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1. SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Chemical name of active ingredient(s): Ziram Elliott Technologies Limited 45 Kitchener Road Pukekohe Phone 0800 100 325 2. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Hazard Classification: Toxic - 6.1D, 6.4A, 6.5B, 6.9B, Ecotoxic - 9.1A, 9.3C Approved Handler Applies HARMFUL ECOTOXIC May be harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. May cause eye irritation May cause skin irritation. Repeated exposure at high doses may cause harm to the liver, central nervous system, and thyroid. Very toxic to aquatic organisms. Harmful to terrestrial vertebrates. 3. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Substance/preparation Information on hazardous ingredients 4. FIRST-AID MEASURES Description of necessary first aid measures: Effects and symptoms Symptoms of over exposure include dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, lethargy, ataxia, headaches, or coma; abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea; muscle weakness and ascending paralysis; respiratory paralysis; cough; skin rash and eye irritation. May also induce alcohol _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Issued by Elliott Technologies Limited Page 1 of 6 22.08.2005 SDS Mizar ES117 Product: Mizar Granuflo Remove to fresh air. Apply artificial respiration if necessary. Get medical help if breathing difficulty persists. Give a glass or two of water. Get medical help. Never give anything by May cause skin irritation.Remove contaminated clothing. Wash with soap and water. If irritation persists see a doctor. May cause eye irritation. Immediately flush with water for 15 minutes. If There is no specific antidote. Treatment should be symptomatic after decontamination. Possible mucous damage may contraindicate gastric lavage. After poisoning with ziram, alcohol should be avoided for at least 10 days. 5. FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES HAZCHEM Code: Foam, water spray, Carbon Dioxide, dry chemical. Heating to decomposition generates oxides of carbon, Wear full emergency equipment and self-contained breathing 6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Personal precautions: Wear long sleeved shirt, long pants, waterproof gloves and safety goggles or face shield. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using. Wash hands and face before meals and after work. Contain spill, do not allow material to enter sewers or bodies of water. Keep unprotected persons and animals out of the area. Keep dry or when wet contain run off. Shovel or sweep up dry material and bury in an approved landfill. If in a liquid state, soak up with saw dust or other absorbent material and dispose of in an approved land fill. Store in original container tightly closed in a locked, dry, well _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Issued by Elliott Technologies Limited Page 2 of 6 22.08.2005 SDS Mizar ES117 Product: Mizar Granuflo ventilated place away from feed, seeds and foodstuffs. Keep away from sparks, heat and flames. Keep out of reach of children or animals. 8. EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION Workplace Exposure Guidelines Workplace exposure standards: The workplace: Engineering measures Exposure control measures: Ventilate all transport vehicles prior to unloading. Ensure Personal Protective Equipment Detail specifications for equipment: Mizar Granuflo is a Granular formulation that overcomes the normal hazards associated with dust. A full face shield when mixing is adequate protection in normal use. When dust is generated, a properly fitted and approved TC-21C dust/mist filtering respirator or any approved N,R, P, or SHE filter is required. Long sleaved shirt and pants worn outside boots. Protect hands with waterproof gloves made from materials such as polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. Full face shield when mixing and applying. Wash hands and exposed skin immediately after use. Do not 9. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Physical State: Disperses in water. Ziram is practically insoluble. flammability limits Flashpoint (state test _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Issued by Elliott Technologies Limited Page 3 of 6 22.08.2005 SDS Mizar ES117 Product: Mizar Granuflo Ziram decomposes on heating and in contact with acids. It is incompatible with iron, lime, sulphur, copper and mercury. Heating to decomposition generates oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur. Is Carbon disulphide and oxide??? 11. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION Acute toxicity – Oral : Acute Dermal LD50 > 2,000 mg/kg (a.i) (Rat) LC50 =0.13 mg/litre,4hr (a.i) (Rat). Respirable ziram is highly toxic by inhalation. However, this is a granular solid that will not form respirable dust under normal handling conditions. Not irritating (Rabbit). Irritating in Humans. Highly irritating to eyes and mucous membranes. (Rabbit) This product is not listed as a carcinogen by NTP, IARC or OSHA, however, ziram has been associated with increased cancer rates in some animal studies. IARC has classified ziram as Group 3 – not classifiable as to carcinogenicity in humans and inadequate evidence of carcinogenicity in animal studies. NTP carcinogenicity bioassay (feed) showed clear evidence of carcinogenicity in mice and rats. Ziram is mutagenic in some test systems. Ziram has been found to cause adverse reproductive effects and teratogenic effects in some studies with laboratory animals Overexposure to high doses of ziram may cause dermatitis, metabolic disorders, blood abnormalities and kidney and liver damage. An antabuse-like reaction with flushing, sweating, headache, weakness and hypertension may occur when ethyl alcohol (alcoholic beverages) is ingested following exposure to this _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Issued by Elliott Technologies Limited Page 4 of 6 22.08.2005 SDS Mizar ES117 Product: Mizar Granuflo Very toxic to aquatic organisms. in aquatic environment, toxic to fish. Do not contaminate bodies of water with chemical or empty container. Harmful to terrestrial vertebrates, low LC 50 =1.7 mg/litre,96hr (Rainbow trout), Not mobile. Adsorbed on organic matter and clay. Kd = 2.2 - 18 mL/g Koc = 362 - 877 mL/g Toxic to aquatic organisms. Keep out of waterways Low to moderate persistence in soil with half life of 30 days.N-octanol/water partition coefficient (log Pow = 1.086). Material has low solubility-low potential for bioaccumulation. Not mobile. Adsorbed on organic matter and clay. Kd = 2.2 - 18 mL/g Koc = 362 - 877 mL/g 13. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Methods of disposal : Ensure that any unwanted material is used according to label directions. Container disposal: Ensure that container is completely empty. Burn if circumstances, especially wind direction permit, otherwise bury in landfill. 14. TRANSPORT INFORMATION - International transport regulations UN number: 47 Dangerous Goods – initial Emergency Response Guide. ENVIRONMENTALLY HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE,SOLID,N.O.S ASSOCIATION (IATA): 15. REGULATORY INFORMATION ACVM Registered Number: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Issued by Elliott Technologies Limited Page 5 of 6 22.08.2005 SDS Mizar ES117 Product: Mizar Granuflo 16. OTHER INFORMATION Additional information: Disclaimer EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY: PLEASE READ This Safety Data Sheet is based on the most recent information available. To the extent permitted by law, users of this information accept that neither the manufacturer, Elliott Technologies Limited as distributor, nor any other distributor have any liability or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury whether in contract or tort, whether direct, indirect or consequential howsoever arising in connection with the supply of these information. Mizar® Granuflo is a registered trade mark of Taminco ® - is a registered trademark of Elliott Technologies Ltd _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Issued by Elliott Technologies Limited Page 6 of 6 22.08.2005 SDS Mizar ES117 Product: Mizar Granuflo


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