal y open on the TTBS two weeks and a day before the competition.
For al competitions, unless otherwise stated, the TTBS opens in the Clubhouse on Fridays at 7.00pm and online at 9.00pm. A pre-entry system wil be
available to members at least 30 minutes before the TTBS opens for bookings.
When the TTBS opens in the Clubhouse, a H&CC representative wil supervise the
pre-entry system and members cal ed out may then book their preferred starting
times or use the Waiting List facility (if enabled). Information on this facility is in
Section 5 of the Competitions and Priority on the Course policy document and the
separate Members’ Information Sheet.
Members may only enter other members’ names if they know they can play. If a member fails to play in a competition, the member who entered the
name(s) may also be subject to a two competition disqualification (see Breaches of
Etiquette (a) Failure to Play).
The TTBS wil normal y close at 9.00am on the Friday prior to a Competition Groups (Rule 6-3b)

The maximum number of competitors for each tee time al ocated shal be shown on
the TTBS.


Slow Play (Rule 6-7)
A player must at al times play and move between the green and next tee without undue delay. The Committee, in an attempt to prevent slow play has
under Rule 6-7 note 2, laid down some guidelines. They include maximum periods
of time al owed to complete a stipulated round. The fol owing pace of play
guidelines, therefore, should be observed:
Discontinuing Play for Refreshment (Rule 6-8a)
Players may enter the Festival House for refreshment during a round, without penalty. However, they must not unduly delay either their own play or that of their opponent or any other player. "The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee has established. Between the completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play." (Rule 6-7) Therefore, if the 13th tee is not clear, stopping at the Festival House until it is cleared is al owed. If there is a gap, players must not linger at the Festival House, refreshments being consumed whilst "on the move". Should players not wish to take refreshments, then normal etiquette applies, and they should ask the group in front before proceeding to the 13th tee. However, players should not expect to play through as long as the group in front is keeping up with the group ahead of them. As a general reminder, priority on the course is determined by a group's pace of
play, unless otherwise determined by the Committee.
Players reported for failing to adhere to this clause wil be written to for an
explanation. If the Committee determines that a player has breached Rule 6-8a, the
player wil be disqualified from the competition and may incur a one or two
competition ban.
Suspension of play due to a dangerous situation (Rule 6-8b)
When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they must not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they must discontinue play immediately, mark the position of their golf ball and not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If players fail to discontinue play immediately, they are disqualified, unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 33-7. The signal for suspending play immediately due to a dangerous situation wil be a prolonged note of the siren. (The signal to resume play is two short notes of the siren, repeated. The signal to discontinue play (for the day) is three consecutive notes of the siren, repeated.) Players’ Other Responsibilities
Time of starting (Rule 6-3a)
Players must start at the times laid down by the Committee as shown on the TTBS.
(See also 2.2 as to not teeing off before a competition). Players are reminded that
they may not tee off before their allocated tee time. If a competitor arrives at his
starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, (which wil be
determined by the Pro’s Shop), the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the
first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play. Otherwise, the
penalty for breach of this Rule, including starting before the time on the TTBS, is
disqualification. If the Committee determines that exceptional circumstances have
prevented a player from starting on time, there is no penalty.
Failure to return cards (Rule 6-6b)
After completion of the round, competitors should check their score for each hole
and settle any doubtful points. They must ensure that the marker has signed the
card, sign the card themselves and return it to the Committee as soon as possible.
Competitors should note careful y that the penalty for breach of Rule 6-6b is
Requirement to enter score into computer
(This is not a Condition of Competitions under the R&A Rules, but it is a Club
Regulation – R&A Decision 6-6b/8 refers.) To assist in the administration of
competitions, the Committee requires competitors to enter their scores into the
computer terminal(s) in the Clubhouse as soon as possible after completion of the
round. Any competitor failing to comply with this regulation may be subject to the
disciplinary sanction provided in clause 7.2a below.


Breaches of Etiquette

Any player reported for a breach of etiquette wil be written to by the Committee, who
wil consider the player’s response (if any), e.g. extenuating circumstances to be
taken into account. The Committee wil then inform the player of its decision.
Failure to play
Failure to play in a competition in which a member has entered may be considered a breach of etiquette.


In the event of extreme weather conditions, competitors may, with the agreement of their fel ow competitors, pay the competition entry fee and withdraw
from the competition without penalty, with no handicap adjustment. Non-payment
will result in the competitor(s) being disqualified from entering the next two
competitions due to open on the TTBS.


After the TTBS has closed a competition, if a competitor finds that they can no longer take part, it is their responsibility to inform the Pro’s Shop at the earliest opportunity, giving the reason for their inability or unavailability to play. A competitor failing to observe this courtesy may be disqualified from taking part in the next two competitions due to open on the TTBS. They will also be required to pay the entry fee for the missed competition. Failure to pay the appropriate fee will result in continued disqualification from further competitions. Any member dissatisfied with the Committee’s decision has the right of appeal by writing to their respective Handicap and Competitions Committee.
Failure to enter scores

Failure to enter hole-by-hole scores into the Clubhouse computer terminal(s) at the
end of a round is a breach of clause 6.3. A competitor failing to comply may be
disqualified either from taking part in the next competition due to open on the TTBS,
or any other event that the Committee may specify.
Failure to complete a stipulated round (No Returns)
All players who enter a competition are expected to return a score. Those that do not, receive a 0.1 increase in accordance with clause 20.4 of the
CONGU UHS. If the Committee is of the opinion that the player is deliberately
building a handicap, the cards can be refused and disciplinary action applied by way
of suspension of handicap (clause 24 CONGU).
Failing to complete the round can and does have an important bearing on Competition Scratch Score calculations. A CSS that does not truly reflect the
average play on the day has repercussions for those competitors who might wel
have their handicaps adjusted (cut or increased) inappropriately.

The respective Handicap Committees monitor al No Returns and maintain records of players who persistently walk off the course whether it is
because of bad weather, slow play or any other unacceptable reason. The
Chairman/ Secretary can as a matter of routine, write to al those competitors who do
not complete a stipulated round and for those who appear to be making this a
regular practice, are empowered to disqualify them from entering one or more future
events, in addition or as an alternative to suspension of handicap (see 7.3a).
Incomplete Cards
The Committee has an obligation to ensure, so far as possible, that al cards taken out in qualifying competitions are returned to the Committee, including
incomplete cards. The Committee, therefore, requires that al cards be returned
whether complete or not. (Clause 6.2 above refers.) It also expects that every
competitor who enters for an 18-hole qualifying competition intends to complete the
The purpose of applying a Stableford point calculation under clause 19 of the CONGU UHS is to reduce the impact of extremely bad scores on a hole or
holes in stroke play qualifying competitions. It has, therefore, now become much
more important to record as many scores as possible in a round (the only exception
being the one or two holes which necessitated the submission of a nil return).
Mobile Phones (including pagers and similar devices)
Unless being used as a Distance Measuring Device strictly in accordance with the Local Rule, these may not be used anywhere on the golf course (including on practice days if applicable), by players or caddies for making/sending or receiving cal s or texts, except in cases of emergency. Any player found to have breached this condition may be disqualified. Weekday Medal and Stableford Competitions

The Committee will determine the number, frequency and timing of any weekday
Competition Entry Fees
The Handicap and Competitions Committee wil determine competition entry fees for male/mixed competitions. Entry fees for ladies wil be as agreed from
time to time by the Ladies’ Section. Entry fees wil be clearly shown on the TTBS.
The level of competition entry fees charged wil be reviewed on a regular basis.
Members with inactive handicaps playing in qualifying competitions for handicap purposes only wil be required to pay an entry fee and may enter and win
any “2s” competition run by the Professional.

Members on trial/introductory membership wil be required to pay the entry fee for any weekday qualifying competition they enter.
Prizes for Club Competitions
Male competitions

Vouchers wil be awarded to the winners of al competitions. The prizes and
distribution wil be decided by the Handicap & Competitions Committee and subject
to entries.
Female competitions

Vouchers and other prizes wil be as agreed from time to time by the Ladies’ Section.
Deciding Tied Scores
In the event of a tie in any stroke play competition, excluding the (men’s) Club Championship and the Scratch Cup, and any of the Ladies’ Section competitions that require a play-off to determine the winner, the fol owing local rule wil be applied: Best total gross scores over last 9 holes –
If stil tied, then card match from the 1st hole wil apply less 1/18 handicap. For the
purposes of multi-tee start competitions the last 9 wil be holes 10 – 18, last 6 wil be
13 – 18 etc.

Trophy Presentations
The Club wil retain trophies until the season is complete. The respective Captains wil make the presentations at the Trophy Suppers, which traditional y take place in October each year. Membership Participation in Competitions
All ful members, unless otherwise disqualified, are eligible to enter al of their respective gender and mixed competitions, subject to having paid their
subscriptions, which are due on 1 November annual y. Participation by 5-day and 7-
day restricted weekend play members is subject to any restrictions in force from time
to time as shown on the annual subscription invoices and the Club’s Competitions
and Priority on the Course policy.
Members with an inactive handicap are not permitted to participate in Captains’/President’s Days, knockout (match play) or Fur & Feather competitions.
There are no restrictions on participation in other qualifying competitions, including
certain weekend competitions as specified on the TTBS, but participation in those
weekend competitions wil be for handicap purposes only. Members on
trial/introductory membership may participate in weekday qualifying competitions
only. Any restrictions on participation wil be shown on the TTBS for each
Juniors with handicaps of 5 (boys) / 6 (girls) and below can enter the majority of weekend competitions (the Gents’ Invitation being one exception) and are
eligible to compete for al the main prizes.
Juniors with handicaps 6-12 (boys) / 7-15 (girls) can enter al competitions five days before the competition if there are times available, (except the
Gents’ Invitation) and are eligible to compete for al main prizes.
Juniors with handicaps 13–18 (boys) / 16-23 (girls) MUST obtain the
permission of the respective Captains before any weekend qualifying competition but
play only for handicap purposes and a Junior Prize if applicable. Juniors in these
handicap bands wil be permitted to enter no earlier than two days before a weekend
qualifying competition if there are times available.
Juniors with handicaps above 18 (boys) / 23 (girls) cannot normal y participate in weekend competitions.
Juniors, whatever their handicap, are not al owed to play in any of the Fur & Feather competitions. However, a junior who has attained 18 years of age by
the date of such a competition may compete.
All juniors must play with an adult in weekend competitions. Juniors
do not have to play with an adult in the weekday competitions.
In weekday events, juniors with handicaps in excess of 12 (boys) / 15 (girls) wil compete for a junior prize only. The provision of a junior prize wil be
dependent upon the number of junior entrants. A junior entrant with a handicap of
12 (boys) /15 (girls) or less is eligible to compete for al the main prizes.
Junior girls with active handicaps up to and including 36 are eligible to compete in the EWGA Medals for the EWGA Club Medal awarded annual y.
University, armed forces and country members are not permitted to play in any of the trophy, knockout, Fur and Feather or Captains’/President’s Days
(unless invited to do so by the respective Captains/President). Play in other
competitions is al owed, on payment of a green fee (at the rate agreed by Council),
as is play in Open Competitions on payment of the visitor’s green fee.
GGGC CofC 2013


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