Shocking schoolteachers

David C F Wright PhD
Having been a teacher for many years. I have met some interesting and, indeed, wonderful children. I havemet some interesting parents, some of whom, I believe, being so young that they were really childrenthemselves. And I have met some teachers who should not have been teachers at all.
Let me introduce you to two such teachers who both have the first name of Stephen. Stephen One taught artat a High School and there were occasions when I used the train to come home and girls from that HighSchool were on that train. I did not know them as I was not teaching at that school.
These girls were often crying and full of anger and so upset that everyone in the carriage heard them. Theywere complaining about Stephen One who was offering them money if they posed nude for them afterschool but, on the understanding, that they did not tell their parents. Stephen would paint pictures of them ormake a sculpture.
I had opportunity to observe this man as he lived next to a girl friend. He was in a relationship with Rose andhad two children.
One Christmas, we were invited to their house. Stephen was lying on the floor ostensibly playing with hischildren but what he was doing was trying to look up my girl friends skirt. I left the room for a few minutesand when I returned he was showing Carol a book on nudes. When he saw me, he blushed furiously andclosed the book and left the room.
In his house he had framed pictures of his children full frontal nude. Downstairs he had his own photodeveloping facility.
During the summer, his daughter would invite other girls to their house to play and Stephen would have agame which he regularly played with them. He would lie on his back on his lawn and play music on his radioand the girls had to step over his face, walk round, step over his face etc. When he stopped the music, thegirls had to stop still and be statues. The music always stopped when a girl was open legged astride his faceand he would look up her skirt. He derived a lot of pleasure from this.
I am not a beach person, but, on a couple of occasions, I had to walk to a house accessed by the sea wall. Onboth occasions, Stephen was on the wall with his binoculars and he was not looking at passing ships but girls in bikinis and his speciality was girls precariously changing behind towels.
One night just before midnight, he called at Carol's house asking her on a date and trying to force his way in.
Then he realised I was there, and left.
Much later, I had to visit his school on a few occasions. He would wait at the foot of the stairs and whensome girls in short skirts ascended the stairs he would follow at a distance which gave him the views hewanted.
There are reports that he walked in the girls showers when they were washing after playing sport. He wasreported and the Governors refused to do anything about this. He was such a good teacher!! He did persuade some girls to make impressions of their breasts in paper mache or some other system whichhe used in his art classes.
Although he was living with Rose, he had an affair with the French teacher, a Miss C. He was seen in theact by some students. That evening, Miss C's partner called at Stephen's house and there was an ugly fightin the street.
I urged Carol many times to have nothing to do with this evil man. She replied, 'Well, I can't ignore him. I have to speak to him, and I do like Rose'.
Incidentally, Carol is not her real name.
Stephen was aware that I knew about him and one day he ranted at me saying that he hated me because I wasjudgmental. But he was a pervert, a voyeur, a dirty old man. Was he also an abuser of children? Was he apaedophile? Stephen Two raped a woman, Sophia, on the Downs when taking her home after school. To this day I do notunderstand why he was not tried at Crown Court. Instead, he went to the Magistrates Court and found guiltyand given the highest fine magistrates could give. The case was in the press but he still taught at the MiddleSchool. Then his flat was raided by the Police who found many indecent pictures of children but nothinghappened. He should have gone to prison.
On a hot day he refused to have any windows open in his class room. On eleven year old girl, Amy, said shecould not breathe as she was asthmatic and had left her Ventolin in the cloakroom and could she go and get it.
This request was denied and the girl collapsed and died in the classroom.
At a Middle School near me there is a teacher, Mrs S. I used to teach at this school as a supply teacher fromtime to time, Twice I witnessed her hit boys around the head. I reported it. But nothing was done. Thegovernors said that she was a good teacher. A fellow teacher, John, told me that Mrs S was bad tempered ather times of the month and could be savage.
I replied that she should not be teaching.
At my last school, we had a boy who was difficult. He would interrupt a class with an outrageous questionirrelevant to the subject was taking. One he put up his hand and said, 'Sir, will you tell us what ahermaphrodite is?'.
I refused to have him in my class thereafter. The management was cross with me.
Let me tell you about the teacher John referred to above. He took football practice after school on Tuesdaysand I assisted him.
One day a boy in his football gear, including his studs, swung his foot at a girl. John grabbed the boy by thearms and pulled him away preventing a serious injury to that girl. In doing this, John marked the boy's armand he was accused of abuse, suspended and investigated. After a while, he was exonerated and promisedcompensation which he accepted. Later, he enquired about the compensation only to be told that the moneywas not available.
In my last years as a schoolmaster the Department of Education (DoE) instructed us that we could not shoutat a pupil and always have a distance between the pupil and self and that any detention had to be arranged bya parent who would have the final say as to the date and time of that detention.
One other problem is that most schools are exclusively, or almost exclusively, run by lady teachers untilHigh School. This creates problems and, as someone has said, "This is petticoat government.' It also pandersto feminism and is in violation of equality of the sexes.
We are allowed to teach evolution as a fact, whereas it is not. It is a theory. We are not to teach Christianitybut to say that all religions are valid. We must not hint at any criticism of gays and living with someone to whom you are not married is the same as marriage. It is not wrong. A child born out of wedlock is not abastard or illegitimate but a love child. And we are teach sex education to children as young as six. Well, MrBlair, I will not have my morality changed by you.
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