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HeartStart FR1 Philips
Size: 2.53” h x 8.75” w x 8” d (64 mm x 223 mm x 203 mm). Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs) with batteries installed
Defi brillator
Waveform Truncated exponential biphasic. Waveform parameters are adjusted as a function of patient defi brillation im-
Energy Selection
Single energy – a nominal of 150 joules (minimum of 130 joules) delivered to a 50 ohm load.
Charge Control
Under control of the Patient Analysis System for semi-automatic operation.
Charge Time
Typically less than 10 seconds. Charge time increases at the end of battery life as well as at temperatures below 10°C .
Shock-to-ShockCycle Time
Typically less than 20 seconds (including analysis time) in semiautomatic mode
Charge Complete Indication
ForeRunner is “armed” when shock button is fl ashing and armed tone is activated
Shock Discharge
Control Shock is delivered by a single shock button Disarm Semi-automatic operation: Once the device is charged, it will
disarm under any of the following conditions: a no shock decision is reached; the on/off button is pressed and the device
is turned off ; the defi brillation pads are removed from the patient or the pads connector is disconnected from the defi -
brillator. Disarm Manual operation: Once the device is charged, it will disarm under any of the following conditions: 30
seconds aft er charging if a shock is not delivered; manually by pressing the manual override button; the on/off button is
pressed and the device is turned off ; the defi brillation pads are removed from the patient or the pads connector is discon-
nected from the defi brillator. Shock Delivery Via defi brillation pads placed in the anterior-anterior (Lead II) position
ECG Display
Monitored Lead ECG information is acquired through defi brillation pads in anterior-anterior (Lead II) placement
Display Range Diff erential: ±2 mV full scale nominal Screen High resolution LCD with backlight Screen Size 2.8” w x
2.3” h (70 mm x 58 mm) Sweep Speed 23 mm/sec nominal Frequency Response Nondiagnostic rhythm monitor 1 Hz
to 20 Hz (-3 dB) nominal Sensitivity 1.16 cm/mV nominal Heart Rate Displays a range of 30 to 300 bpm updated each
analysis period. Heart rate is displayed only during monitoring mode and if ECG is displayed Battery Type 18 VDC 1300
mAh lithium. Disposable, recyclable, long-life, primary cells. Capacity A new battery typically will provide 100 shocks or
5 hours if operating time, or 10 hours of training time at 25°C. Low Battery Detection Defi brillator detects low battery
condition during daily periodic self tests. Replace the battery when the Status Indicator shows a solid or fl ashing red X.
Controls and Indicators
Main LCD Screen A high resolution, backlit LCD screen displays ECG and informational/instructional text message on
all models. Controls On/Off button; Shock button; Manual override button; Contrast up button; Contrast down button
LED Indicators Connector socket LED illuminates and fl ashed to indicate the socket location and is covered when the
defi brillation pad connector is properly inserted. Th
e shock button illuminates (fl ashes) when the defi brillator is armed. Audio Speaker An audio speaker provides voice prompts. Volume of voice prompts is adjustable using the Setup card. Beeper Th e beeper chirps as an alert when a self test has failed (standby mode), and generates various warning tones du- ring normal use. Status Indicator A status Indicator LCD displays the results of the last self test.
Contacto: [email protected]

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