Tuesday, June 25
Invited lectures
Peter, M.G.
Enzymology of Chitosan Degradation and Characterization of the Oligosaccharides Domard, A.
Relation between the Cationicity of Glucosamine Residues and the Interactions involving chitosan Uragami, T.
Dehydration of Ethanol by Chitosan Derivative Thin Membranes on Porous Supports Strand, S.P.
Structure Function Relations in Chitosans Invited lecture
Sandford, P.
Commercial Sources of Chitin and Chitosan and their Utilization Sources, production and biological aspects Percot A., Crépet A., Lucas J-M., Viton C., Minami S., Hashida, M., Okamoto Y., Miyatake K., Fujita K., Morimatsu F., Sakamoto H.
-Synergestic effect of water soluble collagen and Okamoto Y., Minagawa T., Miyatake K., Minami -Effects of molecular weight and deacetylation onwound healing by chitin/chitosan Nordby M.H., Sande S.A., Roots J., Nyström B.
-Thermoreversible gelation in aqueous mixtures -The effective utilization of dead bodies of -Polyelectrolyte complexes and layer-by-layer silkworm larvae recovered as waste in the transgenic agro-biofram system (insectfactory) –as raw material for the extractionof chitin- Invited lecture
Roller, S:The Antimicrobial Action of Chitosan: Laboratory Curiosity or Novel Food Preservative? -Complex membranes of chitin derivatives and Sorlier P., Hartmann D., Denuzière A., Viton C., -Chitosan for supported catalysis – example -Development and characterization of polyclonal Goycoolea F.M., Heras A., Aranaz I., Galed Aksungur P., Sargon M.F., Hincal A.A., Squier G., Fernández M.E., Argüelles-Monal W.M.
-Chitosan “smart” hydrogels: pH and thermal -In vitro/in vivo evaluations of chitosan delivery systems incorporated with nystatin for thetreatment of oral mucositis Matejka Z., Parschová H., Jelínek L., Ruszová P.
-Selective uptake of (Mo, V, W, As)-oxoanions bycrosslinked chitosan; beads vs. fibers EVENING TOUR BY BOAT TO THE MUNKHOLMEN ISLAND (OPTIONAL)
Thursday, June 27
Invited lectures
Artursson, P.
Chitosans for Gene Delivery Tokura, S.
Technical Applications of chitosans Fukamizo T., Defaye J., McIntyre D., Vogel Chandrkrachang S., Anal A.K., Wanichpongpan -Permeability of drug and plasma bound drug glucopyranosyl fluoride oligosaccharides; a Takahashi S., Takahashi, K., Ogasawara H., Danielsen S., Vårum K.M., Stokke B.T.
-Influence of chitosan molecular parameters on glucosamine 2-epimerases (renin bindingproteins) -Alternative splicing of Bombyx mori -New cosmetic delivery system based on chitosan Acosta N., Aranaz I., Galed G., Peniche H., -Aphroproteins – new proteins with chitinase activity and their application in agricultural -Controlled release of tramadol hydrochloride Poster session
Friday, June 28
Invited lectures
Payne, G.
Enzymatic Coupling of Natural Products to Chitosan to Create Functional Derivatives Dornish, M.
Regulatory Aspects and Standardization of Chitin and Chitosan Hirano S., Matsushita T., Taniguchi M., Yasuba -The isolation and identification of 3,6-di-O- methyl-D-glucosamine in the acid hydrolysate of permethylated chitin resistant to hydrolysesby chitinase and lysozyme Kristiansen A., Holme H., Isaksen M., Leth- Jaworska M.M., Shao Y., Konieczna E.
-Chitin deacetylase from Absidia orchidis -Thermal decomposition of chitosan chlorides Sasaki C., Kristiansen A., Fukamizo T., Vårum K.M.
-Fractionation of chitosan by biospesificadsorption to immobilized lysozyme -Conversion of chitosan structure with calcium Oral presentation B5Tømmeraas K., Vårum K.M., Christensen B.E.,Smidsrød O.
-Preparation and characterisation of self-branched chitosans Invited lectures
Eijsink, V:Structure and Function of Chitinolytic Enzymes Kurita, K.
Protection and Solubilization of Chitin for Modifications of Chemical Structure Purpose: To overview the current industrial applications of chitosan, and to predict the future for chitosan with respect to commercialization.
Panelists:Dr. Michael Dornish Introduction and moderator(FMC Biopolymer, Oslo, Norway) Prof. Bruno Moerschbacher Chitosan in agriculture(Dept. of Plant Biochemistry, Münster, Germany) Is there a future for chitosan? Dr. Rolf Wachter Chitosan in cosmetic applications.
(Cognes Skin Care, Germany) How to approach the cosmetics market and customer relations Dr. Paul Sandford Chitosan in technical, food and health(Paul A. Sandford & Affiliates, USA) applications Prof. Per Artursson Chitosan in pharmaceutical applications: Drug(University of Uppsala, Sweden) enhancement, vaccine, gene delivery Prof. Olav Smidsrød Concluding remarks(NOBIPOL, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway Paths towards a successful chitosan industry


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