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BidRxsm is a web-based, competitive,
Ever have patients ask questions about their
electronic marketplace (CEMtm) for all 4.5
prescription costs? Questions like:
billion prescriptions filled in the U.S.
annually. Prescribers get access to all drug
How much will this drug cost me?
products from all pharmaceutical
Is there a different drug, cheaper but just as
companies; get a list of similar products; get
effective, you can prescribe?
information on therapeutics & safety; get
What pharmacies have the services I need
samples; get special offers from
and the best prices?
pharmaceutical companies for your patients;
BidRxsm is here to answer many of these
get price comparisons specific to patients’
questions directly – for you and your
patients. Go to It’s
benefit plans when their employers are
available now.
enrolled in BidRxsm; and still make the final
You can be a better patient advocate by
decisions. Don’t miss a chance to choose
assisting your patients with BidRxsm – and
the most cost-effective therapy for your
by choosing the most cost-effective
therapies for them.

Let the Power of BidRxsm work for you and
your patients today and every day!
No surprises about drug costs
Contact us at:
No calls about drug coverage
[email protected].
No formularies to consider
No Prior Authorization calls
Get complete patient
No cost for electronic prescription orders
specific information at the
Prescription prices & pharmacy services
point of decision. When
are known
drug companies compete,
your patient saves. When
Patients grant access to their drug records
pharmacies compete, your
patient saves again. Be a
patient advocate.

Savings from using BidRxsm:
1st. Aciphex to Prilosec OTC: $139 - $22 = $117;
2nd. Prilosec OTC @Ken’s: $22 - $18.13 = $ 3.87;
If you are going to treat your patient for heartburn
Pharmacies want business. Neighborhood
or acid reflux, you should learn about similar drug
pharmacies & mail order pharmacies are
Total Savings: $117 + $3.87 = $120.87
products, including prices, so the best medicine
competing now to fill prescriptions and more are
can be prescribed at the best price. Notice the
joining the BidRxsm marketplace.
difference in cost from the table below? You could
prescribe Aciphex, which would cost your patient
With BidRxsm, patients get bids from pharmacies
a maximum of $139, or Prilosec OTC, which would
in their local area or across the U.S. when mail
cost a maximum of $22. The price differences are
order is included. Patients choose the best
Your patients have direct access to all the
real and dramatic; you need this information to
pharmacy. If a local pharmacy isn’t bidding, tell
same information at
start or change therapy.
them about BidRxsm so they can compete, too.
Table of Similar Drug Products for Aciphex
Choose the most cost-effective therapy,
Table of Bids from Pharmacies
and let BidRxsm send your prescription
order to the pharmacy selected by your

Coupon Max
Pharmacy Price Service Service U-Pay
patient. Help patients learn about BidRxsm
so both of you can use it to find the most
cost-effective medicines and the best

$18.13 Delivery $0
pharmacy. Market your use of BidRxsm for
patients and differentiate yourself from
other physicians. Order prescription
samples through the BidRxsm marketplace.
$19.29 DriveUp $0 $19.29
Help your patients get the best drugs &
best services at the best prices.
$20.17 24
Hour $0 $20.17
Discounts given by pharmaceutical
companies and pharmacies pass directly
through to patients and payers.
$21.99 24
Hour $0 $21.99
It’s available for you and your patients now.
Register online at or
$22.00 DriveUp $0 $22.00
[email protected]
Samples Available
for more information.


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