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8– Substantial Improvement Requirements-
any substantially improved or substantially dam-
aged (more than 50% of the value of the structure)
must be brought up to NFIP and Georgetown
County’s ordinance requirements. If the lowest fin-
ished floor of the existing house is below the base
flood elevation and the cost of the repair or renova-
tions is 50% or greater then the structure’s original
fair market value, the structure must be raised or
elevated above the BFE. In Velocity Zones, the low-
est horizontal member must be brought up to at
Did You Know You Are In
least one foot above the BFE. Georgetown County enforces a five year cumulative requirement for sub- Or Near A Floodplain?
9- Drainage System Maintenance- In addition to
flood insurance, you should protect your home by
ordinary preventive means. Do not sweep or blow
yard debris into the street or storm water system. If
your property is adjacent to a drainage way, please
help us by keeping the banks clear of brush and
debris. Dumping in ditches is illegal. To report prob-
lems with drainage facilities or violations, please call
10– Flood Prone Areas- To determine which flood
zone your property is located in, please call the
Georgetown County Building Department at 843-545
-3116. Flood zone map information may be viewed
online at www.georgetowncountysc.org.
town Coun

SFHA shown in red
Ten Facts Every Property Owner Should Know
1-Local Flood Hazard Much of Georgetown
Contact your insurance agent. And remember, your home- of contaminants such as oil, paint, anti- County is susceptible to flooding from coastal owner’s policy does not protect you from flood damage. storms and exceptional lunar tides. Rainfall from Georgetown County participates in the Community Rating 6-Flood Warning System The Georgetown
Hurricane Floyd dropped almost a foot of rain on System (CRS). By doing so, policy holders receive a dis- coordinates the system for warnings related 2-What You Can Do To Protect Your Prop-
4-Property Protection In order to protect your property,
to flooding events. Other agencies include erty Check with Georgetown County Building
electrical panel boxes, heat pumps, washers and dryers, Department at 843-545-3116 to find out what and water heaters should be elevated or relocated to areas flood zone you are in and what the base flood less likely to be subjected to flood waters. Elevate and an- division (SCEMD). Radio and cable alerts elevation (BFE) is for your location. Check with chor fuel tanks. Raising furniture and other valuables on can be activated as well as the Community Georgetown County Emergency Management at blocks will offer protection. Know what options there are to Alert Network which has the capacity to call 843-545-3273 to find out about the flood warning retrofit your home to reduce or avoid flood damage. There affected properties individually on the tele- system and what evacuation routes you should are several documents in the public library pertaining to phone. The Georgetown County Sheriff’s take. There are specific measures that you should take to protect yourself from flood waters. Learn how to turn off gas and electricity to your Staff from the Georgetown County Emergency Manage- have procedures in place to warn residents ment Office are prepared to make site visits upon request house and do so if flooding is imminent. Do not to assist you with flooding issues. This service is provided walk through flood waters or drive through them. Drowning is the number one cause of flood deaths followed by electrocution from downed 5-Natural And Beneficial Functions Of Floodplains
with state and federal authorities. Such Natural floodplains generally include marsh areas and low notices shall be transmitted on local televi- lying areas adjacent to creeks. Open parks also have natu- sion and radio stations, as well as door to For free information and brochures on how to ral floodplains. Our natural floodplains reduce damage by protect yourself and your dwelling contact allowing flood waters to spread out over large areas which Georgetown County Building Department at 843- helps facilitate absorption into the ground, reduces flow 7-Permit Requirements Georgetown
545-3116. Additional information can be found on rates and serve as a flood storage area. We should all do the FEMA web site at www.fema.gov, and at our part to keep our flood plain and floodplain waters free nance requires that all construction, addi- tions, conversions, and /or development comply with certain minimum standards 3-Flood Insurance Georgetown County partici-
intended to minimize damage from floods. pates in the National Flood Insurance Program Building permits must be obtained from the (NFIP) The US Congress passed a law making it mandatory for property owners to obtain a flood Land disturbance activities may require a insurance policy if the structure is in a special permit from the Stormwater Division of the flood hazard area (SFHA) and the loan is feder- building department as well. To obtain in- ally backed. A new insurance policy, Increased formation or a building permit, call 843-545- Cost of Compliance (ICC) is now available that 3116. If you see someone working without a assists in bringing a non compliant structure up permit or have any questions please don’t to the NFIP standards if the building is substan-

Source: http://www.georgetowncountysc.org/building/docs/femafloodplain8-25-2011.pdf


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