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Creative Director/Writer


Deep and diverse career creating strategic thinking and hard-hitting advertising
executions that have helped build some the best- known and successful brands in the
world. Very familiar with the challenges faced by small, mid-size and large companies in
a competitive marketplace. Account experience in almost every conceivable category
with the last 7 years being devoted exclusively to creating high-profile campaigns for
major pharma clients like Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, Medpointe and GSK. Proven
marketplace performance in all areas. Long standing client relationships. Very
comfortable as a team leader or a team player.
Recently Accomplished Pharmaceutical Experience

- Aricept (Pfizer) Positioned Aricept as the premiere prescription Alzheimer’s
medication with the “Alzheimer’s Isn’t Waiting” campaign that depicts the “moment” caregivers realize they can no longer wait to treat the disease. Highly emotional TV commercials tap into the caregiver’s frustration and offer hope. Aricept is now the leading prescription Alzheimer’s medication.
- Detrol (Pfizer) An overactive bladder is a condition many women are
embarrassed to speak to their physicians about. Created commercials, print and collateral executions using the ladies room icon “Doris”. With a friendly, supportive girlfriend manner, she explains to them how to get the Detrol discussion started with their doctor. Detrol is now the market leader.
- Allegra (Sanofi-Aventis) Once a market leader in the prescription allergy
category, Allegra had been losing share to an onslaught of RX and OTC competitors. Helped stabilize the brand and gave it an identity with the iconic “Ragweed and Pollen” allergy villains who were repeatedly foiled by Allegra’s long-lasting efficacy. Within a year, Allegra returned to the #1 RX allergy brand. - Astelin (MedPointe) A little-known nasal allergy spray named Astelin had been
languishing in the market place for 10 years. Created a brand icon, a musical group called The Astelins. They became the focus of a campaign that doubled the growth rate for the brand. The creative execution easily translated to radio and Internet. As the Astelin name took a musical hold in the brains of the target audience, the Astelin brand took hold in the market place. - Other pharmaceutical accounts: Coreg (GSK), Zamdray (Novartis), Viagra
Diverse Category Experience

- Exxon/Mobil. Helped solidify Mobil 1’s pre-eminent position in the minds of
people who care about their cars with a campaign that presented compelling facts about the quality of the oil. It concluded with the observation that “The More You Know About Mobil 1, The Better It Is for your Car.” The campaign generated a significant increase in sales and was strongly supported by dealers.
- UPS. Developed markets in Europe, Asia and Third world countries with the
“Consider it Done” TV, Radio and print campaign. Each country’s messaging was specifically designed for its particular level of market development and unique cultural characteristics. Began to pave the way for UPS’s transition from a domestic package delivery company to a worldwide industrial logistics giant. Created TV & print ads for UPS sponsorship of 2000 Olympic games in Sydney.
Professional Experience

McCann Erickson Human Care Creative Director
Created much of the advertising to build this new healthcare focused group.
McCann Erickson Creative Director
Brought in to help UPS continue to expand and grow its business in European, Asian and
Third world markets. Also developed new campaign for Mobil 1.
Lintas, New York Group Creative director
Responsible for creative direction of a group of accounts including MasterCard, Diet
Coke and Lipton Teas and foods totaling $300 million in billings. Served on the Board
of Directors.
HDM-Lord Dentsu Creative Director
Helped newly formed worldwide agency establish a U.S. presence. Responsibilities
included stabilizing existing business and building new business that grew to include
Peugeot automobiles, TDK Tapes and Case Farms Chicken. Worked as part of a team
that included people of many different nationalities.

Scali, McCabe, Sloves
Associate Creative Director
Wrote everything from sales promotion (named the “Bird Watcher Thermometer” on the
Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster) to the distinctive Cutty Sark “Black and Yellow Label”
campaign to national television and print campaigns for Volvo of America. My work for
Volvo helped take it from a sturdy Swedish alternative to American cars to the #1 selling
European import in America. Eventually was put in charge of the $40 million Hertz
Education - Iona College B.A.
Awards & Recognition
Awards include One Show, Art Director’s Club, Communication Arts, ADDY’s and
Cannes Film Festival. Volvo creative is included in the One Show’s Best of the Decade
and has been referenced repeatedly in books on advertising.

Source: http://www.frankfleizach.com/media/Fleizach_Resume_2009.pdf


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