Professor Sami Adwan –
Biographical Note

SAMI ADWAN is a professor of Education and a teacher trainer at the Faculty of Education at Bethlehem University. He is the Palestinian director and cofounder of the Peace Research Institute in the Middle East (PRIME). He received his BA degree in Elementary Education (major) and sociology (minor) from Jordan University in 1976., MA degree from San Francisco State University in Educational Administration in 1982 and finally earned his Ph.D., degree from University of San Francisco in Organization and Leadership in 1987. He was the head of the employee union at Hebron University and a chair of the Education program. Currently, he is the coordinator of the subject area teachers training program. His research focuses on Palestinian education system, problems and challenges teachers training and schoolbooks, the role of education in building peace, and on religious education and co-existing between different religions and believes. Member, consultant and advisory of many local and international professional societies and organizations (IARTEM, ISPP, Palestinian National Commission on Education, Academic Council Society, Palestinian Curriculum Center) . Serves in the editorial boards of few journals among them: Bethlehem University Journal, Journal of Peace Education and Educational and Psychology Evaluation and Assessment Journal. Was academic coordinator for Bretton Hall College of Leads University Extension in Jerusalem. Represents Bethlehem University in the Council for Training Students of Arab Universities. He was visiting Prof. at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies(1998-2000), University of Manitoba/Winepeg (2005), Monmouth University 2007 and He authored a book on : The status of Religious Education in Palestinian schools(2001) and Comparative Analysis of the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict in History and Civic Education(2004); He is also co-editor/author, of The Role of Palestinian and Israeli NGOs in Peace Building(2000), Victimhood and Beyond(2001), and Learning Each Other’s Historical Narrative: Palestinians and Israelis: part One 2003, Part two 2005 and part three(2006), Peace Building Under Fire: Palestinian/Israeli Wye River Projects(2004), the Role of Palestinian and Israeli Environmental NGOs(2004) and Participation and reconciliation: Preconditions of Justices(2010). Published many chapters in books, Examples: PRIME’s Sharing History project: Palestinian and Israeli Teachers and Pupils learning each other’s Narratives(2005), Shared History Project: A PRIME Example of Peace Building Under Fire(2004), The Status of Holocaust in The Palestinian Education system(2005), Reflections on teaching Religious Education in Palestinian Education System(2007), Education: identity, Multiculturalism and Globalisation(2006), Textbooks in Palestinian National Authority: The development and the Challenges(2006), The Palestinian Education System in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: The Present and the Future(1994) and many research papers Example: Schoolbooks in Making from Conflict to Peace( 2001). He and Dr. Bar-On were awarded the Alexander Langer Foundation Prize, the Victor J. Goldberg IIE Prize for Peace and the European Association for Education of Adults Prize. Dr. Adwan was awarded the joint Legislative Resolution of the Senate and the General Assembly of the State of New Jersey in March, 2007. He supervised many MA’s and Ph.D’s dissertations. Sami Adwan Faculty of Education, Bethlehem University.
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