Famous writer and Jnanpith Award recipient U.R.
Ananthamurthy is short-listed for this year’s $50,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. He writes in which The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) recently has approved the setting up of how many newMega Food Park projects in addition to the 15 ongoing Which among the following person has become the first projects under the Infrastructure Development Scheme? person to win the full prize money of Rs.5 crore in the fifth season of popular quiz show, Kaun Banega Crorepati B. K. Chaturvedi Committee has been constituted to provide recommendation on which of the followingmatters? Which among the following Corvette is the second in a a. Relocation of NTPC’s 1,980-MW North Karanpura series of four Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvettes that will b. Relocation of NTPC’s 1,980-MW North Karanpura c. Relocation of NTPC’s 1,980-MW North Karanpura As per a study conducted by the World Bank, what d. Relocation of NTPC’ 1,980-MW Plant in West Bengal percent increase in GDP growth will take place withevery 10 per cent increase in broadband penetration? Which one of the following fertility drugs has been banned by the central government of India on the recommendation of D.C. Jain committee?a. Albendazole The Head Office of Geological Survey of India (GSI), is situated at which of the following places?a. New Delhi Punjab National Bank (PNB) has made a foray into the insurance sector by acquiring a 30 per cent stake inwhich of the following company? According to recent reports published in a medical journal, which of the following virus resulted in a diarrhea which resulted in number of deaths in children younger “Impulse” Motorbike has been launched by which of thefollowing companies? Two women have created history by cycling from Turkey to India to explore nature and to spread the message of “look beyond borders”. They belong to which of thefollowing countries? Which among the following industrialists from India has been honored with ‘Swiss Ambassador’s Award-2011 for Exceptional Leadership?’a. Mukesh Ambani Which of the following country’s governments have banned lots of Indian banks, mostly small regionalcooperatives, for the purpose of verifying applicants’ Which among the following companies has announced that it will launch the small luxury car, Mini?
Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer has been launched Who among the following persons has been appointed as the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister recently? The Environmental Media Association has recognised Which among the following companies has announced six Hollywood productions for spreading awareness that it would earn Rs.2,000 crore by trading carbon about going green. Which one of the followings is not credits from its Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) in c. “HGTV Green Home 2011,”d. The Wonders Sudhir Vasudeva has recently been appointed as theChairman and Managing Director of which of the following b. IOCLc. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation According to the Mines and Mineral Development and Regulation (MMDR) Bill, 2011, what percent of their netprofits for a Mineral Development Fund to be used for Who among the following has become the first woman development and rehabilitation of project-affected people Which of the following state has topped the list of States Namma Metro is going to start in which of the following that provided jobs to rural households for 100 days as per the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) at the end of the second quarter of the financial year 2011-12?a. Tamil Nadu Who among the following personalities is the Director – General of prestigious France-based EuropeanOrganisation for Nuclear Research , commonly known An ambitious scheme for distribution of free medicines at all government hospitals and health care institutions was recently launched in which of the following states? Which country’s consulate had rejected the visaapplication of Magsaysay award winner Neelima Mishra In which of the following states a mobile-enabled kisan card system was launched to help the agricultural community engaged in cashless transactions? National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences(NIMHANS) is situated at which of the following places? A solar-powered vehicle that also allows the rider to pedal – were distributed among rickshaw pullers to mark the launch of the vehicle in which of the following citiesrecently? Which among the following countries will serve as the prime model for the National Institute of Sports Sciences to be set up by the Union Sports Ministry at the NehruStadium on November, 2011 ? By which of the following year, the Central Government of India is planning to issue multi-purpose smart identity Pakistan and China have started discussion on building a cross-border railway, linking Pakistan-occupied- Kashmir with which of the following Chinese provinces? Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has target Chinese warship confronted an Indian Navy vessel in of covering what percent of the country’s population Who among the following recently has been elected as According to a recent report of FICCI-IBA-BCG, the Indian banking industry will become the third largest in the 48. Sri Lanka has announced the lifting of the state of emergency, which was imposed about how many Leander Paes & Mahesh Bhupathi recently has won India has signed a comprehensive border management The World University Games, 2011 were held at which agreement, which was followed by a protocol on land boundary, with which of the following countries? Indarjit Singh, director of the Network of Sikh Which of the following state’s governments recently Organizations has recently become the first turbaned has announced to introduce the concepts of ‘tree credit’ member of the upper house of the parliament of which of and ‘village forests’ to improve green cover in the state? Election Commission has issued new norms to tackle Recently there was a blast at a nuclear re-processing plant, at Marcoule. It is located in which of the following A Russian passenger jet crashed during takeoff in At which of the following places ,the world’s oldest steam western Russia. It was carrying a team of- locomotive, the “EIR 21” coal-and-steam-powered Russia has pumped the first “technical” gas into a newundersea pipeline to Germany, which is built across The Indian Navy apprehended a hijacked cargo vessel, m.v. Nafis-1, off the coast of which of the following A province of which among the following countries hasdecided to make Mandarin a compulsory subject fromClass VI in all schools from 2013?a. Pakistan According to a report by the Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project is being the number of child labourers in the country, is implemented in collaboration with which of the following Who among the following is an author and social activist, The Institute for Development and Research-IDRBT is honoured with the Indo-Canada Chamber’s Annual related with which of the following sector? Which of the following country is not a member of G-7? What would be the ratio of the seats reserved for the students from the Indian Diaspora, in the PIO (person of Which among the following is the oldest stock exchange Who among the following is an Urdu Writer recently been elected general secretary of the Progressive NTPC recently has signed a joint venture and shareholderagreement with CEB to set up a 500-MW coal-based Rosatom, the Atomic Energy Corporation of Russia which power plant in which of the following countries ? recently has planned to set up joint ventures with Indian companies, has its headquarter situated at which of the How many companies have been ranked among the top 200 Asia-Pacific corporations in Forbes Asia’s ‘BestUnder a Billion’ list for this year ? National Communal Harmony Award recently has been a. Mohammad Hanif Khan Shastrib. Acharya Lokesh Muni PFRDA Bill, 2011 has been introduced in the parliament, Before India which of the following two countries haddedicated green courts to deal with green cases? The Head Office of the Small Industries Development BHEL the public sector undertaking is related to which Korean East-West Power have entered into a pact for developing power plants, with which of the following Indian a. National Thermal Power Corporationb. Reliance Energies Ltd Recently Reserve Bank of India recommended a tough regulatory environment for NBFCs, which are related with which of the following sector?a. Export-Import sectorb. Small scale industriesc. Education sectord. Finance sector Tim Cook recently bas become Chief Executive of which Which of the following bank has been appointed as the custodian of securities of the Employees Provident Fund Which of the following company recently has toppled Reliance Industries as the country’s most valued The new Managing Director, Head of Equities for India of Barclays Capital, the investment banking unit of BarclaysBank, is- The global consultancy McKinsey is related to the study The Central Government has recently sanctioned theScheme of Amalgamation of Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Recently in a bid to strengthen its mobile business, Ltd (MEL) with which of the following companies? Google announced that it would acquire Mobility Holdings a. ArcelorMittal Dhamm Processing Pvt Ltd An endeavour to ensure that no person in India dies for In India the duty free import of goods is permitted with want of an organ, supported by the Apollo Transplant Institutes has been launched under the name of: Indira Gandhi Nuclear Power Station is located in: India has signed a double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) with which of the following former Soviet Who among the following heads the committee on review of National Small Saving Fund (NSSF)?a. Suhant Ghosh Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner who became the first woman to conquer all 14 summits without artificial oxygen, belongsto which of the following country? The position of Tata Tea Group in the tea groups of the Which of the following town has been planned to betransformed into a Buddhist “Mecca”, by a Chinese Which of the following banks has launched CanMobile service to conduct banking transactions through mobile The biggest gold miner company Rusoro is listed inwhich of the countries? Which of the following state leads in the production of Which of the following public sector undertaking in In October, 2011 Bank of India has opened a branch in defence, has decided to begin the process of disinvesting to offload 10 per cent of its holding in the next five years? b. Goa Shipyard Limitedc. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited The world’s cheapest tablet PC, Aakash is being d. Garden Reach ship Builders and Engineers Limited manufactured by which one of the following companies?a. QUAD Electronic Solutions Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Capital, has recently declared sale of its 26 per cent stake in which one of the following sectors, to Japan’s Nippon Company? According to the National Policy on InformationTechnology 2011, what is the per year export target for BPO major Genpact is headquartered at which one of Skoda Auto, which has begun production of its entry- Which one of the following companies, was established level sedan in India, is headquartered in which one of Lavasa’s controversial township project is located on Indian-origin tycoon Pankaj Oswal, recently has been accused of big corporate frauds, in which one of the Orient Fans, which recently has announced to enterinto the domestic home appliances market under the Which of the following float glass Manufacturer Company brand name Orient Actus, is a part of which one of the has launched its advanced range of fire resistant glass ‘Vetroflam’ for exterior application?



European Heart Journal (2010) 31, 1036–1037Depression and cardiovascular disease: havea happy day—just smile!University of Michigan School of Medicine, Cardiovascular Center, 1500 E. Medical Center Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USAOnline publish-ahead-of-print 17 February 2010This editorial refers to ‘Don’t worry, be happy: positiveDavidson et al.10 have examined the association betwe


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