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Program at a glance
Business Briefing - Israel
Embassy/DFAIT officials wil provide delegates with an economic, sector and political overview of Israel, review the program and highlight important logistical details. Service Provider arranging B2B meetings wil be present to distribute and discuss individual meeting schedules. (Canadian trade mission delegates only) Business Roundtable led by the Minister of International Trade
This session wil provide trade mission delegates with an opportunity to have direct interaction with the Minister while providing a brief overview of their organization and objectives for the trade mission. (Canadian trade mission delegates only) EVENING Welcome
This is an informal meet-and-greet for all mission participants and Embassy/DFAIT staff. (Canadian trade mission TEL AVIV -- SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2013
The plenary session provides an opportunity to hear presentations from local experts. Minister Fast wil provide welcome remarks. (Canadian trade mission delegates and local business representatives) Sector Sessions:
~ Renewable Energy
~ Unconventional (oil and gas) Energy
~ Water Technologies
Delegates wil hear from a key local expert in their respective field. Canadian organizations wil also have an opportunity to give a presentation. (Canadian trade mission delegates and local business representatives) AFTERNOON
Business Networking Luncheon
(Canadian trade mission delegates and local business representatives) Prearranged B2B meetings
Meetings organized as per options provided to delegates by the service provider. (Canadian trade mission delegates and Business Networking Dinner hosted by the Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade
(Canadian trade mission delegates and local business representatives) TEL AVIV -- MONDAY, JULY 8, 2013
ALL DAY Pre-arranged B2B meetings / Individual follow-ups
Pre-arranged B2B meetings organized as per options provided to delegates by the service provider and any additional meetings organized individual y by the delegate. (Canadian trade mission delegates and local business representatives) TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2013 - THURSDAY, JULY 11 2013
Potential site visits for Jerusalem, Haifa, Eshkol, Rehovot, and/or Negev. (Dependant on composition of
~ Yissum - Technology Transfer arm of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ~ Technion Institute of Technology Grand Water Research Institute ~ Mekorot – Israel National Water Co. Water Filtration Plant (4th largest in the world) ~ Arava Power Company Solar Station Mission Wrap-up Lunch or Dinner (with the Minister of International Trade)
Delegates wil have an opportunity to provide their feedback with respect to the overall trade mission and hear from the Minister on the outcome of his visit. Time of event wil depend on the day’s program. (Canadian trade mission delegates


Si j’avais su … bilan de 10 ans de maladie de parkinson

Si j’avais su … Bilan de 10 ans avec la Maladie de Parkinson. (Paolo 20.12.07) Né en 1930, j’ai reçu le diagnostic de la maladie de Parkinson au printemps 1997, donc à l’âge de 67 ans. Je ne connaissais cette maladie que par les images de Casius Clay et du Pape Giovanni- Paolo II. Mais je n’avais aucune idée sur l’évolution de la maladie et sur les thérapies à utiliser

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Why do I need an angiogram? The heart is a muscle and like all muscles in the body it needs to have a good blood supply in order to work properly. Your heart gets blood from three main blood vessels called the coronary 0845 155 1000 arteries. Your doctors feel you may have a problem with the blood supply to your heart muscle and a coronary angiogram will What is a coronary angiogram?

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