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European CLOs Riskier Without
turn increase credit risk and hedging costs,” ADVANCE SHEETS
More Loan Issuance: Moody’s
Moody’s analysts led by London-based
Dimitri Kaltsas, wrote in a report yesterday.
Case Tests Constitutional
rope will become riskier if their growth is Power on Claim Allowance
is unlikely to be strong this year before picking up gradually after 2013, according loan issuance, according to Moody’s
to Moody’s. Almost 1 billion euros ($1.31 Investors Service.
billion) of European CLOs have been sold “A race to ramp up portfolios would likely this year, while at least 1.1 billion euros lead to a decline in underwriting standards more from Blackstone Group LP’s GSO
or the inclusion of riskier or lower-credit- Capital Partners LP, Carlye Group LP
and Alcentra Ltd. are being marketed to
investors, according to Bloomberg data.
rope’s peripheral countries which would in Constitution, have power to render final judgments on allowance of Bloomberg Brief Bankruptcy Index Declines in April From March
claims. Supreme Court decisions like
Northern Pipeline in 1982 discussed
Bloomberg Corporate Bankruptcy Index: January 2012 - April 2013
100 = 2000-2012 Median Source: Bloomberg LP April 2013 Bankruptcy Index Relative Value - 2.2% vs. March 2013 - 2.6% vs. December 2012 Louis, Thomas J. O’Neal, raised the
- 43.5% vs. December 2011 - 90.7% vs. June 2009 Peak motions for summary judgment and allowed a creditor’s claim under state law for $1 million. On appeal, O’Neal argued that only an Article III, life-tenured district judge could make a liabilities of daily bankruptcies on U.S. District Judge Ortrie D.
Smith ruled that “Article III of the
Constitution permits bankruptcy
Second, he said there is at least a “possibility” that ruling on the validity The Bloomberg Brief Corporate Bankruptcy Index fell 2.2 percent in April from March and is down 2.6% from December 2012. The Index ended April down 37.7 percent from April 2012 and is about The index factors in businesses listing liabilities of $100 million; six such debtors filed for court protection in April. The three largest are Central European Distribution Corp., Rotech Healthcare,
and Synagro Technologies. The above chart shows the Index’s daily values, and the timing and
size of liabilities for bankruptcies included in the Index since 2012.
said Jim Meadows, a lawyer for the
Bloomberg Brief’s Corporate Bankruptcy Index measures both the occurrence and severity of trustee from Polsinelli LLC.
current and recent US bankruptcy activity for corporations with at least $100 million in reported liabilities. The index is a barometer of bankruptcy activity that equally considers the number of bank- ruptcies and the dollar amount of liabilities relative to their 2000 to 2012 medians which are set at 100. Each of the over 1,100 bankruptcy observations is discounted each week from a full weighting For additional information, please contact John Veidis at (609)279-3802, [email protected] and Rob Restaino at (609)279-4344, [email protected] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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