soft drinks
white wines
beers on tap
> mineral water medium or without gas
bottle 0,75 lt. 3,80
> Müller-Thurgau Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,30
> Farny Premium-Pils Oskar Farny, lager bitter
> mineral water medium or without gas
bottle 0,33 lt. 2,40
> tasting fresh, lively and like muscatel > LandZüngle beers speciality, naturally cloudy
0,5 lt. 2,90
> table water with gas
> Kerner Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, semi-dry
0,25 lt. 4,30
> Härle’s Feine Weiße yeast weiss beer
0,5 lt. 2,90
> drink for the young
0,4 lt. 2,60
> Grauburgunder Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional,dry
0,25 lt. 4,50
> Farny Hofgutsbier draught beer or mixed with lemonade
0,5 lt. 2,90
homemade juice & syrup
> Bianco Weißwein
Gasthaus Pension zum Forst
bottled beer
A place to relax, to feel comfortable and to enjoy life
> pure or mixed with mineral water apple clear, cloudy or red apple,
0,4 lt. 2,80
apple-sour cherry, sour cherry nectar, currant nectar Weißherbst
> Alt-Dürrener-Weiße Farny Hefeweizen yeast weiss beer dark
0,5 lt. 2,90
> pepermint syrup, balm syrup or elder blossom syrup
> weiss beer, pale
0,5 lt. 2,90
on mineral water and ice > very refreshing > Spätburgunder Weißherbst Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,50
> yeast weiss beer, light
0,5 lt. 2,90
> strong, full-bodied, reminding of red currants > non-alcoholic – yeast weiss beer
0,5 lt. 2,90
> Muskattrollinger rosé Neckarsulmer Scheuerberg QbA, regional, delightful
0,25 lt. 4,50
> Meckatzer Weiss-Gold non-alcoholic beer
> Spitzbub – strong anise aroma with a slightly bitter flavour – anise-hyssop, yarrow,
0,3 lt. 2,80
> white-/red wine mixed
> beer mixed with apple juice
hyssop, mugwort, sunflower, marshmallow blossoms > the right tea before and after meals 0,25 lt. 2,80
> weiss beer with sourcherry nectar
> Yin & Yang – perfectly harmonizing aromas – white melissa, calendula (marigold)
0,3 lt. 2,80
anise-hyssop, yarrow, mint, hibiscus blossoms > a perfect combination our award winning spirits
> Gute Laune – powerful mint aroma > a fine tea for children and adults
0,3 lt. 2,80
Mint, calendula (marigold), St. John’s wort, cornflower > Spätburgunder Rotwein Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,40
apple schnapps variety of
> Freches Früchtle – minty-fruity aroma > balanced with soothing touch
0,3 lt. 2,80
> Hausobstler apple & pear schnapps 40 %
> Merlot Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,70
> Cox Orange or Golden Delicious 40 %
(gold) 2 cl 2,20
Gasthaus Pension zum Forst
> Feierabendtee
– blossom-like mint aroma Lemon balm, camomile, mint, lavender, 0,3 lt. 2,80
> Boskoop or Elstar or Gala 40 %
> a well-balanced tea with a slightly calming quality > Trollinger mit Lemberger Neckarsulmer Scheuerberg, QbA, semi-dry
0,25 lt. 4,20
> Weirouge in the wooden barrel matured 40 %
> cup of tea (with a tea bag)
0,3 lt. 2,40
> combination of a fruity Trollinger and a strong Lemberger > Weirouge red apple schnapps, 40 %
(gold) 2 cl 2,50
black tea, green tea, peppermint, fruit, camomile, fennel-anise-cumin > Schwäbischer Landwein Württemberg, regional, semi-dry
> Weirouge red apple liqueur, 16,5 %
(silver) 2 cl 2,20
> aromatic, tasting a bit like berries, light and sweet > Schwabentequila schnapps, served with a slice of Swabian sausage and mustard
hot drinks
> Montepulciano D’Ábruzzo Italien, DOC LeAnfore *Zonin*, Italy, dry
0,25 lt. 4,50
pear schnapps variety of
> shining ruby-red, nice bouquet of bitter almonds and wild berries > yellow pear möstl (bronze) or Williams Christ 40 %
> coffee6)
> Williams Christ in the wooden barrel matured 40 %
Opening hours
> wine of the week alternating
> Williams “Gold” Williams pear & fruit extract, 38 %
> espresso6)
from fruit, berry- & herb garden
> doubleespresso6)
> sour cherry schnapps 40 %
> cappuccino6)
> sour cherry liqueur 20 %
(silver) 2 cl 2,50
10.00 to 14.00 h & from 16.00 hMonday closed.
> latte macchiato6)
red cider mild, light, 7,5 % Alk.
> sour cherry liqueur served with whipped cream cold or hot
> milk-coffee6)
0,5 lt. 2,90
> raspberry schnapps 40 %
(bronze) 2 cl 2,90
> hot chocolate with whipped cream
cider apple wine mild dry, 5,5 % Alk.
> raspberry liqueur 20 %
> DesPresso
little dessert (surprise) and a cup of espresso6) 0,5 lt. 2,80
> herb liqueur 35 % with or without ice
(silver) 2 cl 2,50
> myths herbal spirits 42 %
(bronze) 2 cl 2,50
champagne/sparkling wine/aperitif
LandZunge beef
light dishes
> champagne house aperitif
glass 3,90
> onion roastbeef roast beef from pasture beef with grilled onions,
> escalope of turkey herb-breaded, French fries & side salad
> fitness plate stripes of pork fillet on seasonal vegetables and sauce Hollandaise
> “Hugo” champagne with elder syrup, peppermint, lime and ice
glass 4,90
Swabian pasta, gravy and mixed side salad > salad plate with trimmed stripes
> champagne with elder syrup
> rumpsteak rump steak beef garnished with homemade tomato-chili-butter
> turkey breast saltimbocca grilled with fried bacon and sage,
with yoghurt-dressing, trimmed stripes of turkey fillet > champagne or mySecco pure or mixed with sour cherry nectar
glass 2,60
and a big salad plate or alternatively farmer’s potatoes & side salad
served with potato-spinach-medallion and side salad > salad plate “lake of constance” with salmon trout and pike-perch
> My Secco sparkling wine, rosé, 11,5 % vol.
bottle 14,50
> Swabian roastbeef from pasture beef
> 1/2 roasted chicken, with French fries and side salad
> big salad plate
> Layat Jahrgangssekt Kabinett, sparkling wine, dry
bottle 14,50
on homemade Swabian cheese pasta and side salad > 1/2 roasted chicken, with French fries or side salad
> medaillon of vegetables on seasonal vegetables and sauce Hollandaise
Piccolo 4,20
> pepper steak steak from pasture beef in pepper cream
> 1/2 roasted chicken, with bread
> cheese-omelette filled with herbed tomatoes, served with salad
> “Schwabenwrap” stuffed pancakes with mushrooms and vegetables,
> herb-garlic steak steak from pasture beef with house and garden pesto
> soup of the day
> potatoes boiled in their jacket with butter and herb curd
> bouillon with Swabian liver pasta
> steak “Gattnauer Art” steak from pasture beef garnished
> “lake of constance” char fillet “Müllerin”
> “vege tarian piccata” white bread in cheese-herb-egg cover, with side salad
> bouillion with stripes of herb-pancakes
with mustard & fried smoked bacon, farmer’s potatoes and side salad > “Forst”-Plate mixed grill from turkey, beef, pork and grilled sausages1),
> pike perch fillet “grandmother” garnished with bacon, onions and fresh sage,
served with boiled potatoes and mixed salad > salmon trout fillet steamed or grilled
> Henne Hilda plate 1 fried egg with fried potatoes and vegetables
> small plate of mixed salads
> Aktion LandZunge boiled beef served rustic
in herb cream sauce, served with rice and side salad > Winnie Pooh plate 1 piece of pork fillet with homemade Swabian pasta,
> goat cheese with garlic and pumpkin seed oil, leaf salad
promontory in beef broth, served with boiled potatoes and horseradish > mixed fish fillets of char, pike perch and salmon trout
> variety of cheese, coat with bread crumbs on a salad of wild growing herbs
with herb butter on almond-broccoli and boiled potatoes > Pumuckl plate porc cutlet coated with breadcrumbs, French fries, salad trimming
> crostini with house and gardenpesto
LandZunge pork
> herring fillets1) cold, with fried potatoes, onions & yoghurt-herb-dressing
> Käpt’n Blaubär plate fish sticks breaded with French fries and salad trimming
> bread with lard
> French fries with ketchup
> radish in slices with buttered bread
> escalope from pork saddle with French fries & salad
cold/warm snacks
> homemade Swabian pasta with gravy
specials of “Swabian”
> woodcutter-steak tastily marinated pork steak
> “Vesperbrettle”1) various kinds of Swabian sausages, smoked ham,
with fried egg on fried potatoes & green beans 2 different kinds of cheese, trimmings like potato salad, lard and bread with it > Swabian pasta squares filled with minced meat and spinach
> “Jäger”-escalope from pork grilled, fresh mushrooms,
> 3 salads1) salad of sliced sausages, salad of mature cheese , mixed salad,
> little ice-cream 2 scoops of ice-cream
served with grilled onions on them & side salad homemade “Swabian” pasta or French fries & side salad
(all in an oil-and-vinegar-dressing), bread with it > mini ice-cream 1 scoop of ice-cream
> Swabian pasta squares filled with minced meat and spinach
> “Zigeuner”-escalope from pork grilled natural, pepper & onions,
> salad of sliced sausages1) trimmed with onion rings, bread with it
> mixed ice-cream 3 scoops of ice-cream
served with fried stripes of ham1) and fresh mushrooms, side salad French fries or rice & side salad
> swiss salad of sliced sausages1) and Swiss cheese, onion rings and bread
> homemade Swabian cheese pasta
> Cordon Bleu “Swabian Art” filled with raw ham and brick cheese,
> beef salad with radish, cucumber, onions and pumpkin seed oil garnished, bread
> apple fritters with homemade fruit-sauce and ice-cream
served with grilled onions and side salad > mature cheese with onions in an oil-and-vinegar-dressing, bread
> sweet pancake with homemade fruit-sauce and ice-cream
> homemade Swabian pasta speciality
> Frankfurters1) with bread
> coupe Danmark vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with chocolate sauce cold
mixed with cheese and herb onions, side salad pork fillet
> cheese plate various kinds of cheese, trimmings and bread
> savoury Swabian pasta speciality
> boiled potatoes
> banana split sundae 2 scoops of vanilla and 1 scoop of chocolate ice-cream,
mixed with cheese, together with leek & ham1), fried onion rings & side salad > ragout from pork with cream, “Swabian” pasta & side salad
> fried potatoes
banana, whipped cream and chocolate sauce > fried meat loaf 1) with onion gravy and side salad
> bread with lard
> nut enjoyable 2 scoops of ice-creme with nuts, brittle and egg-nog trimmed
> pork fillets with cream sauce, potato croquettes and mixed vegetables
> radish in slices with buttered bread
> cold coffee with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream
1) Can contain preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners, flavour enhancers, sodium nitrite, cooking salt (iodine), colourants, > “Schwabenpfännle” pork fillets on homemade Swabian cheese pasta and side salad
> hot raspberries Sundae with 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream,
celery, mustard, nuts 2) cooking salt (iodine) 6) with caffeine hot raspberries and trimmed with whipped cream > Blackforest sundae 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, sour cherries, sour cherry schnapps


ZYPREXA (OLANZAPINE) CLASS ACTION NOTICE OF CLASS CERTIFICATION LEGAL NOTICE PURSUANT TO THE CLASS PROCEEDINGS ACT, 1992 , S.O. 1992, c. 6. THE NATURE OF THE LAWSUIT basis at the same time or after the common issues are determined. A class action has been commenced in the Superior Court of Justice against Eli Lilly & Company and Eli Lilly Canada Inc. (the PARTICIPATION AN

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