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     Hasn’t doesn’t mean won’t, does it? People stuck at the why never move on to the how.
The cost of wallowing too much in the mud is believing you’re a hog.
The dark side of innocence is ignorance.
What truths shouldn’t be spoken? The truths which are irrelevant.
Words are either redundant or false.
The subconscious makes a fine tool but a bad boss.
One must endure many silent nights to get to the holy nights.
Better to be a plant than a vegetable.
He’s King of the Hill — but the hill is in a pit.
When totally aware, you’re in another world — this one.
If no one goes first, no one goes anywhere.
They tell you to pick up the check, but they don’t let you order from the menu.
They prepared the seat for me: now must I sit in it? He told me I had to learn how to “fake-laugh,” and that was my first exposure tothe “real world.” Jules Verne predicted man would go to the moon, but Aristophanes predicted wewould have Jerry Lewis.
Who wrote the rules of the game you play? Know what the score is before you give up.
When it turns their stomach, they turn away.
Sometimes to change reality, you have to ignore reality.
Only dead salmon float with the current.
You don’t make a difference by being the same.
No one ever struck oil just by scratching the surface.
Get off the road with the fork and get on the road with the branches.
If you travel down the same path, don’t be surprised when you arrive at the samedestination.
What some do easily, others do hardly.
You’re dealing with someone who needs to be dealt with.
If he talked to you so that you knew he knew what he was talking about, youwouldn’t know what he was talking about! Arrogance is the price you pay for being superior.
His lack of class puts him in a different class.
All history is the attempt to escape from history.
He brings his past with him wherever he goes.
It’s hard to feel like a person when you’re a cog in the wheel.
Slow suicide is not a viable lifestyle.
Rationalization is a lack of will masquerading as thought.
He turns off people better off turned on.
Money pollutes the nature of exchange.
Some people say “we’re behind you” when they’re standing on thesidelines.
The paper-house of rationalization is blown away by the hurricane ofplausibility.
The sandcastles of resolve are eroded by the waves of subsequentexperience.
Pounds of promises, ounces of results.
Step furtively into the territory of the inauthentic.
Compromise with mediocrity and you get something a little less mediocre.
Today’s fashion is tomorrow’s cut-out rack.
The fresher it is, the more dated it will become.
The stronger the dog, the stronger the leash.
If ignorance were bliss, Earth would be Paradise.
There’s nothing more real than a possibility.
Every objection brings us closer to the answer.
Christ is the guy nailed to the cross.
The longer you take to fix it, the longer it will take to fix.
No better way to suffocate than to stick your head in the sand.
Don’t give up power to become a slave.
If eternal Heaven is possible, eternal Purgatory is Hell.
When you sit in front of the TV, feel nervous.
Fear of courage (afraid his courage will lead him into fearful situations).
They go after you because you’re the target.
If you never fire a shot, you’ll never know that your gun is loaded with blanks.
Easy discourse censors difficult discourse.
Good writing is a record of liberation.
He plays the same game, but he’s not in the same league.
Isolation punctuated with bouts of friendship.
They only let you in when you’re one of them.
On seeing with your ears: sometimes you see things which aren’t there.
Probability weighs more than possibility.
“Never show half-completed work to a fool”: a message not only to artists, but alsoto fools.
The truth of a statement is independent of the fact of its utterance.
A piece in the jigsaw puzzle may be tiny, but if you don’t have it, you can’tcomplete the puzzle.
Some people let minor problems stop them from solving major problems.
Knowledge is the clay, not the sculpture.
At the pinnacle, the air is purer, but thinner.
Loyalty to structure can require disloyalty to substructure.
The people who make the rules don’t have to live around the people affected bythe rules.
“Discouraged” means just what it says: dis-COURAGED.
Whether in Paris, London, or Rome, the Dog still tugs at the Leash.
Units are scrims on the stage of infinity.
Too many are satisfied with being satisfied.
Two goals: one, to get to the top of the mountain; two, to take a step. Both willget you there.
The first rung is all too often missing.
You can tell the lake is dead when the fish float to the top; the idea is tointervene before that happens.
Give the tools of change to the agents of change.
A new kind of cannibal: the cannibal that devours itself.
Pessimism is thorazine for the masses.
A point well-made should be well-taken.
If half the bills are counterfeit, yours becomes worthless.
They’re angels because they have wings.
As we dive deeper, the ocean gets deeper.
Safety nets breed tightrope walkers.
They’re shooting at decoys with blanks.
Why did they throw the dog a bone? Because the dog was SATISFIED with abone.
They say the food has no taste when they can’t taste the food.
Kids will be kids because adults haven’t been adults.
It’s a mystery because you don’t understand.
The Tin Rule: Treat others the way you have been treated.
Some attempt to do with nerves of steel what is best attempted with a vault ofgold.
Stability has high opportunity costs.
A bad system is a trouble-manufacturing machine.
He stood on the shoulders of giants — but the giants were facing in the wrongdirection.
How do you find your glasses if you can’t see? An absolutist sees no possibility in probability.
The audience admires the performer — but the performer admires the composer.
Make only the compromises that will wither away.
Lincoln was thought to be a great man though he only stated the obvious.
A photograph of a light provides no light.
The caveman drags a heavy load while the children play at logrolling.
The last illusion anyone has is that they don’t have to face reality.
Art is the highest form of journalism.
A great image is a category of possibilities.
The artist must search long for the seed worthy of fertilization.
Bad playwright: puts words in his character’s mouths.
The importance of gold shifts from very to un.
He “beats” the video game — but it has his quarter.
I change reality just by moving my finger.
We have to keep the duck from crowding out the rabbit.
You keep falling until you sprout wings.
Defending unicorns against the invasion of Loch Ness monsters.
Only the best people are named Montague.
A theory should be guilty until proven innocent.
Behind every man is a woman, waiting to get out.
They slip us into something uncomfortable.
Don’t feed the hand that bites you.
If you do the time, you’ve got to do the crime.
It’s impossible to keep your chin up and your nose to the grindstone.
Your lack of knowledge is their power.
Angels rush in where fools fear to tread.
While some go out on a limb, others chop down the branch.
In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is reviled.


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